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Monday, June 6th, 2011

I’ve been hunting around for some over the fireplace “artish” options for an interior I’ve been helping out with and recently ran into this vintage 1970’s torch cut wall sculpture on my thrifty rounds. Well, I wasn’t totally sure it’d work but the size was right, the idea of a brass wall hanging was interesting and the low price made it a “just grab and try it out” kind of thing. Unfortunately, it ended up not working out so well with the insanely awesome chandelier that’s the true focal point of the room. The two big metal pieces clashed and the leaves lost.

These things happen. Sometimes you take a chance and it ends up being so very wrong. Oh well, at least it points out the right direction.

So, I had this thing sitting in the house, all the while looking for an over the fireplace “artish” option for my living room as well. I wanted something more fiber and funky but pickings have been slim and nothing perfect has popped up. Then I was thinking a brutalist type wall sculpture would be good option and possibly easier to find…

Yeah. These big leaves ain’t so brutalist. They are as brutal as a puppy kiss or a nice hot shower. Like maybe I should be going to a wine tasting or something.

BUT – I think I love the idea of a brutalist brass wall sculpture.

Of course, it will have to be a wall sculpture that is perhaps not as autumn themed or swirly as this bad boy. I think this is actually a fun and funky piece and a great scale at 40″ wide. In the right house it would look incredible, but I think the rigid architectural and minimalist masculine tone of the living room makes this curly bit of whimsy feel a little out of place.

Some day I will replace you fireplace mantel. Some day.

Sorry, metal artist Whitish from ’77. I like you, but I think this might be a temporary relationship…you know, until I can trade up to something a little more brutal.

Thank you for pointing out the right direction, though. Trust that it’s not you, it’s me.

So…don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out (when I find the right thing of course – you can hang out here for now).


BTW – I feel like a lame-o narcissist, but since this happens to be my bloggity and I only get to say this once a year – it’s my 29th birthday today! You guys got me a work crew? To help with the landscaping? No? Crap.

Oh jeeez, typing that made me realize that my fancy free twenties are almost over. Must take advantage of this last year to go silly nuts. Getting serious is for your thirties, right? I’m just going to say yes and worry later.


Monday, May 9th, 2011

Since I love to stay hip and timely with the larger culture, I just finished watching the entirety of Twin Peaks. (Admittedly about twenty years late on that phenom, but hey, Netflix was really insistent that I’d enjoy it – and I did! But no Netflix, I don’t want to watch Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail or 151 episodes of Wings no matter how many times you insist.)

While watching Twin Peaks I totally became enamored of the unfussy small town interiors with that smidgen of surreal doom David Lynch pulls off so well. It’s all in the details, like the diner wallpaper and the log lady’s log and the crazy hotel and this wacky 1970’s chunky wall hanging pictured above.

Don’t be scared Bobby – just look at that cool fiber art thing. It’s great!

Inspired by this little fiber piece of Twin Peaks, I’ve been hunting around for images of 1960’s and 70’s abstract woven wall hangings in residential settings. Instead, I keep bumping into more extreme hotel and art installation versions. In particular, The Parker in Palm Springs has a plethora of giant tapestries and weird wall hangings throughout the hotel. Looking through their collection makes me sort of desperate to find one for above the fireplace or in the den or maybe for the living room wall where the pipe shelves used to be.

Officially, I’ve been obsessed with these things for some time but haven’t found that “perfect” one. I’ve scoured thrift stores, estate sales, ebay, flea markets, Craigslist and have come up blank. Possibly it’s that whole “if you’re looking for it, its not around” conundrum which equals frustrating bizzness.

Eva Hesse brings it all arty style while The Wearstler does it up super fancy with some Shelia Hicks.

Trust. This particular stuff ain’t cheap or skulking around the local Salvation Army.

Speaking of Shelia. Taking it to the next level.

Oh yeah. This type of piece is more my speed. Oh wait – Studio 111 sold it to The Ace Hotel. Poopers. If you visit The Ace be sure to check it out in all it’s glory near the entrance to Kings Highway. This sucker is massive and amazing and deserves a second look over.

Also. Rock wall. Yup. Thinking ’bout it.


Sold and sold. Boo.

This baby was just on ebay and this Patricia Smith wall hanging can be yours at Object USA. Both are very cool, but I’m really looking for something way more chunky and way more horizontal.

Yummers. This is the kind of perfect piece that I’ve been jonesing after. I like the color palette and the chunky texture – my only complaint is that I wish it was a little wider.

Also, totally not for sale. Crap.

Maybe I need to stop really aggressively looking and then one of these things will magically surface. I know they tend to be a whole lot of look, but there is something kind of charming and unusual about these weirdo wall hangings that I super enjoy. Kind of like Twin Peaks.


Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Still have the chesterfield sofa. It’s safe for now.

But I did recently thrift this giant ceramic lamp to balance out all the brown. Also, I feel like it must be known that all giant studio pottery lamps are the shiz and I cannot be dissuaded from this belief.

Oops, just noticed my book is upside down. IGNORE ME.

Also picked up this wacko still life painting that has now replaced the Navajo rug in the guest bedroom. So fresh, so clean – except for the painting kind of looks like it could give you gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea in a good way? Mmmmmhmmmm.