March 10th, 2011

Still have the chesterfield sofa. It’s safe for now.

But I did recently thrift this giant ceramic lamp to balance out all the brown. Also, I feel like it must be known that all giant studio pottery lamps are the shiz and I cannot be dissuaded from this belief.

Oops, just noticed my book is upside down. IGNORE ME.

Also picked up this wacko still life painting that has now replaced the Navajo rug in the guest bedroom. So fresh, so clean – except for the painting kind of looks like it could give you gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea in a good way? Mmmmmhmmmm.

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  1. PigPennies on 03/10/2011:

    Is it a slug? An aardvark? A chipmunk? A log?

    P.S. Mmmmmmm, lamp. Delicious.

  2. Darren on 03/10/2011:

    Love the lamp….and it’s a great shade too. That’s always the hard part of vintage lamps.

  3. victoria on 03/10/2011:

    an excellent reason to buy art. 🙂

  4. Fat Cat on 03/10/2011:

    Lovely lamp(s) !

    Not so sure about the painting – that log thing looks a lot like road kill…

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/10/2011:

    I always switch shades at thrift stores. I try to pair my lamp base with the best one they have…a sneaky trick.

    I love a painting that has something inherently wrong about it.

  6. Marlene on 03/10/2011:

    Omg. This post is killing me right now. You are one funny lady.

  7. meemsnyc on 03/10/2011:

    LOL, hysterical! I like the lamp. Nice find.

  8. Florian on 03/10/2011:

    Though I have been hanging only printed artwork from the 60s and 70s plus some collages so far – you make me contemplate getting some really, really bad landscapes, like alpine mountain ranges with dear or goats in the foreground and maybe some mediterranian village scenes featuring bright awnings and a donkey.

    What do you think?

    LOL! You are changing your furniture so fast. Is the garage all filled up again? What ever happend to the “studio” and all those littel owls and things? You bought them, and we never got to see them again. What’s the status of the pink bathroom (I do love that pink toilet)? I think you need to refresh the tour section!

  9. Rebecca on 03/10/2011:

    As hilarious as the painting is, the Navajo rug is so much better.

  10. L on 03/10/2011:

    **raising hand high** I know, I know — the painting is of a species of South American ant with killer fungus growing out of it!!

    Sigh. I watch waaaay too much nature teevee.

    But the lamp is excellent.

  11. amanda on 03/10/2011:

    I need the navajo rug that was hanging there…

    You think I’m joking- I really NEED it. It’s life and death.

  12. mick on 03/10/2011:

    So your blog is new to me, and your thrifting adventures and ever-changing sofas really do inspire.

    What moved me to comment today, you might ask? The fact that you just referenced the Venture Bros. THAT WAS A WEIRD ONE.

  13. Ashley on 03/10/2011:

    I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before so I’ll ask again: do you ever have to rewire your lamp finds? Or is that a deal breaker for you?

  14. so..are you going to have a huge yard sale or are you gonna start an online store? I am out in Ventura..I think you should just swing by here on your next trip to LA, visit our CRAPPY thift stores and see why i should get first dibs on the striped couch and well as other things.

  15. Charlotte on 03/10/2011:

    I love ceramic lamps too and regularly keep an eye out for them on my thrifting and fleamarket journeys. Like a previous commenter said, it’s usually the lamp shades that dissuade me.

  16. Tamoto on 03/10/2011:

    please please leave the chesterfield! I know you change couches like I change my underwear. wait….anyhow. slubby pillows? african prints? plants? work it like only you can! and please keep chester around…

  17. Gloria Graham, AKBD on 03/10/2011:

    Gonorrhea? I dunno. Looks like a yeast infection at the very least though.

  18. Amanda on 03/10/2011:

    I like the upside down book. It actually adds a little something-

  19. Patricia on 03/10/2011:

    Once again Im moved to comment! You are hilarious! Love your blog!!!

  20. Jen on 03/10/2011:

    I like the lamp. I think the painting would look better if you spruced up the frame.

  21. tracy on 03/10/2011:

    just sprayed my coffee across the room. best art criticism i’ve heard in a very long time.

  22. Jules on 03/10/2011:

    I have two mountain landscapes. One from the 40s, the other undetermined, but probably 80s. I can’t get enough of their Bonanza/Ponderosa Ranch Chic.

  23. Suzy8track on 03/11/2011:

    That lamp is crazy awesome! Not sure about the painting though…what the hell is it?? Guess it makes a good conversation piece.

  24. tina slocum on 03/11/2011:

    i know what it is~that there is the remains of an overcooked pig on a spit thrown to the side with flora and fauna growning from out of it!
    Seriously love it though. Even if the coffee came thru my nose..
    Jupiter sized Vintage lamps are the beez kneez~you can never have enough.

  25. SqrRtDsgnSt on 03/11/2011:

    I love lamp. I really do. And the painting of the roadkill flower planter is WAY better than the painting of your creepy/sinister Aunt Agnes behind/over the book stack. And don’t you DARE turn that book over. I actually thought you did that on purpose until I read the confession.. er, ah, caption, that said it was upside down by accident. (from one artist to another, don’t admit to an oversight like that. It’s called ‘artistic license’, sweetheart, and you should embrace the hell out of it!!)
    Love your blog, your sarcasm (& sincerity), and your style. I have the worst ‘Matador/70’s blaze-orange’ painting ever, and will send you a photo of it right now to get your verification. If you hate it a lot, I might sell it to you.. 🙂 Rock on.

  26. didn’t think i could like anything better than the lamp you had before, but i am DIGGING that ceramic beauty! your home = ridiculous!

  27. megan on 03/12/2011:

    where do you usually do your thrifting?

  28. anne helmrich on 03/12/2011:

    They do look like menacing spores.

  29. SB on 03/12/2011:

    I actually like the couch, but your room is not eclectic enough to accomodate it.

  30. Dart on 03/12/2011:

    Still life is better than the portraits. Your walls are so stark and bleak. Get some prints framed. Matisse, Charly Harper; color, graphical, real artists! Hang up an Indian Rug. At least collect more bad portrait art and hang in a grouping like you mean it.

  31. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/12/2011:

    I’m not a print fan. I’d rather have something unusual and in quasi bad taste than a generic ‘mid century’ approved print. I want something that’s interesting to look at, hand made and unique.

    I also am not into salon style groupings. Museum style all the way. My years of gallery work and curation love a ton of white space. Why clutter it all up? Our rooms are small and I like them to feel open and fresh instead of hoarded out with stuff.

    The sofa is fine. It looks good. The room needs some tweaks, but I’m in no rush. It’s super comfy and has been great for TV watching.

  32. modernhaus on 03/13/2011:

    Did someone really just insult the picture of your mother, followed up by a suggestion to buy Matisse poster art and get rid of Chester McChesterfield?

  33. Florian on 03/14/2011:

    I love those portraits! They are so wrong and yet so right. Not to be put into a corner here, my printwork is all original, handmade and signed. Call me a snob, so there! I just attempted a salon style hanging – now I know you hate it. Great. Gotta redo the dining room.

    I went thrifting in Hallen an der Eichenstraße in Treptow, which is sort of the ghetto (to steal your wording) Trödelmarkt here in Berlin and can you imagine? There were no tasteless alpine landscapes. What is the world coming to?

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