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Artwork a go-go

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Got around to hanging some artwork. Kitties in the kitchen…

And mister 1972 boxer guy? Got him at a local thriftstore and love it! I also just bought a little table for the kitchen as well – more pics to come.

Then the dining room got a little artwork. Soon curtains, then a rug, then THE WORLD!

I also bought a couch! Its the biggest purchase (well the most money) I’ve ever spent on a piece of furniture and I hope its worth it.

Its not vintage – its the BYRD from EQ3. I went there on Saturday and sat on it and fell in love. It had all the mid century style and comfort I was looking for but didn’t smell like an old lady or have mysterious stains. It also seemed pretty solid (way better than Ikea or Urban Outfitters), and I loved the fabric choices with a retro kind of vibe.

It won’t arrive till July, but I’m excited that when it does we can start setting up the living room.