November 10th, 2010

Maybe you caught me on twitter (twittering? uggggh) talking in 140 characters or less about a local Hemet estate sale I visited. Oh yeah, and if you want to hear about lame stuff like what I find in thrift stores or the puppy or other crap no one could be interested in you can follow along via @The_Brick_House. I warned you. It’s drivel.

While at the estate sale on Friday I saw a few interesting things, but the pricing was a little wacky. The coffee table above was $85 (plus a bunch of free spiderwebs for your trouble) while this sofa below was $50 (and unfortunately already sold).

Needless to say I left on Friday empty handed. But…

Saturday was 1/2 off day. Since the sale was only about a mile from my house I went back about a half hour before they closed up to check out what was left.

Well, obviously the coffee table was left and marked down 50%, but I wanted it cheaper. CHEAPER! Want to know my big secretly lazy trick for thrifty estate deals? I already said it. GO AT THE END. At that point they really are just giving that crap away. You risk missing out, but you gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.

Yeah, that just happened.

So, I offered $20. SOLD.

I know you get the idea of what the table looks like, but this is the only picture I could get of the two dogs even remotely together. Poor Iggy is still TERRIFIED of the new puppy and will run away when approached.

I also grabbed a gigantor white ceramic lamp while I was there.

The hulk sized lamp is living in the living room for now. I’m not sure what to do with it, that thing is MASSIVE.

BTW, I know the coffee table switching thing is out of control. I have four in the garage right now and this is a problem I need to address. Obviously, I am addicted to deals! At least its not crack.

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  1. Dan on 11/10/2010:

    LOVE IT. Morgan, why you gotta go and make me so jealous all the time? It’s getting pretty rude.

  2. Pixie on 11/10/2010:

    Wow!you get such great deals all the time! Urrgh!!and muffin butt has grown quite a bit since the last photo..

  3. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/10/2010:

    Dan, how are you always so quick? Its like you have psychic powers.

  4. Linda in AZ * on 11/10/2010:

    * YOU WIN!!!! YOU WIN!!! WOW!!! (And, I think that LAMP is SUPER!!!!”)…. Ydessireebob, are you “GOOOOD”!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  5. Melissa on 11/10/2010:

    I want that damn sofa.

  6. Heather on 11/10/2010:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the lamp. I have a lot of huge lamps too, but I think they fill up space quite nicely. You have quite the mid century collection! so inspiring. I’ve found most of my pieces for under $20 as well, and I have almost a half dozen now:)

  7. tx Sarah on 11/10/2010:

    Now that you have a huge-ass lamp, I’m curious to see what your place looks light at night. You know, with mood lighting and stuff.

  8. the vintage cabin on 11/10/2010:

    SO you hurled the burl!? More importantly, I LOVE that voluptuous lamp.

  9. the vintage cabin on 11/10/2010:

    Oh wait, the burl is in the other room. Like, OMG, duh.

  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/10/2010:

    I know, the way coffee tables migrate around here makes it hard to keep track.

  11. Tonia on 11/10/2010:

    That is the same advice I give, go at very last moment of an estate sale. I went to 2 this past weekend, I bought a 7pc bedrm and a 3pc bedrm for a total of $200 didn’t need any of them but they were too nice to pass up. I love that coffee table by the way and the lamp is gorgeous! I have a huge gold lamp that the POs left here. It’s stored in the garage at the moment

  12. Elisa @ What the Vita on 11/10/2010:

    Great finds!! I’ve never been to an estate sale, hope to go to one soon.

    And if my Nick ever complains about me scouting CL on a daily basis, I will refer him to your garage problem 😉

  13. Linda in AZ * on 11/10/2010:

    * NOTE: I TRIED to get on your E-mail list, as I find you and your blog so interesting, but I can’t seem to “get it right”!

    Help, plz???

    Many thanks,
    Linda in AZ *

  14. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/10/2010:


    Please check your inbox now for your subscription activation email from, the email subscription service for “The Brick House” – you must click the link in the email to start your subscription.

    If you use spam filters, please add our email service address to your list of permitted senders.

    Or just RSS subscribe with google reader. I use mine like crazy.

  15. Ryan on 11/10/2010:

    Really really liek the lamp. Table is awsome to. I like going to estate sales the last day as well. I like getting the deals before the wholesalers come in and remove everything.

  16. inez on 11/10/2010:

    Will that glass fit the burl table or would it be too small? just an idea since you wanted the top squared. love the new table.

  17. Heela on 11/10/2010:

    HAHAHA…I was going to mention you must have the “thing” for coffee tables until I got to the end of the post ad realized you already knew this.

    I totally agree…at least it’s not crack!! lol…

  18. Darren on 11/10/2010:

    uhhhhhh….I want that lamp….that’s it…and you need to text me when there are crazy estate sales in Hemet. If you don’t…then I won’t tell you what I find in Idyllwild.

  19. Heela on 11/10/2010:

    Hey…I think you also have a thing for lighting. 🙂 I think your obsession is sick, but I think you find the best lamps/pendants. I love the Nelson lamp you have and am considering getting one this year *fingers crossed*!!

  20. my little apartment on 11/10/2010:

    that’s my fave set-up in the den so far.
    also digging the scale of the lamp in the living room, it adds a nice height.

    also, holy eff that dog is freaking tiny and cute.

  21. Brismod on 11/10/2010:

    Now that’s a lamp!

  22. Marco on 11/10/2010:

    I know you loved the previous coffe table but, this one fits one million times better! Is the perfect trait d’union between the fireplace and the sofa…straight and simple; perfect marriage 😉

    About the lamp….it makes sense where you put it and valorizes the sideboard, I wouldn’t move it anywhere else; plus i love massive lamps! 🙂

    Great deals!


  23. frank on 11/10/2010:

    yeah, I was wondering how w/all your great finds, you needed a coffee table! That sofa bed was gorgeous……Would have had that for $50

  24. alex sunday on 11/10/2010:

    damn, that coffee table is the bomb. i’m with dan – so rude that you have to flaunt all your great finds. but please don’t stop. i’m addicted to your thrifting reports in the same way you’re addicted to crack. i mean, coffee tables.

  25. Fat Cat on 11/10/2010:

    Blimey ! 50 USD for that sofa… Somebody must be very happy right now.
    But your finds are fantastic too. I prefer this coffee table to the one you had before. Love the Hulk lamp ! How much did you pay for it?
    Oh, and please continue writing about the puppy and your thrifting adventures on your blog. You know, for all those who think that 140 characters isn’t communication…

  26. Deborah on 11/10/2010:


    Oh why do I have a husband? I’d be so happy living in a house with a pink tiled bathroom and millions of lamps in every room lighting my lounging on a spice velvet sectional.

    Is this too much to ask? Ha!

  27. Creature of Habit on 11/10/2010:

    I LOVE the photo of the dogs. Iggy is just like my dog…. gotta love it. Why don’t they understand that other dogs can be fun?

    The coffee table is a great score, I admire your thrifting skills.

  28. Linda in AZ * on 11/10/2010:

    * GOT IT! Thanks! *
    Linda in AZ *

  29. ModFruGal on 11/10/2010:

    $20…that’s sick. That couch was sick to for only $50. I can’t believe no one has commented on your Kenny quotin’…you might have to follow up with Islands in the Stream…

  30. mikhails on 11/10/2010:

    NOOO!!!! What happened to a beauty burl table? pleasee… it looks way much better

  31. “At least it’s not crack.”

    Best. Line. Ever.

  32. sudha on 11/10/2010:

    i am addicted to browsing craigslist and would love to go to an estate sale..where i live i hardly find any…MCM madness continues with me…and my husband teases me that the hoarders or clean house guys will find their way to our apartmetn…:)

  33. Pistachio on 11/10/2010:

    You are my hero…

  34. modernhaus on 11/10/2010:

    That photo of the dogs looking all despondent and detached in a modern interior should really be on Unhappy Hipsters…
    In fact, can you hold a caption contest for that picture?

  35. misa on 11/10/2010:

    god, i love big lamps. the bigger, the better. i’ve got a lamp problem akin to your coffee table problem. i probably buy seven to ten lamps a year and then resell them at ungodly low prices at my yard sale and then feel stupid about it.

    by the way, i just read your post on emily henderson’s blog. i’m a real blog whore. you ARE rad, morgan.

  36. Angie on 11/10/2010:

    I don’t know if I like the table just yet; it’s nice but I was getting use to the burl. The lamp, is iffy, kind of kitchy for me. What I do love is how your place transforms, don’t worry about my comments just a simple critic (not mad at cha).

  37. Abby on 11/10/2010:

    You aren’t alone. Deals are like crack for me too. I’m currently obsessed with floor lamps.

  38. bianca on 11/10/2010:

    as usual you scored! i gotta start following your tweets, that and follow you on your shopping trips.

    miss you. come sleep on my new couch. please.

  39. Alex on 11/10/2010:

    That looks really nice, Poor Iggy Is the puppy a boy? He might be feeling replaced. I had the same thing happen a couple years ago. A girl puppy would be less threatening, hopefully he comes around.

    I got a new Yorkie 4 days ago, shes kind of a mess 7 months old and was at a puppy store for those entire 7 months so everything in the world scares the pee out of her.
    I’ll post some pics on my blog today or tomorrow.

  40. Fiona on 11/10/2010:

    It’s alright. Your coffee table problem has sorted itself, THE ONE has landed.

  41. Caitlin on 11/10/2010:

    LOVE that new coffee table!

    How would you suggest negotiating prices at an antique shop where everyone has their own booth? There’s a great one in town but everything is wayyy overpriced and I haven’t mastered the art of negotiating like you have 🙂

  42. Coletta on 11/10/2010:

    OMG…find out who bought that fucking couch and RUN to their house and offer them $100.

  43. Joan on 11/10/2010:

    Just moved to Glendora from the east coast. I am amazed at everything that you have found. The hunt has really been dismal for me; everything is overpriced in LA….

  44. gina on 11/10/2010:

    Love that lamp right where it is.

  45. julia wheeler on 11/10/2010:

    wtf? you have magic powers.

  46. jeannette on 11/11/2010:

    the table and lamp are gorgeous but the pic of iggy and little tupac just cracks me UP.

  47. Sue on 11/11/2010:

    not crazy about the coffee table, but I think the lamp is awesome

  48. Dan on 11/11/2010:

    I seriously paused before commenting like “wait, how many times have I done this? This definitely isn’t the first. Whatever.”

    My theory is: you tend to blog late at night, I think. I’m usually catching up on my reader around 3 am, I rarely sleep. The time difference makes this a really compatible blog-to-instant-comment relationship.

  49. erin@designcrisis on 11/11/2010:

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, Kenny Rogers.

    LOVE the new coffee table. Scale is perfect.

    I love the new lamp, too, especially because I have an almost identical pair. Big lamps are good.

  50. Suzy8track on 11/11/2010:

    Bigger is better…especially when it comes to lamps!

  51. matthew on 11/11/2010:

    I would love to follow you on twitter, but when I click on the link, it says it doesn’t exist. help!

  52. Amanda on 11/11/2010:

    I have to say…as freakin bad as I wanted that burl to crawl back to its original home, the new lamp somehow balances out the burl. I LOVE the burl AND its new home…AND the new lamp…AND the new coffee table.

  53. Julie @ Chapman Interiors on 11/11/2010:

    Ahhhhhhhh pain in side like sideache. I LOVE the $50 sofa. But HU-llo to $20 coffee table! And amazing lamp that is better than amazing. Can I get a what-what or something!?

    Admire your negotiating skills. I’d be all- take $60 for the coffee table! I want I want! Do I smell a Found by Morgan store in your future?? Then you can buy as many coffee tables as you want and mark them up like 800% because they were twenty bucks in the first place. And the you are a millionaire. bam. Done and done. You owe me a cocktail for my fabulous biz advice and amazing ideas that I’m sure you’ve never thought of.

  54. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/11/2010:

    Matthew, I think I fixed it! I don’t know though, it was working for me before….I’m not sure what up.

  55. Karin on 11/11/2010:

    When I saw that first photo I SERIOUSLY thought that was my ex’s grandparent’s house IN HEMET. But no. It isn’t. Anwayyy…the photo of the dogs is so cute – are they doing what mine often do – staring at the wall?

  56. O. on 11/11/2010:

    I LOOOOVE both your finds. Especially the coffee table. I don’t think it’s crack, I think it’s more like vitamins.

    P.S. Digging the puppies too.

  57. tracy on 11/11/2010:

    suh-weet. and the dogs. sweetest.

  58. Susan on 11/11/2010:

    didn’t feel up to the tricycle wine holder and the box of vhs vids huh? i bet there was a jazzercise tape in there.

  59. matthew on 11/12/2010:

    thanks for updating, unfortunately it says that I am blocked;( not a stalker, I promise, just a big fan

  60. Erf on 11/12/2010:

    That couch is to die for. Want.

  61. Tamoto on 11/14/2010:

    Do you even read comments after they hit 60? And your welcome for the Kenny Rogers quote. I find it has many uses, like a modern day serenity prayer if you will. I cannot believe that couch was $50!! It hurts! The coffee table is neat, I like how its not just rectangles at the bottom, it kinda tapers in at the top. In the pics the wood looks a little shiny? Liquid wool rub, baby. Try it and you will be addicted to 2 things, coffee tables and LWR.

  62. gad1n10 on 11/14/2010:

    The coffee table looks great in the LR. Opens up between the FP/Sofa. BL (big lamp 🙂 looks great in the LR also. Like the other poster said… it fits the room.
    It’s a shame about the couch, i liked the style. Did it have a table behind it or was that part of the couch?
    Still say get rid of the burl, but if you like it I guess its OK.

  63. gad1n10 on 11/14/2010:

    Sorry, I just realized when I scrolled back thru pics that the latest coffee table isn’t in the LR.
    Move it there now 🙂

  64. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/14/2010:

    Tomato, I do. They all come to my email. Most the time I respond to folks directly…we are working on formatting the comments so that I can respond directly right below. Right now I’m always too late.

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