September 28th, 2012


We decided on a name! The name is annoyingly ridiculous! Apologies in advance! Ok, so what is it?

Bea Arthur ‘Featherfoot’ Beepers

Yeah, well, we mainly call her ‘Bea’ for expediency or ‘Beepers’ when she squeaks or howls. Occasionally we’ll throw out a ‘Featherfoot’ when shes acting like a creepy hippie. She’s spayed, fully vaccinated, flea free and generally incredibly amazing, but we are  now officially crazy dog herding people. For reals.


It’s Friday, otherwise know as the official round up day of the internet, so here’s a little peak at some of the stuff I’ve been rounding up on the old Craigslist.

Of course, I’m a compulsive CL scavenger and save an insane amount of listings while sending a ridiculous amount of pointless email inquires considering that I rarely buy. I mean, really it’s like 5% of the time that everything works out and I find something I want at a good price, drive out and grab it and then somehow don’t get murdered. Anyways, it takes a delicate combination of price, ease, need and willpower for me to follow through and meet up with a stranger to buy their old unwanted crap.

CL is a pain. Mostly. But I just can’t stop chasing that dragon.

Above are a few samples from the past month of my saved CL posts – which total out to be seven things I’m watching and one thing I’m buying. But those are cute things dummy! Why not buy everything?! Well, some are overpriced, some are basically inconvenient, some sellers are unreachable and a special few are constantly reposted because the seller is cray-cray.

Which one made the cut?

Hint hint, it’s not that Lafer sofa and it’s bigger than Bea. Stay tuned? Hopefully it will be in the house? if everything works out?


Have a sweet ass weekend.

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  1. Nita@ModVintageLife on 09/28/2012:

    She is soooo pretty! Just precious. I can see why you couldn’t resist her. Three is not dog herding….four is. I’m at four…never really intended to have more than 2. But three is as easy as two. Four….that pushes you over the edge.

  2. Fat Cat on 09/28/2012:

    Oooohhh what a cuuuute doggy ! You did very well ‘hoarding’ her. And take it from a real crazy cat lady (on the verge of adding a fifth to my herd), three is nothing 🙂

    My guess is on the planters. ‘Coz I finally wanna see some rad landscaping in your yard. Wishful thinking ?!

  3. Rachel on 09/28/2012:

    Cute dog! I think its that cool chair. What do you type in when you search on Craigslist? Every time I am looking for something all I can find the ugly stuff. I would love some tips from the expert!

  4. Nikki Kelly on 09/28/2012:

    I love Bea! (I’m pronouncing it like a bumble bee in my hear, right?) Anyway, if I lived closer to you I would probably steal her, she is just too freaking adorable. My favorite pic is the one where she’s laying on her back with her eyes just slightly squinted. I’ve got no plans to go to Cali, but just be forewarned!


  5. jeannette on 09/28/2012:

    the bea. how lovely she is, and how lucky. <3<3<3

  6. Tonia on 09/28/2012:

    How are the other two taking the new addition to the family? Love the sofa too by the way! I know how it is with CL, I’m a recovering addict.

  7. Rachel Schindler on 09/28/2012:

    Since I am a collector of Indian rugs, I would want the Indian rug and I am LMAO at the murder comment. Half the stuff I don’t buy on Craigslist is because I don’t have anybody to go with me to pick it up and I am too scared to go by myself. Thanks for the laugh.

  8. Mary S. on 09/28/2012:

    Bea is bea-utiful! That face! That fur! Those eyes! That smile! Next dog for me is definitely a long-haired chihuahua!!! My chocolate lab will be in love for sure!!!

    Hmmmm..CL find..my guess would be one of the planters? Personally, if I could find stuff like that on our Maine CL it would ALL be in my home!!

    ps- I must thank you for turning me on to CL for furniture finds. The items I have found have been few and far between but I have found some awesome pieces for great prices and I owe it all to you! Thanks!!

  9. Ladybug on 09/28/2012:

    No, that dog is too cute to be alive! I can’t take it!


  10. misa on 09/28/2012:

    YAY! i think we’re secret soulmates, since i have a nine-year-old cat named david bowie and a four-year-old chihuahua named bea arthur.

  11. furpants on 09/28/2012:

    You are good people to take in that little cutie. Bea suits her. More animals = more love as far as I am concerned. If my current pets weren’t such antisocial a-holes with PTSD from their pre-adoption lives, I would get a lot more critters. But the 2 I have would join forces to make any 3rd addition miserable. Anyhow, I can’t BELIEVE how much better you are at craigslist than I could ever hope to be.

    I think you got the planters. That’s what I would have gotten. Second choice – the chair.

  12. Tina slocum on 09/29/2012:

    In photo number 2 all she needs is a cigarette and she’s a 1940s movie starlet 🙂

  13. Maggie on 09/29/2012:

    What a sweet, sweet puppy face in that top right photo!

  14. Simone on 09/30/2012:

    Very very cute. Me and my 6 year old (also very cute) were swooning over her this afternoon (we lost our dog in May). Have a wonderful day!!!

  15. Joann on 09/30/2012:

    Bea is looking so much more relaxed and happy than when she first came there. Love seeing that. 🙂 You crazy dog herding people are awesome for adopting her!

    My guesses are your purchase was either the rug or the chair. They’re so you. But I need that sofa.

  16. Ashley on 09/30/2012:

    Do those kinds of white planters have a specific name/description? I’ve been looking for something like that for our fiddle figs and I’m not sure how to describe that exact style of non-sloping white cylinder to sellers.

  17. Suzy8track on 10/01/2012:

    New pupster is very cute!

  18. Stacey on 10/02/2012:

    Hey Morgan! This is totally weird.. but that Knoll credenza picture.. where did you get that? It’s mine. I was wondering if you just used the picture (which is totally fine) as an example or was somebody using it to sell on CL? It’s a credenza I bought at an auction and was photographed in my driveway. HA HA HA!
    Here’s the link to the post I did on it. http://www.agoodehouse.com/2012/04/thrifty-finds/

    That’s hilarious. Just curious… ya know how it is. I’m sure you see your pictures everywhere on the web.

    Bea is the sweetest thing ever! She looks so tiny perched in the “womb”. Love the planters too!

  19. Falkur on 10/04/2012:

    Great looking dog! But… am I alone on this?… the top right photo looks just like Falkur from the Never Ending Story movie. Image link: http://www.yattermatters.com/wp/wp-content/images/2011/05/Never-ending-story-boy-flyi.jpg.


  20. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/05/2012:

    It’s that wood slab table top!


  21. Jamie Herzlinger on 10/07/2012:

    I love the wooden coffee tables. I have always been a fan of this style…there is nothing more beautiful than materials in their natural state!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

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