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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

I got my guest curator on and threw together (just a few) of my favorite things over on the Etsy blog.

Check it up – there is some good stuff. (like that Shriner painting? COME ON)

If you’ve clicked over from Etsy, well, hey there. Come on in and get comfy. Maybe check out some of my favorite things at BRICKHOUSE MODERN or tootle around some of my DIY tutorials. Whatever floats your boat – you control the internet!


Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

The Potence lamp by Jean Prouvé is one of those elegantly minimalist lighting solutions that appears easier to construct than it actually is. Well, for me at least. I tried and failed, MISERABLY, to build an affordable DIY version for our bedroom and eventually gave up hope. Then? This email popped up brimming with pictures of a homemade version of the Potence that blew me away. Logan of ONEFORTYTHREE had written a comment long, long ago when I first posted about trying to build one of these thangs –

“Logan on February 1, 2011: I like the lamps but you’ve inspired me to try and make that wall lamp. It looks cool but too expensive to consider buying. If I can, YOU can! cause I’m a self-taught DIY’er too.”

Then? He totally f*cking did it. Like a DIY champion. Also, nope – turns out I can’t.


Did I mention that I kind of slobbered all over his emailed pictures and was like ohhh, ahhhh, woooow, you are a master fabricator, you are amazing, it turned out so great, mine failed so miserably…wink wink, nudge nudge.

So, Logan had been building a few of these tester lamps for friends and family while figuring out kinks and streamlining the fabrication process. I somehow ended up being lucky enough to get my hands on not one but TWO of the prototype versions. By unashamed groveling, perhaps?

One white version for the bedroom – which can swivel and swing to illuminate whichever area your heart desires.

And one black version for the den. Both areas we tend to relax, enjoy a good book or perhaps a long game of Words With Friends.

See? It swivels! You use the little wooden handle to move the lamp into position.

I love the detail of the braided cloth cord and handy little on/off switch positioned a little ways down the wiring. Logan worked it out on the little details to keep the lamp sleekly minimal but with areas of warm texture.

Chihuahua for scale.

My lamps are about six feet long and are perfect and I love them. Loved them so much and was so impressed by their handmade completely from scratch construction that I may have been a little forceful about Logan making a few available for sale. Maybe because I want to put them in all the homes I’m working on? Maybe out of complete selflessness? Weld! Weld till your fingers bleed!

Be sure to check out ONEFORTYTHREE for the DIY how to as well as even more of Logan’s great DIY projects and home renovation. A limited run of these lamps will be available in his newly minted ETSY STORE. Check them out and be on the lookout for additional handmade items to be added in the near future (wink wink, nudge nudge Logan).

*Also, homeboy just got engaged to his lovely, talented and hilarious lady. Congrats! Roxy was rocking some Vegas style bling at the big sale for realz.


Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

I tried to rustle up a few of the “easy to access” pieces that weren’t piled under an insane mountain of stuff in the garage (or were way too heavy for my measly lady arms to pull out) to give this sneaky peeky of the BIG SALE this Sunday. Of course this is just the tiniest little wee selection previewed – there are OODLES and OODLES of more stuff. TRUST, both small and large pieces will combine into so much vintage goodness that your head will explode.

I haven’t even shown you what Summer’s bringing – add to your imagination another whole giant load of tasty stuff.

Style and item wise it’s going to be all over the board. Just lump 1950 – 1970 together and shake that all up with everything you would need to decorate up your home. Furniture, accessories, lighting, weird creepy art, way too many ceramics…we’ve got it all and are loading up the convoy to bring it.

In addition to all the vintage, Bianca will be busting out some of her gorgeous terrariums from her shop Terri Planty. Be sure to look closely, there are miniature zombies and hikers, roller skaters and bears playing ping pong in those suckers.

It’s all going down THIS SUNDAY!

Vintage Modern Sale
Sunday, May 15th
12 – 5pm
Hosted by Elephant Art Space
3325 Division Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065
(I swear it’s not at a dentists office, even though the map says so)

In terms of pricing, pricing will be commensurate with flea market pricing – we have lots of affordable stuff and some larger ticket items. There are project pieces that need a little work and pieces that are in pristine condition. You know the drill, homies.

In terms of payment, we will be accepting cash, paypal & credit cards. Ooohhh fancy town.

I’m so ‘effing nervous, my social anxiety is kicking in to the extreme – but I do really hope to see you there! Fun times? Drinks? Shopping? Yes?