May 11th, 2011

I tried to rustle up a few of the “easy to access” pieces that weren’t piled under an insane mountain of stuff in the garage (or were way too heavy for my measly lady arms to pull out) to give this sneaky peeky of the BIG SALE this Sunday. Of course this is just the tiniest little wee selection previewed – there are OODLES and OODLES of more stuff. TRUST, both small and large pieces will combine into so much vintage goodness that your head will explode.

I haven’t even shown you what Summer’s bringing – add to your imagination another whole giant load of tasty stuff.

Style and item wise it’s going to be all over the board. Just lump 1950 – 1970 together and shake that all up with everything you would need to decorate up your home. Furniture, accessories, lighting, weird creepy art, way too many ceramics…we’ve got it all and are loading up the convoy to bring it.

In addition to all the vintage, Bianca will be busting out some of her gorgeous terrariums from her shop Terri Planty. Be sure to look closely, there are miniature zombies and hikers, roller skaters and bears playing ping pong in those suckers.

It’s all going down THIS SUNDAY!

Vintage Modern Sale
Sunday, May 15th
12 – 5pm
Hosted by Elephant Art Space
3325 Division Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065
(I swear it’s not at a dentists office, even though the map says so)

In terms of pricing, pricing will be commensurate with flea market pricing – we have lots of affordable stuff and some larger ticket items. There are project pieces that need a little work and pieces that are in pristine condition. You know the drill, homies.

In terms of payment, we will be accepting cash, paypal & credit cards. Ooohhh fancy town.

I’m so ‘effing nervous, my social anxiety is kicking in to the extreme – but I do really hope to see you there! Fun times? Drinks? Shopping? Yes?

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  1. Rebekah on 05/11/2011:

    Looks amazing. Do you ship to London? 😉

  2. Florian on 05/11/2011:

    Ye gods! Where do you keep all that stuff?

    I’m certain you have a warehouse, which you are not showing us. Unfair, I say!

  3. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 05/11/2011:

    I’ve never, ever, ever wanted to live in LA. Until now. BEYOND jeals of the lucky bitchz who get to attend this hoedown.

  4. Susan on 05/11/2011:

    If Dan was speaking English I’d echo his comment. If only I didn’t live on the other side of the world (Australia)…..oh, and if only I had the money.

  5. Lucy on 05/11/2011:

    dope stylin’ and photos missy. wish I could come

  6. New on 05/11/2011:

    Love to own that Gold trunk if u can ship to Singapore!

  7. Tamisha on 05/11/2011:

    Oh, lovely things. I adore those two small stools you have in the picture. Too bad I left the Inland Empire 20 years ago. Wait, did I just type that last sentence? You make the IE look cool, and that’s quite a feat!

  8. mm on 05/11/2011:

    Gads – anxiety over missing out. Fantastic styling and photos!

  9. ella on 05/11/2011:

    O.M.G. My SIL lives 10 mins from there and right now I am so JEALOUS! I want that owl and a terrarium!

  10. The Vintage Cabin on 05/11/2011:

    Loooooookin’ goooooooood! You’re going to be rich after this. Well, you’ll be rich until you spend it all on house stuff next week but still…

  11. Mmmmm so wish I could be there but I have that whole live in another country problem. Sigh. Hope it goes swimmingly!

  12. rivka on 05/11/2011:

    sigh…such great stuff…but I live too far away….saw this and thought of you….

  13. Gina on 05/11/2011:

    I’m dying a little inside because I live in LA, but will be out of town this weekend. Is there any way I can get prices for the striped lamp next to the horse picture, the framed painting leaning against the trunk, and the magazine rack (??) between the two chairs in the first picture? Love it all! Good luck with the sale!

  14. niceday4asulk on 05/11/2011:

    PLEEEAAASE make these lovely terrariums available to us Londoners!

  15. Robyn on 05/11/2011:

    I already claim the 2 horse pictures and the owl. Please oh please dont let anybody else take them!

    To everybody else- you are not allowed to buy the horse pictures and the owl! (see above)

  16. Gennia on 05/11/2011:

    Yay so excited for Sunday! I just want to say thank you, for starting it at noon and not some crazy early hour like 7am.

  17. Lisa on 05/11/2011:

    Dammit! I want that owl. But I live in seattle. : (

  18. Mr. Modtomic on 05/11/2011:

    Ugh, You SO have my sympathy. I’ve given up on selling at flea mkts and garage / yard sales. Way WAY too much work and then have to deal with people looking for 25 cent kids clothes. Never again. I’m Craigslist exclusive. Weeds out tons of looky loos and I don’t have to set up or break down.

  19. Lainie on 05/11/2011:

    I’m in desparate need of a small (or tall) dresser – 36inches ish. please please please have one at the sale on sunday. i will be there!

  20. Sara on 05/11/2011:

    I really want the brass trunk. I live down the 15 from you (Fallbrook) and will do whatever it takes to get it. I also love the Cali map. Can we reserve items? Or you don’t even have to haul those to LA- show your neighbor some love?

  21. Fat Cat on 05/11/2011:

    Ok. This sort of defeats the purpose of having a local sale, but could you please stuff that Equus poster into an envelope and ship it internationally ?! Pleeeeeeeease ??????

  22. WHY must you torture your Midwest readers (well… at least me) with your wonderful retro goods? Why? Why?
    I’m sure you’ll have a great sale! I wish I was a few states west so I could enjoy it. Good luck!!

  23. J&J on 05/11/2011:

    Wow, amazing pieces. I wish I was closer. I have a question for you, do you have a source for the grey/wool fabric in the second picture? Thanks.

  24. modernhaus on 05/11/2011:

    omgosh I want Bianca’s murdered-people terrarium…it’s a classic for any home.

    oh, I’m not going to say my stuff is better than yours…I’ll just wait until the sale and let other people say it. It’s gonna melt your face off in a fiery vintage explosion.

    also, B.Y.O.B. is cool right?

  25. Kevin on 05/11/2011:

    You’re selling the EQUUS print? How much? Would you ship to PDX?

  26. The brick house on 05/11/2011:

    Oh Haus, you always have better stuff than me. That’s a given.
    I think we are going to have beers there…if you’re nice.

    Also, shipping? Ack! I can’t. Just too much work – especially international. Custom forms and declarations…blech.

  27. Melissa on 05/11/2011:


    you always make the prettiest posts! How do you get the pictures to stand next to each other? I am pretty new at this, and I can only get one picture and then the next one goes either above or under……gosh, what an idiot, huh? 😉

  28. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/11/2011:

    Melissa – photoshop. The I use an action to resize everything to the right width. It’s actually just one picture online, but I combined two in photoshop to make it look that way.

  29. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/11/2011:

    J&J it was a vintage wool blanket. I used it to reupholster the chair.

  30. Melissa on 05/11/2011:

    Thank you, I really enjoy your blog, sweety! It’s fun and filled with lots of beautiful pictures! Keep up the good work, I’ll be watching you 🙂

  31. J&J on 05/11/2011:

    Thanks, I’m wanting to reupholster my danish dining table, that I unfortunately painted black 7 years ago. Something like this would be perfect. The beige microfiber is not working.

  32. Mr. Goodwill Hunting on 05/11/2011:

    That gold storage chest is mine!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  33. Alice on 05/11/2011:

    Oh gosh, I”m salivating just looking at the pics. I wish I were in LA this weekend. Too bad I won’t be there til July. Good luck with the sale. I’m sure it’ll be a success!

  34. Heidi on 05/11/2011:

    you know you’re going to have like twelve zillion people, right? and that early birds will wake you at 6am, right? get your posse together to help and have fun!!! i hope you make a kazillion dollars.

  35. Robyn on 05/12/2011:

    Can you tell us the proper procedure for lining up? I live really close by and theoretically could hang around way before it started. Do I just stand there? Is there going to be like a ceremonial opening of the doors and everyone stampedes in? I am trying to get a picture of how this will work, without looking like the Mervyns lady waiting for it to start.

  36. bianca of terri planty on 05/12/2011:

    i am super excited for this sale. its gonna be good times for sure! morgan stop your anxiety! we will bump some sweet disco to calm your nerves. maybe i will even rock some roller skates myself!

    @niceday4asulk – i do ship internationally – minus the plants. hit me up!

  37. Lori on 05/12/2011:

    I adore the owl. I wish I could shag him up an hug him.

  38. Danyelle Hadaway on 05/12/2011:

    UGHHH! I wanted that golden trunk so bad! Is there anyway to ship that bad boy via greyhound. I must have it in my life!

  39. erin@designcrisis on 05/12/2011:

    I can’t believe you are selling the gold trunk to someone else… that is WRONG.

  40. Martin on 05/12/2011:

    What scale are those figures? N or HO?..

  41. Natalie on 05/12/2011:


  42. modernhaus on 05/12/2011:

    I lied. You have better stuff. I’m going to buy it all before this thing starts. Picker-on-picker action.

  43. Jennifer on 05/13/2011:

    Please do a sale in NYC…I hate missing out on a good sale. Humph. Oh, and don’t forget the ping-pong playing bears and zombies!

  44. julia wheeler on 05/14/2011:

    ughhhhhh! i am so jealous / depressed that i can’t go! those little indian/moroccan stools effing rule. so does everything else. ugh again!

  45. The brick house on 05/14/2011:

    I wish you and dusty could come! Have fun in AZ – you’ll find good stuff. I’m sure of it.

  46. Jackie on 05/16/2011:

    Did you sell the framed California map yesterday? I can’t believe I missed the sale! If by any chance you still have it, please let me know how much you want for it. Thanks!

  47. Gino on 05/17/2011:

    I’m just finding out about this NOW, and I only live a few blocks away! Any idea when the next sale is?

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