June 2nd, 2011

The Potence lamp by Jean Prouvé is one of those elegantly minimalist lighting solutions that appears easier to construct than it actually is. Well, for me at least. I tried and failed, MISERABLY, to build an affordable DIY version for our bedroom and eventually gave up hope. Then? This email popped up brimming with pictures of a homemade version of the Potence that blew me away. Logan of ONEFORTYTHREE had written a comment long, long ago when I first posted about trying to build one of these thangs –

“Logan on February 1, 2011: I like the lamps but you’ve inspired me to try and make that wall lamp. It looks cool but too expensive to consider buying. If I can, YOU can! cause I’m a self-taught DIY’er too.”

Then? He totally f*cking did it. Like a DIY champion. Also, nope – turns out I can’t.


Did I mention that I kind of slobbered all over his emailed pictures and was like ohhh, ahhhh, woooow, you are a master fabricator, you are amazing, it turned out so great, mine failed so miserably…wink wink, nudge nudge.

So, Logan had been building a few of these tester lamps for friends and family while figuring out kinks and streamlining the fabrication process. I somehow ended up being lucky enough to get my hands on not one but TWO of the prototype versions. By unashamed groveling, perhaps?

One white version for the bedroom – which can swivel and swing to illuminate whichever area your heart desires.

And one black version for the den. Both areas we tend to relax, enjoy a good book or perhaps a long game of Words With Friends.

See? It swivels! You use the little wooden handle to move the lamp into position.

I love the detail of the braided cloth cord and handy little on/off switch positioned a little ways down the wiring. Logan worked it out on the little details to keep the lamp sleekly minimal but with areas of warm texture.

Chihuahua for scale.

My lamps are about six feet long and are perfect and I love them. Loved them so much and was so impressed by their handmade completely from scratch construction that I may have been a little forceful about Logan making a few available for sale. Maybe because I want to put them in all the homes I’m working on? Maybe out of complete selflessness? Weld! Weld till your fingers bleed!

Be sure to check out ONEFORTYTHREE for the DIY how to as well as even more of Logan’s great DIY projects and home renovation. A limited run of these lamps will be available in his newly minted ETSY STORE. Check them out and be on the lookout for additional handmade items to be added in the near future (wink wink, nudge nudge Logan).

*Also, homeboy just got engaged to his lovely, talented and hilarious lady. Congrats! Roxy was rocking some Vegas style bling at the big sale for realz.

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  1. Ryan on 06/02/2011:

    Saw that earlier today he was gunna do a first run of 10. I want one. Bad. I also want one of his media centers/cabinets. The ones from scratch. So much talent.

  2. sudha on 06/02/2011:

    love it…love ur white walls…sigh

  3. Süsk on 06/02/2011:

    I gasped when I saw this! It’s SO sexy! I wish I had seen this (and had some sort of DIY-ability/talented friend) before I hung a boring red lampshade in my dining room. This would have rocked over the table…in the corner…angled over the plants…


    But seriously- hella gorge. Noyce!

  4. bianca of terri planty on 06/02/2011:

    well hello there mr. erect and gorgeous light peeking over… i am in love.

  5. Lil on 06/02/2011:

    Freakin’ awesome.

  6. Charlotte on 06/02/2011:

    Amazing. What a talent, I could never build one of these myself!

  7. Clare Pirie on 06/02/2011:

    Totally wicked. Love it. I want one.

  8. Tonia on 06/02/2011:

    You never cease to amaze me with the things that buy and the lighting that you create. BTY…are the mini arc lamps for sale?

  9. Kathy on 06/02/2011:

    Wow, amazing job! Love. It.

  10. akemi on 06/02/2011:

    and most importantly, puppy butt!
    Serious score on your part.

  11. L on 06/02/2011:

    Very amazing lamp — but I’m curious: what kind of light does it provide? Looks like it could be harsh — but I’m probably wrong. Is there any way you can camera that beaut at night?

  12. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/02/2011:

    The light is mellow, it’s a super low watt bulb…so depending on what bulb you use, you can control how much or how little light it puts out.

  13. L on 06/02/2011:

    Ah-HA thanks!

  14. Matt on 06/02/2011:

    Yeah, yeah… Logan is brilliant and you are a lucky girl! They look great.

  15. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/02/2011:

    I am! So lucky!

    Logan is super sweet and so talented. You boys and your making stuff. How can I convince Jeremy to take up Lester working?

  16. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/02/2011:

    Well, that should say leather. He’s already great at Lestering.

  17. Chaucea on 06/02/2011:

    Oh holy crap… welding, metal bending, woodworking… Logan isn’t a DIYer, he’s a serious craftsman! Gawd I wish I had that level of skill!

  18. Jennie on 06/02/2011:

    I love the womb chair paired with your leather ottoman — which I have been drooling over…and the lamps turned out really nice.

  19. modernhaus on 06/02/2011:

    Can I get in on the ground floor of this operation?? Too late, huh? I should have asked before his biz went public!

  20. misa on 06/02/2011:

    oh, lordy. lordylordylordylordy

  21. fine little home on 06/02/2011:

    that’s pretty darn amazing but i don’t think the average diy-er could pull this off. this took a ton of talent and lot’s of cool tools. you lucky gal!

  22. Marc P on 06/02/2011:

    Can we see more of how the bed frame is constructed??? What is the method and materials?

  23. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/02/2011:

    It’s Ikea, discontinued really cheap and shoddy Ikea. I need to replace…and get a headboard.


  24. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/02/2011:

    This is a little more advanced than a normal DIYer for sure. I feel like I could tackle this if I invested in a proper pipe bender – but then I can weld and am comfortable wiring.

    I do not have a lathe though…so yeah…it’s a kind of specialized highly talented DIYer type project. For advanced DIYers maybe?

    I’m just glad Logan did it, and did it so well.

  25. Tami on 06/03/2011:

    LOVE that handle. Most important to me: your pups are perfection. Keep ’em coming.

  26. tracy on 06/03/2011:


  27. Lucille on 06/03/2011:

    I hope there was some kind of compensation for not one but two of those nice lights.

  28. emily @ thirtyeight20 on 06/03/2011:

    Gahhh at first I thought you said “chihuahua for SALE” under that last pic. I was going to suggest that you might be going a little overboard in your entrepreneurial endeavors. But really I just can’t read.

  29. nkp on 06/03/2011:

    I’ve been secretly following, stalker-like, the progress of this on his blog. Jeez, he really pulled it off. Looks so damn amazing and so awesome in your space. I’m so jealous. Need to go save my pennies and pay that shop a visit. Logan you rock. Big time.

  30. PigPennies on 06/03/2011:

    I think Mark P. might have been talking about the gorge bench at the foot of the bed, which does look kind of like it’s part of an awesome platform bed in that pic. Mark P. – check out fence bench instructions here:

  31. Lunaluna on 06/05/2011:

    Ok Logan is a talented ADVANCED D.I.Yer and I’m awestruck by his skills as a thingsmaker…BUT… If you’re owing him anything for giving/selling you those lamps would you please help him out by teaching him how to take a picture! I hastened over to check out his blog and have duly bookmarked it but man, the pictures left me squinting (warning: I ain’t pretty at the best of times but when I squint..)

  32. Mr. Modtomic on 06/05/2011:

    It’s a great lamp but I hesitate to agree that it’s a DIY lamp. Very few of us have or would know how to use or even not be terrified to use a welder (although my Girlfriend has…I’m such a wimp). Same goes for a Lathe. To figure out how to put together something like this with hand tools, now that would be genius! I think it could be done. It obviously wouldn’t be the near carbon copy the above versions are…but so what? As long as it’s stylish and in the spirit of…I’d be happy!

  33. shoestringgirl on 06/20/2011:

    Found your blog on Etsy. Then tried to read all your blog posts in one sitting. Yeap, that was a big Fail. But I did find out where you got this fabulous lamp! Which now I need to get for myself. Like pronto. Like yesterday.

  34. jennifer on 06/23/2011:

    what are your plans for the mini arco lamps you had in here last? sell perhaps…..?

  35. Alex on 08/15/2011:

    Not a fan of the leather ottoman with the womb chair at all, it looks like clint eastwoods old saddle next to a gorgeous chair. No bueno

  36. Jolie on 02/27/2012:

    please tell me abou the coffee table?


  37. Kate on 12/13/2013:

    Sooo, I don’t know if you’re aware but your photo above has been ‘shopped by a Chinese company selling a knock-off Prouve. I came across it while looking for images of the actual Prouve lamp and did a double take. Thought you should know. I mean, not sure you can or want to do anything about it (but be flattered, i guess). Heres the link:

    Hope you read comments on old posts! PS. I am a long time reader. Hence the double take when I recognized your dog, hah!

  38. Rebecca on 09/16/2017:

    Hey. So I have loved and wanted a pair of these forever but they aren’t in the budget. But it just occurred to me that I could possibly take one of those IKEA stools (bent ply with the side openings) and cut a bracket. THEN I thought I could just go buy an IKEA Frosta stool and use the legs without having to have band saw skills! Easy enough to drill a hole at the end for the cord and cut a notch to the hole. Might be a little funky, but I might do it!

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