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I’ll Tumblr for You

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Have to admit that I LOVE tumblr. LOVE LOVE LOVE. What it’s not 1890 anymore? Who knew about this thing called the internet…

NO words here on this “microblog” (that word creeps me out) just pictures that slap me in the face and say ARCHIVE ME.

Check out The Brick House on Tumblr if you dare. RSS subscribe also if you dare.


Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


I will sit in this hairy chair and f*cking bathe in that creepy awesomeness.


Friday, November 13th, 2009

Painter’s Chair.

Urban Outfitters, why do you always screw up anything that has the slightest possibility of being rad? Really? Fake paint splatters? On this Arne Norell chair knock-off! Really? REALLY?

I haven’t felt this much spite and hatred since I spotted the Old Navy Women’s “The Flirt” Paint-Splatter Boot-Cut Jeans. And yeah, I was at Old Navy this weekend, that’s how I f*ing roll.

I’m not an authenticity snob or anything, I love a good knock-off, but for some reason this “paint splatter” thing really grinds my gonads.

Urban Outfitters can take things a step too far into some horrible hipster downward spiral of douche baggery. The thing is, I sometimes kind of like some of their things, but this Painter’s Chair is just killing me. I might have loved the chair if it was paint free…but still, at $235 I seriously would never have bought it. Have you seen UO’s quality? Awful. Come to think of it I’ve never really bought any home goods at the big UO because it’s always sort of overpriced and bad quality. But sunglasses? On sale? Hell yes.

Good god, I still want a Safari chair ssssssooooo bad. I’d even take a knock-off if the price was right (and if it didn’t have douchey paint splatters).