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Fur Baby

Monday, October 25th, 2010

I’m not sure how I forgot, but puppies be motherf*cking crazy.

Good thing he is ADORABLE, or I might have to destroy this little baby at 3am when he starts going nuts thinking its puppy play time. The multiple trips getting up to take him to go potty throughout the night are also awesome, totally forgot how awesome potty training is. Oh, and he is a chewer. I’m not sure if it’s puppy teething, or if we got a chewer – but I’m worried. Iggy was never a big chewer and when he started to chew a tad bit we would always introduce toys to play with instead of chewing or bitter apple spray objects if we got worried.

But this little mofo is all over everything already. A complete chewing, pooping, maniac.

And a runner. And a jumper.

He is fearless, where Iggy was fearful. He is an adventurer, where Iggy was always a bit of a lethargic homebody. I’ve had to follow him around and keep track of his every move since he is not to be trusted.

But, come on! He is the cutest little muffin butt, still so tiny and mewly and pink tongued and puppy breathed and with itty-bitty tiny poop.

Iggy is not impressed with the new addition. He is hesitant and runs away anytime the puppy wants to engage in a little bit of one on one action. I’m watching them sleep together right now, but I’m pretty sure Iggy is unaware of the puppies presence or he would high tail it out of the room immediately. I’m sure once Iggy gets used to him they will be friends, I think he’s just really weirded out by the new wiggly thing roaming the house.

Good thing this baby has tiny bursts of energy and then sleeps or I would go crazy. I can’t imagine having a real baby, you know…one that you can’t leave home alone without someone calling the cops.

The house is a mess, everything is moved around and puppy proofed, it’s drizzled and rained non-stop for what seems like three weeks straight, so absolutely nothing is getting done. I think I have SAD, and might need the sun back to function properly.

The pupper still has no name. Sad right? We just call him puppy.

So, things have been busy and I’m neglectful of the house and the blog and projects because other fun commitments. Things should hopefully settle down soon, maybe I’ll get some sleep, maybe I’ll pick up and do laundry, those dirty dishes are totally staring at me – but so is email, design projects, and google reader (which just exploded), projects, puppy training time and potty training. Also, neutering and shots and all those fun things are on the schedule. Say goodbye to your balls, puppy friend!


Monday, October 11th, 2010

Almost five years ago little Iggy Pup joined the familia and has been routinely sleeping, adorably rubbing himself on wet towels or being a complete jerk. The Boy and I have chatted off and on about adopting another dog (and raising it right) but nothing has ever really panned out.

Recently, the neighbors slutty little chihuahua got herself knocked up by a visiting stud and plopped out a litter of five pups. The neighbors want us to take one of the little puppers and The Boy won’t stop promising Iggy that we are bringing home a puppy friend.

Two dogs? Scary proposition.

So, do we take the plunge into being a two dog household? I’m hesitant. I remember the puppy training and the first week of sleepless nights very clearly, it was, how do you say? A pain in the ass. But I also remember puppy breath and snuggling and ultra-adorableness. Unfortunately, I’ve made the mistake of visiting the puppies and letting them scamper right into my cold little heart.

Then this little muffin came over to the house for a visit. The neighbors call him Number Three and he is a little mewling bundle of awesome.

Looks like we are getting another dog.

Baby Girl is the momma, just look at those big floppy teats. Cover yourself up girrrrl.

These are some ghetto puppies for sure.

Two more weeks and counting…

New Sofa

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Iggy doesn’t take shit from no one and he loves this new sofa.

For real. Dogs totally care about this shit.

We got that gray sofa. Obviously.

The Florence Knoll Lounge Collection Sofa has long been one of my dream pieces and it’s got a price to match. The knockoff version is about as close as we will ever get. We picked this knockoff up from here.

The den still needs new lighting and a new rug and some new futzing around. In time homies…in time.