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Oh baby.

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Iggy Pup, tell me – any new fabulous fashion trends the people should be aware of? I’m sorry what??? Cones, bow harnesses and orange gloves?

Oh, its true. You do look fabulous.

Poor little Iggy broke his dew claw pretty badly and it was causing him a lot of pain. We took a trip down to the vet today and now he suffers the indignity of having a little orange bandaged foot and handmade couture cone harness. It all comes off Friday…but come on, thats pretty pathetically cute.

I haven’t laughed so hard as when we put him down on the floor and he had to walk around for the first time with his club foot and cone head. Needless to say – he totally SPAZZED out. I wish I had a video, I’d watched it everyday.

Apologies for being one of those annoying pet people. I just couldn’t resist this awesome little outfit.