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Friday, August 13th, 2010

Our neighbors were going to get slapped with a pretty hefty fine from the city if they didn’t trim the two overgrown trees in their front yard. When I say overgrown, I mean 10 or more years of growth totally engulfing their house; just a completely solid mass of tree. I kind of loved it since it functioned like a privacy shrub, totally obscuring their house from view.

Being a nice guy The Boy offered to trim the tree and haul it all away for our older / kooky / hot rodding / cat hoarding neighbor for a $100. It is so much tree. SO MUCH. This makes day three of the big bush trim and The Boy uncovered some lovely graffiti poetry. (BTW, I hear Steven Cruz is dreamy).

I’m psyched that this lovelorn teenage tagger decided to sign her name for all the world to know of her “like”. I would have been dying to know whose feelings these were if she hadn’t, but luckily I know who to fight with for Steve’s affections.

Here is a bit of context. I’m so glad we get to see this from our front yard from now on. Magical.

Maybe we should have just let Mr. Neighbor get slapped with the fine. It’s not like he is volunteering to fix this next hot neglected mess. I know – because we asked. He said he didn’t have the cash, but hey look at my awesome yellow $500 paint job on my hot rod. Grind Grind Grind. Cats Cats Cats.

In the meantime we are preparing the side yard for the pool and landscaping, but first thing first, we need to fix the shared fence. Damn you cat man.

This is how we fix it every few days. A board falls down, we tack it up. Perfect. Well except for the steel pole holding the fence up from collapsing.

Looks like about five of the support posts have rotted out and need replacing. Shouldn’t cost very much and we can salvage most of the wood, but it appears that we have to shoulder the cost and do all the labor.

One day you will be free Iggy, free to enjoy a landscaped side yard. Eventually. Hopefully free of cats.

Did I tell you the story about this neighbors cat that jumped out of our closet in the middle of the night? No? Well that’s about it. Big cat. Middle of the night. TERROR ensues.

Night Light

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I got home late last night from work and got a bit itchy to test out a new toy. It was already dark by the time I arrived home after a looooonnnggg day so it seemed appropriate to test out my little hot things promised low light capabilities. This may explain the sloppily composed and cluttered shots of our exterior lights at work. I was drunk with new technology.

Things have been happening around the house, but nothing too exciting to report yet. Soon. I swear.

Still Painting

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Finally! The chimney got painted. Even the ghetto neighbors said it was about time.

It was terrifying. The Boy got on the roof. I hung out on the ladder.

Look at those weeds and that fence! Seems like landscaping might have to wait another year, we are not ready at all for fall planting.

Oh, but we are so close, SO CLOSE to being done after only two years of painting the exterior. A few more small details here and there and this bitch will be fully painted.

I’ve got some big plans for this funky little pony wall. Hint hint – Who likes bars? We do!