Night Light

August 11th, 2010

I got home late last night from work and got a bit itchy to test out a new toy. It was already dark by the time I arrived home after a looooonnnggg day so it seemed appropriate to test out my little hot things promised low light capabilities. This may explain the sloppily composed and cluttered shots of our exterior lights at work. I was drunk with new technology.

Things have been happening around the house, but nothing too exciting to report yet. Soon. I swear.

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  1. Dan on 08/11/2010:

    Nikon or Canon, girl? SPILL IT. Or don’t, your call. Pics came out nice!

  2. The brick house on 08/11/2010:

    Coming in with the dark horse. Sony, bitches.

  3. Annak on 08/11/2010:

    Nice !

  4. minna on 08/11/2010:

    Looks really nice !

  5. Amanda on 08/11/2010:

    Fan.freaking.tastic. Sony, eh? Looks pretty sweet at night!

  6. Ashley on 08/11/2010:

    the garage doors! that is a serious transformation.

  7. Jean on 08/11/2010:

    That tank looks SO cool, day and night. In every sense of the word. Your house is great. (And I insist on staying all proud of myself for merely painting my shed doors. Hey, it was 100 degrees out already.)

  8. Coletta on 08/11/2010:

    those black garage doors look great with the light hitting them!

  9. Alex on 08/11/2010:


  10. Caitlin on 08/11/2010:

    Love the new lighting! Question about your Docksta table (apologies if it’s a true Saarinen): does it wobble? Thinking of getting one but have been reading rumors that it’s not stable.

  11. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/11/2010:

    The Docksta is ok, I haven’t had a wobble issue.

  12. Suzy8track on 08/11/2010:

    I have a Docksta, It does wobble a little but if you tighten the screws every now and then it should help with the wobbling. Having a fat cat jumping on the table constantly has not helped the situation at my house, so I got a new (old) table to replace mine.

  13. lisa mertins on 08/11/2010:

    jeeze, even the weeds look dreamy. i gotta check out this sony! will you say which?

  14. La Résidence! on 08/11/2010:

    sexy. sexy. sexy.

  15. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/11/2010:

    Sony Alpha A500. Got it cheap, and now I need a good wide angle lens. They are so $$$, I’m dying.

  16. pianoarthur on 08/11/2010:

    Welcome Back! I was going through the Brickhouse DTs.
    Thanks for the post, everything is looking great.
    Re: wide angle lens, there are some great hacks online:

  17. Airika on 08/12/2010:

    Nice shots! Those windows are craving some sexy silhouettes.

  18. bianca on 08/12/2010:

    oooooooooo how romantic. i want to take a dip in the night.

  19. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/12/2010:

    I do it in the nude.

  20. Claudia on 08/14/2010:

    You are way ahead of us in style. Love the dark garage door.

  21. Stephanie on 09/02/2010:

    what is that pool/tub thing about? I love it!!!

  22. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/02/2010:

    It’s our pool…it’s a livestock tank. Keep going back in the archives you will find it soon.

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