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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Here is a sneak peak at the pieces going up tonight for sale at 8PM (hopefully). As a newbie to the whole eBay listing process, I have to admit being a little intimidated and overwhelmed. There is a lot of detailed crap to figure out (Pictures? Condition? Shipping? Terms? Freight? Insurance? Pricing?) and every single template listing thing for eBay is incredibly ugly and impossible to navigate. I’m hoping all goes well and the items post when they are “supposed” to – nerve-wracking stuff for sure. These puppies are also “supposed” to end this Sunday night in order for shipping and delivery to be arranged before the big sale.

I set up a sad little eBay store HERE. I’ll update with some direct links to the listings when they go live.

But because Summer is more adept and organized than me, you can check out her MODERNHAUS listings right HERE. There’s burl…just saying…

*Also, SO very sorry for all this annoying sale stuff. I’m trying to step it up and learn from the last big sale we did – which was kind of a mess. Now I’m ultra panicky about doing it better and being more organized and awesome at it. Anyone ever sold on eBay before? Any tips? Horror stories? I’d love a little more anxiety please…

Albini Ottoman

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Oh no. I did. YES.

I was a bit of a naughty girl and decided to give myself a little present after a long hard tedious summer bereft of thrifty fun. The Franco Albini ottoman has been on my mind for a long time…I NEEDED one…a real one…desperately…

That stupid one click ebay bidding totally reeled me in. It is just so f*ing easy and addictive. Somehow I knew that this baby was destined to be mine, and in the end it was. For $102 – which was way over the budget I had in mind. Stupid internet.

Whatever, don’t judge me. Yes, this is not the thriftiest moment – but it is a deeply satisfying one. The ottoman is in amazing shape and BEAUTIFUL. Even all you rattan haters have to agree that this thing is rad.

Keep looking at it. Fall in love.


Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

The truly amazing folks at Circa50 heard my cry of desperation for beautiful well-fitting leather Hardoy Butterfly Chair (or BKF) covers. The first covers I purchased on ebay were a total and complete disaster. I returned them immediately after unpacking and was disappointed by how ill-fitting they were on my vintage butterfly frames as well as how chintzy the canvas material ended up being.

THANK GOD for Circa50. Their slings are extremely well made and they offer a huge range of colors, material and sizes. That’s probably why I constantly see people using Circa50 as a resource around blogs, in magazines, at friends houses and on flicker all the time. AND they supply chairs to The Parker (Palm Springs), Thunderbird Hotel (Marfa, TX), as well as other awesome hotels. Their website also has a nice history and production rundown on the BKF chair which I found super informative.

But come on! The Parker and Thunderbird? Those are two of my favorite design savvy hotels. I drooled all over that outdoor circle of butterfly chairs around the fire pit at the Parker and wanted to someday recreate that look in my backyard. Now I know the secret…

These little craigslist butterfly chair frames I picked up are upgraded to KILLER now. They bring the hotness. They bring it hard.

Those are some sassy and inviting chairs. You cannot resist their charms.

This is my BIG question for you, my sexy and stylish readers. Which cover style should remain here forever and ever at The Brick House?

Please leave a comment and vote for your favorite in the battle of :

Cowhide vs. Medium Brown Leather

On Thursday I will announce the victorious cover in this style battle to the death. I know who I’m gunning for! But they are all winners in my eyes…

Thank you Circa50!!!