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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009


My first Kilim from Ebay finally arrived. At least this time it doesn’t smell like stale cigarette smoke.

I think I really like it, although The Boy walked in and said, “are we going Southwestern style now?”

Hmmmmm. Maybe.


Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I got my candle holder from Ebay!

Its so BIG. Now I just need some actual candles.

It must have come from a smokers house. When I opened the box it smelled like a dead Las Vegas cocktail waitress’s mouth. There was just this wave of stale cigarette stench. It has totally taken a few days for the candle holder to off-gas. GROSS.

The perils of Ebay I guess…


Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Normally I’m an Etsy kind of girl, but sometimes I stray over to Ebay to pick up a few things I can’t seem to find thrifting. I really hate the whole bidding process (I’m so impatient and it stresses me out) but if you stick with it sometimes you can get a great deal.

Mid Century Adjustable Candle Holder

I’ve been dying for an adjustable accordion candle holder for my coffee table. This one expands to about 3 feet and is 11 inches tall. I’m waiting patiently for it…

Vegetable Afghan Kilim Rug (10×3 ft)

This is a victim of the great Kilim (or is it Kelim?) hunt. Finally, I got one – its going to be a runner for the entryway.

This is really turning into a blog about shopping and I am the worst guilty consumerist. I did the whole Mint thing to track my spending…yikes. Over the last 3 months I spent the same amount on vintage crap for my house as I have on my mortgage. I always thought I was pretty thrifty…but it I guess it adds up. At first it looked like I was super charitable since all the thrift store shopping got listed as “Charity”. I fixed that and now my pie chart just looked like two big dueling colors: Mortgage vs. Shopping.

I need to go on a better savings plan. If I want to do any big ticket renos (which really I don’t, its probably not worth it in the long run in my neighborhood) thats going to be the only way without going into more debt.

Poop. Being fiscally responsible sounds boooooring.