May 3rd, 2011

Here is a sneak peak at the pieces going up tonight for sale at 8PM (hopefully). As a newbie to the whole eBay listing process, I have to admit being a little intimidated and overwhelmed. There is a lot of detailed crap to figure out (Pictures? Condition? Shipping? Terms? Freight? Insurance? Pricing?) and every single template listing thing for eBay is incredibly ugly and impossible to navigate. I’m hoping all goes well and the items post when they are “supposed” to – nerve-wracking stuff for sure. These puppies are also “supposed” to end this Sunday night in order for shipping and delivery to be arranged before the big sale.

I set up a sad little eBay store HERE. I’ll update with some direct links to the listings when they go live.

But because Summer is more adept and organized than me, you can check out her MODERNHAUS listings right HERE. There’s burl…just saying…

*Also, SO very sorry for all this annoying sale stuff. I’m trying to step it up and learn from the last big sale we did – which was kind of a mess. Now I’m ultra panicky about doing it better and being more organized and awesome at it. Anyone ever sold on eBay before? Any tips? Horror stories? I’d love a little more anxiety please…

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  1. captain kk on 05/03/2011:

    that’s alot of awesomeness on sale! lovin the faux room too.. it works a treat ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Florian on 05/03/2011:

    Oooh, nice stuff! Effing gorgeous pictures. From where I’m sitting (Germany) your store looks totally fine and professional, and with those stunning pictures it will be a blast!

    I’ve sold my sad unused trumpet and a few boxes of old books on eBay. Somehow I cannot throw away books, I don’t know why. It always went smoothly. People transferd money, I sent the boxes. Joyfulness all round. The hardest part in my opinion is deciding the least amount one is willing to accept for something.

    How are you going to manage the shipping? Can one send bulky stuff like furniture with the mail in America?

  3. Lunaluna on 05/03/2011:

    OOOOhh. Ahhhhh! I had quite a sucessful little business going on ebay before. Know this… people are usually honest. All your stuff is gorgeous but for the really well known pieces I would put the listing on at a starting bid of $1, I know it sounds scary but the sought after stuff always goes and the lower the starting price the higher the sale price, don’t know why it works but it does. Oh I know someone out there will say ”that’s not true, I started bidding at $1 on my beautiful 4ft high provenรงale red, blue and white ceramic cockerel and it only sold at 2$ instead of the $5000 it was worth”. But for things that are a dead cert – trust me – it works. It’s more fun for the bidder and keeps them looking at it. Okay you don’t dare but at least start at the very minimum price you are willing to let it go. Be careful about accepting paypal for items which are to be picked up. There is no proof that the buyer actually took posession of the item so if they claimed paypal for failure to deliver they will be reimbursed and you will be screwed so cash only for pick ups. Ebay can be a lot of fun. Stay honest and clear and give lots of pics from all angles and give ALL dimensions in the descrip as people will ask. I could go on but I won’t ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!!!

  4. The Vintage Cabin on 05/03/2011:

    Your store is looking fine to me and the fake wall is doing wonders! The good thing with eBay is that you don’t have to be too pro. I find that some of the crappier photographed items sometimes sell the best as people have a mentality that they are getting a deal from someone who doesn’t know shit. So don’t be too hard on yourself – already you’re in the minority of quality shops and you don’t even have anything listed yet! Good luck with everything, it’s stressful and you can get a few whack jobs on there but, for the most part, people seem to be decent and honest. As long as you have tracking/insurance for most of your items you’ll be just fine.

  5. ModFruGal on 05/03/2011:

    I can’t deal with shipping furniture, so I refer my buyers to U-Ship for picking up the items…I’ve used them myself a few times and have gotten bids half the price of Plycon and other truck companies. Less hassle for me, and gives the buyer some control.

  6. heather on 05/03/2011:

    hopefully i’ll be the proud new owner of that amazing couch!

  7. julie on 05/03/2011:

    Good luck with the sale Morgan!

  8. SAJ on 05/03/2011:

    I know nothing about ebay but I am local if you need some extra hands helping! You know where to email me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Kyli on 05/03/2011:

    I’ve had a bunch of issues with ebay buyers recently. Make sure that you have all of your terms spelled out clearly – how quickly buyers must pay and pick up, when pick ups can be scheduled and whether or not you’ll accept returns. Good luck! I know I’ll be checking out a few things.

  10. Mike on 05/03/2011:

    Don’t sell on ebay store, but do, and have fo 13 yrs., listed regulary on ebay. Currently use ebay’s free Turbo-Liister listing agent. It’s a challenge to get set up but your done it’s a breeze to use. Nothing fancy but I don’t think that matters to most buyers. Make listings clear and concise on all details of the transaction, but keep as short as possible. Have found that most buyers have short attention spans when perusing items and are not into long winded explanations.

  11. Robert on 05/03/2011:

    I second Luna’s recommendation to start the bidding at $1 with no reserve. The goal is to sell and ship โ€” not sit on unsold merch. Make sure you don’t underestimate shipping cost. I’ve been burned on this before as shipping furniture gets expensive fast. Your sale is going to go great!

  12. gmr on 05/03/2011:

    make sure to insure the item if you are shipping it…. the way that ebay and paypal now process claims of buyers never receiving the item is that they basically refund the buyer the amount directly out of your paypal account, and there’s not much you can do about it. The only way around that is to buy the insurance/delivery confirmation when you ship the item. I learned the hard way. Most people are pretty honest (i.e. if they say they didn’t receive the item, they probably did not), but the way the system is structured, you’ll end up being out the item as well as the money for the item (and shipping/ebay costs) if the buyer doesn’t want to compromise on the solution.

    Anyway, loooooove your blog. I always look forward to your updates.

  13. AB on 05/03/2011:

    i’ve sold some of my clothes on ebay, and was totally overwhelmed when i realized how much work actually went into it.

    i agree with the tip about low starting bids on the “sure thing” pieces – you’re going to get tons of traffic, i promise, so it will spur bidding quite a bit.

    other than that, make absolutely certain to clearly mention and photograph anything at all that could be construed as damage. it will save you from having to deal with returns/negative feedback/disgruntled buyers down the line.

  14. AB on 05/03/2011:

    p.s. good luck! it’s going to be terrific.

  15. bekah on 05/03/2011:

    I have had the worst luck lately with non paying bidders. Ebay will no longer allow you to leave negative feedback on bidders, so I think more people are bidding for ‘fun’. So be sure and look over your sellers tools and find where you can block people with a history of non payment (you can still file the non paying bidder form, but it will take several before ebay boots them) Also look into shiping via Greyhound, its super cheap! Good Luck!

  16. Beclu on 05/03/2011:

    I know this has been mentioned but I agree with some above when they say start the bidding at 1$ with no reserve. Sought after items will never go for cheap and the bidding process really riles people up and they want to win! win! WIN! Everything I have ever posted on ebay that has value or is popular (frankly everything mid century is popular now, esp in good condition) that I’ve listed at $1 to start, always always goes for a lot. People feel they have a chance to win it cheap so it gets a lot of bids. Also, there are plenty of sites out there telling you the best way to sell on ebay. I’ve found that 7 day auctions that end on the weekend in the afternoon/evening are great because most people are home, not working etc…. Mention on the listing that the pieces are sold as is no returns, please ask any all questions before bidding blah blah blah because you’d be amazed with what people will complain about. Otherwise I think you’ll do awesome because everyone already knows and loves you!

  17. Beclu on 05/03/2011:

    oh and are those chairs leather? they are tubulasmic.

  18. laguna dirt on 05/03/2011:

    you are a brave girl! best of luck.

  19. Good luck on the sale! I love the couch. What style is it?

  20. Mike on 05/03/2011:

    Can’t leave negative feedback on buyers but you can report nonpaying deadbeats to ebay and they’ll deal with them. Sorry our blog hasn’t been updated in quite awhile but C’s been extremely busy, and sucesssfully so, with her photography, and I picked a short term freelance gig that’s about to end, so will posting again soon.

  21. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/03/2011:

    Thanks guys! I’m still trying to figure out which 3rd party insurance place to use. After years of getting burned by UPS and USPS, I’m totally going with an outside insurer.

    Heather: it’s a Knoll Parallel Bar sofa – all original c.1960

  22. Tolsca on 05/03/2011:

    Hey, I actually really like the design of your ebay store! I need to start saving my pennies though. I hope you have more sales in the future.

  23. tamgogirl on 05/03/2011:

    If I were setting up a dentist’s office I’d be all set.

  24. Tonya M on 05/04/2011:

    Hello! I seriously drool over every ounce of furniture and decor that you decorate with! I’m sure you’ll have no problems selling everything in your sale especially since your photography is so gorgeous. I just started an ebay store at the end of 2010 and also a companion blog recently. I have to agree that the ebay templates are ugly and it was sooo frustrating with the figuring out of how to get everything just how I wanted it!! One problem I’ve experienced is that lately some customers take longer to pay than what my policy states for the timeframe by about a day or so. Also, I haven’t started selling internationally yet since I’m still learning about all of the shipping and insurance so I’m right there with you!!

    p.s. words can’t describe how much I love The Brick House!!

  25. Lunaluna on 05/04/2011:

    Woohoo! bidding has started already! I’ll be watching closely.

  26. jesikah on 05/04/2011:

    Hey, just want to say I love your blog, a friend put me onto it and I’ve been checking it ever since!
    You have great style and awesome low cost tips on fixing things around the house!
    Would love to bid on some of your items since it may be a little bit of an expence to get to your sale from Australia (not to mention getting them home!). Just wondering if you offer international shipping?


  27. Thanks for the info!

  28. Florian on 05/04/2011:

    Now that the auctions are up, I had another peep, and I must say it looks totally fabulous, perfect, neat and gorgeous and about as professional as it gets! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for lots and lots of revenue and ensuing desert planting madness.

    Ghetto drywall do thy magic!

  29. Mike on 05/04/2011:

    Great job setting the store up!

  30. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/04/2011:

    Jes – unfortunately domestic shipping only. I’m new to this and international is a whole other ballgame. I’m not prepared for that yet.

    Thanks guys! I had some trouble with my lister last night but it’s all worked out now. If I’m doing this thing, I’m doing it all the way – I got super obsessed with making it look as nice as possible.

  31. Kat on 05/04/2011:

    FYI, your rosewood table is walnut

  32. Fabiana on 05/05/2011:

    aw great stuff!!! a little bit out of my price range though, not so much for the frugal folk this time! ahha I will go to your sale in LA though! very exited!

  33. tara on 05/05/2011:

    morgan the new studio looks great, have you ever written about your camera? Are you using anything worth noting, or just making good use of the California sunlight?

  34. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/05/2011:

    Thanks! I have talked about my camera – it’s just a Sony Alpha. Nothing super fancy. The light is really great out here.

  35. Lunaluna on 05/06/2011:

    Still watching the auction. The first flurry of bidding has slowed but this is TOTALLY normal, wait till you see what happens in the last moments, nailbiting FUN ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Quido on 05/06/2011:

    I can’t believe some people would totally pay at least a thousand for an old, worn sofa with good looks. With this amount of money, they could just get something new from Room&Board or elsewhere…or get a brand new chair…anything classic and brand new…

    I admire the The Brick House branding and marketing skills. Freakin good.

  37. Autumn on 05/09/2011:

    Hi there.

    After finding and loving your blog, I was super excited to have the “big sale” in my neighborhood near Mt. Washington.

    I’m not fully in on the ‘going rate’ but from your blog, I was thinking that you might have some great pricing on items for sale.

    After reviewing the closing of some of your online eBay sales, with reserves not met, I was hoping that you might give a rough preview of your pricing for this sale.

    I’m just wondering if it’s going to be way outside of my price range.

    Thanks a bunch,

  38. jd on 05/10/2011:

    re: ebay…

    once you get the hang of it, things should go smoothly.

    1. i bought Garage Sale Basic for Macs for $25 and it has a nice clean template option with large pictures. it makes it much easier to create auctions and you just drag and drop photos. well worth it.

    2. i let the buyer arrange shipping on furniture, but i recommend TSC Moving, or Plycon to places TSC doesn’t ship. I have used TSC on vintage furniture both bought and sold. I live in a 5th floor walk-up in NYC. I never had a problem. They are insured.

    3. while it is true that lower priced popular items tend to get more and higher bids, i am not sure i would list things for $1 – as recommended. i’d list things a bit lower than what you can reasonably let them go for.. definitely low enough to encourage bidding. also, in my opinion, reserves tend to sell less, have less bidding.

    good luck!

  39. Chelsea on 05/19/2011:

    wow, these are gorgeous. I seriously wish I had room for that pair of Milo chairs.

  40. Marie on 01/08/2012:

    Just wondering how much the Gangzo table sold for. Thanks!

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