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Monday, March 12th, 2012

Bowie wants you to know that I got some pillows and they happen to be perfectly sized for naps.

Now leave him alone. He’s exhausted.

While the world watched the Oscars, I was busy buying vintage kilim pillows on eBay. Just like the stars! That’s what celebrities do.

Check out that anorexic Turkish crux style action up above. Apparently the crux ain’t just for the Swedes anymore.

This pair may be my new favorite thing, being all sassy and such with their southwesternish style charm.

Some of the last batch of kilim pillows I ordered up have since moved on to new and more exciting homes, so obviously this restocking was vital and deeply necessary. So vital that there’s still a few more on their way here from Turkey.

Go big or go home.

That might be too aggressive for a pillow themed motto.

By the way, I got that new couch and it is glorious.

It may be a keeper…for now. The sofa switching situation around here is the stuff of your and my boyfriends nightmares (this makes sofa number ten or so? In four years?).

With the addition of the new sofa the den has subsequently been going through a slow makeover that needs some massive wrapping up. Shocking that neglect and ordering pillows on eBay hasn’t somehow made that happen, but hey, one more neutral pillow is one more step closer to done. Now who wants to help me move a five hundred pound marble coffee table?

I know. I KNOW.

Sometimes retired Muppets get turned into ugly pillows and sometimes I buy them. So what. I don’t care.

Somehow the love I feel for fiber art has grown so immense that it needed to be portable. This sucker has dreadlocks and probably witnessed countless unimaginable horrors in the 1970’s. You hate it! And it’s perfect.

Bowie is so depressed. Probably because he’s the exact same color as the couch.

What a nerd.

*For folks curious about what eBay sellers all these kilim pillows keep coming from, it’s honestly a big mix with no particular favorites. Usually I go for a pattern that catches my eye and has Buy It Now or free/combined shipping. If anything, just keep an eye on the shipping costs since those international fees add up incredibly quickly with these mofos


Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

A box from Turkey showed up on my doorstep stuffed full of what appeared to be about a gazillion kilim pillow covers.

Mystery box.

Somehow I completely blanked on ordering these. Have you ever done that? Been totally blindsided by a mystery box filled with mystery things? It was like a terrifying surprise christmas. Thankfully, with this newfangled thing called email, a quick search revealed that I’d ordered a bunch of pillow covers off the eBay very, very late one night…over a month ago.

Pillow sale + combined shipping discount + ease of paypal + shipping delay + poor memory  =  kilim pillow cover stockpile.

Mystery solved.

Oh what’s this? Color in the den?

I do declare!

Cheapskate Tip : Save money by scavenging pillow inserts at the thrift store.

Yup, simple stuff. Instead of buying a bunch of new down inserts – just go buy a bunch of fugly pillows that have great inserts (or even good stuffing for odd sizes) and for about a buck or less each, say hello to your new cheaply stuffed pillows.

Love this neutral desert toned spare pair. They may be living in the living room.

Oh no I didn’t just throw a baby striped pillow into that sofa corner.

Gettin’ crazy up in here.

Recklessly mixing scale and pattern?! Say what!

Oh yeah, all over this sofa.

This one might be my favorite pillow of the bunch. What a sassy little minx.

Well, with a giant pile of pillows still needing to be distributed around the house, here’s to hoping that the vintage kilim pillow thang isn’t totally “over”. Actually…no wait, I really hope it is.

Then I can buy them all up at low low prices and cover myself in a scratchy, hand woven, vegetable-dyed pile of kilim delight.

Mmmm. Itchy.


Friday, June 10th, 2011

We had to move around some stuff to accommodate a few new pieces, which hopefully I’ll get around to thinking more about soon. A casualty of the updates in the bedroom was the womb chair. It hadn’t fit so well in the den’s previous incarnations, but now with the shorter chesterfield and missing wall unit, this thing fits like a champ. Well, a champ sans the ottoman; the ottoman is surprisingly tall and sadly too big for this small space.

The womb chair is possibly the perfect TV watching chair. So comfy. So lounge-y. So pretty. It’s like a La-Z-Boy with actual aesthetic style.

Slowly an methodically, I’ve been trying to get the den details right. So, why not toss a portrait of a coral lipped gasping lady into the mix?

I procured her gaspyness off Summer during the big sale and it was love at first open-mouthed neck grab.

I’d been looking around for something to throw up on the walls and when the womb came in she just sort of meandered in here as well. I enjoy imagining that she is incredibly offended by what’s on TV, which knowing our taste, is probably pretty offensive.

I’d still like to add a fiddle leaf fig, some more art, a few accessories, maybe paint the top potion of the wall a light gray, add some new pillows, hang the tv and get the desk in order. Lots more still to do as always.

I tend to spend most of my time in the den, working on the computer and such, so I think it’s probable that all the extra exposure has made me laser focus in on this room and overly adjust things to try and get it just right (desperately want this room done and over with so I can relax and stop worrying about it). Apologies for den-palooza as of late, but it’s so hot outside that it’s killing my motivation for outdoor projects.

Also, it’s Friday so that means a couple new things are up in the BHM SHOP. Firstly, an incredible and super rare Sarreid Ltd. brass chest from the 1970’s and Spain. Secondly, a sassy rust colored Milo Baughman swivel club with chrome base and extra comfortablness. Check out these and soon to end items HERE.

I’m actively attempting to keep the less than exciting shop posts to a minimum. Summers are rough around here, they are stupidly hot and energy robbing and make me want to hide inside and ignore all the house projects. Of course things have also gotten super busy and any free time is spent working, trying to cool off or getting as far out of town as possible. Looks like the summer lull might be in full effect for realzzz.

Have a great weekend homies! Eat something super terrible for you and kiss a baby animal. ON THE MOUTH.