Albini Ottoman

September 10th, 2009

Oh no. I did. YES.

I was a bit of a naughty girl and decided to give myself a little present after a long hard tedious summer bereft of thrifty fun. The Franco Albini ottoman has been on my mind for a long time…I NEEDED one…a real one…desperately…

That stupid one click ebay bidding totally reeled me in. It is just so f*ing easy and addictive. Somehow I knew that this baby was destined to be mine, and in the end it was. For $102 – which was way over the budget I had in mind. Stupid internet.

Whatever, don’t judge me. Yes, this is not the thriftiest moment – but it is a deeply satisfying one. The ottoman is in amazing shape and BEAUTIFUL. Even all you rattan haters have to agree that this thing is rad.

Keep looking at it. Fall in love.

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  1. Lorna on 09/10/2009:

    Well, it's only 2 dollars over the 100 dollars who decided to place as your max budget for each piece of furniture so hey, enjoy!

  2. Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog on 09/10/2009:

    My vote: worth it. You love it, it makes a big statement, and you've started using it already. Seriously, beautiful!

  3. My Farmhouse Kitchen on 09/10/2009:

    You're so funny ! Yeah, i'm totally IN LOVE !

  4. CitricSugar on 09/10/2009:

    Sometimes, you have to blow the budget just to put everything into perspective for yourself. And as a reward for being frugal elsewhere.

  5. Anonymous on 09/10/2009:

    hey, i've been looking for one on ebay and havent seen one for that price that was in perfect condition. how are you doing your searches? green with envy again. 🙂 Sue

  6. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/10/2009:

    Thats always the trick. It was actually listed as "mid century rattan ottoman". I was looking around at ottoman's and it popped up without the Albini attached at all. I watched it carefully and didn't bid till the very end since I was hoping it would go unnoticed and cheap – being marked wrong and all.

    It went from $10.50 to like $100 in twenty minutes…just me and another bidder.

    I hoped to get it dirt cheap. Oh well.

  7. jen on 09/10/2009:

    It's beautiful.I use mine as plant stand. I got it off the street…it's all grey and weathered. There were two of them, one was entirely dry rotted 🙁

  8. Anonymous on 09/11/2009:

    thanks for the info on searching, i'll keep trying. i am still looking at it and i am in love!!! sue

  9. greavesdesign on 09/11/2009:

    when put in perspective I don't think that is a lot to pay. it has huge impact and is sculptural and functional…love!

    $102. is a nice dinner for 2 out, a pair of so-so jeans, a groceries tab or a haircut at the salon…

    (that's the way I justify)!

  10. John on 09/11/2009:

    Yay! Franco Albini ottomans! I'm glad you got this, it's good for so many uses!

    By the way 102 bucks is a mad deal, so don't sweat it!

  11. my little apartment on 09/11/2009:
  12. Juli on 09/11/2009:

    It's a beaut! And I am definitely one of those people in the buy it love it camp. If it's something you love, you'll enjoy it for a long time, versus that cheap thing that gets tossed because it was so cheap (not that you have anything like that). It's called value, and I think A LOT of people have forgotten about it, too busy buying cheap crap apparently.

  13. Joslyn on 09/14/2009:

    i love it…love, love, love..

  14. nkp on 09/14/2009:

    Aaaah, a thing of beauty is a joy forever, right? So what's a mere $102 amortized over, well, forever. Sounds like a steal to me. Enjoy!

  15. Anonymous on 09/19/2009:

    hey morgan – can you give me dimensions? there are 2 sizes listed on 1st dibs and while they are outrageously expensive, I am gonna make a low low offer and see what happens.

  16. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/19/2009:

    sue, mine is 22" in diameter by like 12" high.

  17. Anonymous on 09/19/2009:

    thanks alot. sue

  18. Anonymous on 10/04/2009:

    oh morgan, guess what! i got a franco albini ottoman for a mere $41.00 on ebay! I'm so excited. It does have 1 flaw-a 5 inch piece of rattan that is missing, i saw it in the picture and you can't even tell and i will just face that to the wall, wont effect it stucturally I dont think. I am thinking of stacking some design books on it, now I just can't wait to get it. My fiance is lucky – i told him to wake me up 15 minutes before auction was over and he woke me up 5 minutes before it was over! Well, it all ended good, just had to let you know. will send a picture when i get it!!!! Sue 🙂

  19. ngua on 03/29/2010:

    just so you guys know: 5 free snipes a week, and you dont have to get up at any hour to do it; they do it for you. and they bid 8 seconds before the end of the auction so it doesnt ramp up the price like i think happens with ebay proxy bidding. if you ebay you must snipe. that’s all there is to it. 😉 (now let’s just hope we aint sniping for the same thing….)

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