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Friday, June 3rd, 2011

This weeks recently added shop pieces are kind of getting down in funky town. They are a little glam, a little regency, a little more unique than the standard mid century fare. Maybe I’m feeling a little more “statment-y” perhaps? Can you feel like a made-up word?

I do love this super sexy 1960’s Moroccan brass tray table with its ever so gently tiptoeing walnut spider leg base. Mixing it up with a bit of global shazam.

At 35″ in diameter and about 18″ tall, it’s a perfectly sized coffee table, even though technically I think it’s supposed to be used for tea – don’t worry, I won’t tell. The fancy trick is how the table disassembles and folds away flat for easy storage.

This hot thang also appeases my aching back and wussy arm muscles, since moving it around doesn’t cause bright stars to flash behind my eyes or my body to break out in a “fear” sweat.

Light and easily moved furniture, thank you for being you.

Maybe we recall the ever so brief appearance of ol’ stripey?

At eight feet long and super squishy nap-time comfortable, this Milo Baughman style unique blend of incredible was just too much sofa for our poor den to handle.

But look at that upholstery! What?!

So graphic, so textured, so clean (since the original owners kept it under plastic).

Don’t you just want to curl into this beast? It’s like an embracing cloud of retro awesome.

Check out the BHM SHOP for these and other current pieces.

Or don’t. I don’t know your life! Or things you enjoy checking out. Maybe you want to go outside and enjoy the day? Then seize it! Seize the crap out of that day! Go crazy and whip yourself into an ecstatic summer frenzy. YYYEEEOOOWWW!

Maybe later, when you calm down, you might check out BRICKHOUSE MODERN? For funsies? For…um…unique vintage wares? That’s fun, right?



Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Hold on. Whoa. I know. Wait. Just. Stick with it.

Before you say anything, I honestly hope you’ll feel deep within your innermost sticky parts my honest regret radiating out of the interweb. I’d planned to have something more entertaining to slap up on the ‘ol blog, but apparently failed monumentally. Trust that I fully realize things have been INCREDIBLY furniture heavy around here lately.

Maybe it might be prudent to address this whole ebay shop thing. Maybe I’ll put that off for a bit…let’s do that later…

Hows about we look at this mid century spindle table. It’s trying so hard to be like a Warren Platner, so very very hard. Just give it up table, it’s not going to happen. You are already spindly and wooden and can hold stuff like a champ.

This one is for the fellas! It’s a super sexy leather and rosewood Falcon chair + ottoman designed by Sigurd Ressel for Vatne Møbler, Norway.

If our Chesterfield sofa wasn’t all brown town and all leather, then this hot thing would be our television lounging chair. Turns out that all that dark leather and dark wood piled into a single room feels way more bachelor than my admittedly masculine taste can handle.

Hey! This vintage adjustable tension shelving unit / room divider has long been apart of the ever evolving den. With all the switching and change going down in there it’s time for this baby to move on to a better place.

Apparently that better place was not my little photo area. The roof was about a foot too low to install this puppy in the designated photo zone – so the rear exterior brick wall with all it’s awesomely random pipes and slanted cement slab ended up being a stand in. We try and keep it classy. With water softener pipes.

These should be up in the BRICKHOUSE MODERN radically hardcore shop around 7pm-ish, depending of course on how my software wants to behave.

Ugh. Time for the the shop talk? Blech.

I’m assuming we are all intelligent and reasonable people. Most of the time at least? Right? I feel silly pointing out something this simple, but…

This little renovation (or maybe design blog? home blog?) is going to be really, really boring and pointless if there are no funds for projects or a house.

Kate recently dealt with a similar issue and bloggers can attest to this, but it blows getting rude emails and disparaging comments regarding a project you’re psyched and invested in doing. It also blows attempting to not take it totally personally (you know, those totally impersonal attacks on a personal blog about personal choices).

What doesn’t blow is all the researching, traveling to find pieces, spending hours laboring to restore them, troubleshooting the day to day complications, styling, photographing, editing, answering questions, arranging shipping and so forth that this venture requires. After years documenting furniture zooming in and out of the house and selling in every imaginable venue, it seems obvious I’d be very into doing this particular type of thang.

The online shop wasn’t intended to be quick or temporary but was labored over and approached as a serious endeavor. It’s also an additional way to help with the living in and fixing up of a modest brick house in an unbearably dull and low income retirement community. So yes, *so* living the high life constantly. Glamorous crazy parties at Applebee’s every night of the week!

Ok, maybe soon I can write some entertaining or informative posts that aren’t about furniture? Yes!


Friday, May 13th, 2011

I know. I KNOW.

Total furniture overload around here lately. Them’s the breaks though when all I’ve been doing, for what feels like the last month, is sorting and repairing and moving loads of furniture all around the house and garage in an endless circle of oil and tools and bruises. The blog suffers.

Anywhoser. For those who live far far away from Los Angeles* and can’t make the BIG SALE this Sunday I’ve just added some new pieces to the ONLINE SHOP. *Sorry to the international folks – your shipping is way hard. Also, can I get fancy and say Shoppe? Or would I then be required to ship internationally?


Look away. LOOK at this awesome danish Gangso Mobler A/S dining table. It’s huge. It’s teak. It’s got giant handmade ceramic inlaid tiles – signed and everything.

Yum yum. Modernist texture. So earth toned. So beefy. So 70’s.

And it folds down? Transforming into a smaller table? What can’t this dining table do?*

*Probably most everything…but you can eat on it. Or maybe do some work. I don’t know your life!

Yum Yum. Shiny bits.

Incised Greek key pattern? Super regency pagoda shape? All brass, all up in your face? What can’t this lamp do?

It can light your dark shit up. That’s what.

Yum yum. Burly beef slab steak.

Chunky to the extreme. Raw edge. Redwood. Radical. Raging. (Rrrrr)Coffee table.

So these be some of the vintage things hanging out right now in the ol’ ONLINE SHOP (SHOPPE).

Also, I will see you guys in LA on Sunday. I currently have nervous acne and sweaty palms…which must mean I’m slowly reverting back to my not at all awkward or awful adolescence. Hooray for feelings. Thanks again brain.