June 10th, 2011

We had to move around some stuff to accommodate a few new pieces, which hopefully I’ll get around to thinking more about soon. A casualty of the updates in the bedroom was the womb chair. It hadn’t fit so well in the den’s previous incarnations, but now with the shorter chesterfield and missing wall unit, this thing fits like a champ. Well, a champ sans the ottoman; the ottoman is surprisingly tall and sadly too big for this small space.

The womb chair is possibly the perfect TV watching chair. So comfy. So lounge-y. So pretty. It’s like a La-Z-Boy with actual aesthetic style.

Slowly an methodically, I’ve been trying to get the den details right. So, why not toss a portrait of a coral lipped gasping lady into the mix?

I procured her gaspyness off Summer during the big sale and it was love at first open-mouthed neck grab.

I’d been looking around for something to throw up on the walls and when the womb came in she just sort of meandered in here as well. I enjoy imagining that she is incredibly offended by what’s on TV, which knowing our taste, is probably pretty offensive.

I’d still like to add a fiddle leaf fig, some more art, a few accessories, maybe paint the top potion of the wall a light gray, add some new pillows, hang the tv and get the desk in order. Lots more still to do as always.

I tend to spend most of my time in the den, working on the computer and such, so I think it’s probable that all the extra exposure has made me laser focus in on this room and overly adjust things to try and get it just right (desperately want this room done and over with so I can relax and stop worrying about it). Apologies for den-palooza as of late, but it’s so hot outside that it’s killing my motivation for outdoor projects.

Also, it’s Friday so that means a couple new things are up in the BHM SHOP. Firstly, an incredible and super rare Sarreid Ltd. brass chest from the 1970’s and Spain. Secondly, a sassy rust colored Milo Baughman swivel club with chrome base and extra comfortablness. Check out these and soon to end items HERE.

I’m actively attempting to keep the less than exciting shop posts to a minimum. Summers are rough around here, they are stupidly hot and energy robbing and make me want to hide inside and ignore all the house projects. Of course things have also gotten super busy and any free time is spent working, trying to cool off or getting as far out of town as possible. Looks like the summer lull might be in full effect for realzzz.

Have a great weekend homies! Eat something super terrible for you and kiss a baby animal. ON THE MOUTH.

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  1. Lunaluna on 06/10/2011:

    Yay! First to comment! Here’s an idea, instead of one ugly portrait why not do a whole gallery of them just above the Chesterfield? Love the womb chair, brings a bit of colour into the den (well my idea of colour anyway). LOVE the orange lounge chair. Here in Oslo it’s 10 degrees C and pouring rain 🙁

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/10/2011:

    Yup, adding more art is the idea. Just waiting for those right pieces! Someday.

  3. L on 06/10/2011:

    Womb chair in den: Yippeeeeeee!!!! It’s great. Should you need to get rid of the leather ottoman, I’d be more than happy to give it a good home . . .

    Does kissing a baby animal include my one-year-old Lab?

  4. Suzy8track on 06/10/2011:

    ” was love at first open-mouthed neck grab” Hilarious!

  5. LZ on 06/10/2011:

    Oh I can’t believe you didn’t keep that swivel club chair… Its looks so comfy and awesome in the photo! Nice pieces.

  6. carmencatalina on 06/10/2011:

    I’m so in love with that chest.

  7. Joseph on 06/10/2011:

    I wonder – what pieces you would design with if you had an unlimited budget? If you could have a room with anything – what would be in it?

  8. The brick house on 06/10/2011:

    Wouldn’t be in this house for sure.

  9. fine little home on 06/10/2011:

    i love that you watch things that would offend her but she kind of freaks me out a bit(in a good way). if she were in my home i would feel the need to pat her on the back or hand her an oxygen mask.
    love the womb chair in there!

  10. jeannette on 06/10/2011:

    it’s looking very cole porter stylish now (this is a compliment, as in you’re the top, you’re the louvre musuem….).
    the cushions and the womb chair are perfect. the other things you suggest make my heart sing. and the idea that the womb chair and the mini-me chesterfield ottoman are as comfy as the single most hideous piece of furniture ever conceived is a real blow for freedom.
    we are unworthy.

  11. Jen on 06/10/2011:

    Uhggggg -HIDEOUS. That’s the worst painting you’ve had yet. Each to his own I guess. The pups looks adorable as always though.

  12. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/10/2011:

    By worst you mean the coolest, right? That’s what I thought.

  13. Darren on 06/10/2011:

    Love the chest….it’s just right for my newly redone bedroom.

  14. megan on 06/10/2011:

    I feel like she’s chocking on a popcorn kernel, while watching TV and being deeply offended.

  15. Erika on 06/11/2011:

    Oof- watching the Sarreid. I just picked up 2 of the exact same chests on SF CL for super cheap. If the price doesn’t go too high….3 s a charm.

  16. Alex on 06/11/2011:

    Where did the Womb ottoman go? it is the best chair to watch TV in, I got a Pea Green one last time we ordered furniture. We are ordering again June 30th let me know if you want anything

  17. modernhaus on 06/11/2011:

    I think we should call her “Asphyxiating Madonna”

    Her coloring isn’t so good, either. Maybe she’s in the final throes of death by arsenic poisoning?? I still say she looks like an Alfred Hitchcock character.

  18. Will on 06/12/2011:

    Sorry but I’m not liking these 4 pieces together. Not easy on the eyes (my eyes).

  19. Ginna on 06/12/2011:

    The womb chair looks great in the den! It definitely helps to break up the brown and the chrome is a nice juxtaposition to the leather pieces. Is it wrong that when I get married I want to register for a womb chair?! Oh, if only we all had an unlimited budget…

  20. julia wheeler on 06/13/2011:

    dayum. that chest is rad. i still want to punch myself for passing on a similar one at my thrift. love the womb chair in the den too…

  21. Dana on 06/20/2011:

    So I was thinking about ordering something from your store, but I couldn’t picture a coffee table or chair making it all the way to FL in good condition… Maybe you should do a post on how you pack things up to ship to ease my mind… and perhaps others who may be hesitant to order…?

  22. Jessica on 06/26/2011:

    I would be afraid to walk past the room late at night to get a glass of water and catch her out the corner of my eye, not gasping, but looking right. at. me.

  23. Patti on 07/16/2011:

    My gosh, I love your sense of humor.

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