November 29th, 2011

White dudes love auctions. LOVE.

Well, I love auctions too, even if I have to spend the whole day psyching myself up for the sizing up stares, crazy quick bidding and dollars about to be spent. This particular auction was heavily MCM, which meant the local dealers were out in force and ready to throw down cash. I almost didn’t go after spending the day obsessing about how nutty and competitive these auctions make me and the inevitable painful losing that happens.

BTW, want people to look at you with anger and suspicion? Whip out a big camera at an auction preview. It’s not awkward at all.

Their eyes. Their judgmental eyes.

Maybe somewhere in the background you can spot my big spendy purchase of the evening?


Yes you can.

Great dining set I didn’t buy but desperately wanted to.

I forget how much they ended up selling for…a lot…

There were loads of good chairs, but the perfect pair of well worn Falcon chairs (a personal favorite – but also designed by Sigurd Resell in the 1970’s for Vatne Möbler) initially beckoned me to the auction.


Sweet, sweet Falcon action.

Only got this one terrible picture of a single chair on account of my camera shame, but trust me, they were amazing and ended up selling to some dealers for something like $1600. Not to me. NOT TO ME, dammit.

This set of Plycraft armchairs (designed by Norman Cherner and also a personal fav) got a good deal of looking over from folks pacing around them in desperate circles of desire. Clearly, they were going to be the big battle of the evening.

The auctioneer mentioned the set came from an estate in Banning – which can’t be true, right? Have you ever been to Banning? Only shame and shattered lives come from there.

Along with the mid century stuff, there was a large estate of oil cans and gas station type signs being sold that would have made those American Picker guys get wicked half chubs.

It was mind numbing sitting through the oil can auctions.

A moment of memoriam please. Let’s reflect once more on those Cherners.

As expected, they ended up being the big battle of the night – to the shock and amusement of most the crowd. The guys sitting behind me had an insightful running dialogue about how crappy all this stupid crappy crap was. Anyways.

They sold for $2400.

Goodbye you gorgeous beasts.

Well, what did I get? A few things. Above is a little preview.

DUH. It’s a rug.

Also, I might have outbid someone who reads the blog on this puppy. A fact which became clear when she told me as much as we waited to pay. It’s hard to explain the wave of guilt and anxiety that then exploded in my brain…so I apologize. I’m sorry. I looked terrible. Oh man. Auctions turn me into a monster.

More crap to come.

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  1. Fat Cat on 11/29/2011:

    Gaaa, what a tease ! So, WHAT DID YOU BUY ? I can’t make out anything in the background of that picture.
    Now I feel like I’m at an auction too. The suspense is killing me…

  2. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 11/30/2011:


    I need to do auctions. They sound so fun and passive aggressive.

  3. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/30/2011:

    Daniel you should! It’s stressful, but fun? Also outright aggressive.

  4. Juliette on 11/30/2011:

    I have never seen auctions like that. Too many things ! a dream ! In France, where I leave, it is much more “classical”

  5. Lunaluna on 11/30/2011:

    OOH can’t wait to see what you snagged ! Love the Falcon chairs (I have 5 >smirk smirk<). Love that rug, I really need some similar colour in my life right now. How could those guys consider those stunning Cherner chairs 'crap' ?? Boggles the mind.
    Juliette… watch this space, I plan to ship some scandi delights (see above re Falcons) to Paris for sale in the new year 🙂

  6. Lunaluna on 11/30/2011:

    Forgot to place my bet… I’ll bet you bought the sideboard (or credenza as you might call it)

  7. Lunaluna on 11/30/2011:

    …and Daniel, STOP posting on Morgan’s blog and, I beseech you, start typing up a new entry on your own blog. You are killing us with all the lengthy nothingness between posts. Yeah yeah yeah I know you have a life but what about US, your fans?

  8. i enjoy those cherner chairs a good deal.
    would it be bad of me if i painted the arms and legs glossy black?

  9. Bandita on 11/30/2011:

    i’m sorry, am i the only one that read about the “half chubs”??? made me spit out my coffee!! hilarious 🙂

  10. Lori on 11/30/2011:

    The comment re American Pickers has me laughing so hard. Can’t wait to see what you got.

  11. erin@designcrisis on 11/30/2011:

    What is going on with that sexy cream leather wooden barrel goodness? And those deco end tables… I want to rub my face all over them.

    Hey, if you spit on stuff, does that make it yours? I feel there must be a better way to mark your territory than with filthy money. Urine, perhaps?

  12. Christa on 11/30/2011:

    Hilarious! If I lived near you I would totally become your stalker. But not like, in a creepy way.

  13. Tyler (plastolux) on 11/30/2011:

    Sounds like you have better self control than me. I think I would get into a scrap with some one. I can hardly contain myself at my 9 year old’s football games.

  14. valentina on 11/30/2011:

    good lord. if you ever get tired of that rug – shotgun! yes, i’ll pay the shipping to switzerland.

  15. Healeygirl on 11/30/2011:

    Please oh please someone make a t-shirt that says:

    “White Dudes Love Auctions”

    It would make my day!

  16. Katie on 11/30/2011:

    those chairs. are. amazing!! i’ve been a little addicted to “storage wars” lately…sorta make me want to go to an auction. but only if it looks more like the one you went to instead of the sad lockers they bid on.

  17. misa on 11/30/2011:

    wicked half chubs. omg. that’s going to replace “trollin for some tight sliz” as the super inappropriate thing i say at work.

  18. The Vintage Cabin on 11/30/2011:

    auctions like these give me serious panic attacks. when an item comes up i want to bid on I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and want to throw up. what the hell is up with that!? could i be any more of a fucking loser!? that looked like a real ball buster of an evening though – the perfect mix of what’s trendy right now. i’m surprised no one had their balls ripped off in a brawl over those oil signs, let alone the MCM stuff.

  19. inkysocks on 11/30/2011:

    that rug is gorgeous! looking forward to seeing more

  20. alex sunday on 11/30/2011:

    wicked half chubs. you’re outrageous!

  21. Lawny on 11/30/2011:

    Hmmmm…. My guess is the pair of lamps on those teak highboys? Just a guess… Can’t wait to see!!

  22. eileenerb on 11/30/2011:

    Oh gees–those Danish dressers in the background and credenza and dining set–all from Scandinavia Designs. Growing up, my parent’s house, my friends’ parents’ houses, my grandparent’s house were all filthy with the stuff. It was not expensive then and pieces are still in closets. Did the dressers go for a lot? I gave one to an ex; maybe I should ask for it back?

  23. Shana on 12/01/2011:

    Long time lurker here with a question. I have two lamps like the white ones in the second picture. Picked em up at a second hand/salvage warehouse. Do you know their name or design style? I love em, but didn’t know they were auction worthy, aka, pricey. I got my pair for 40 bucks.

  24. Rick on 12/02/2011:

    Those chairs are awesome. How could you let them get away? Now some decorator will triple the price for some smuck client. Beautiful rug!

  25. Kyle on 12/02/2011:

    Oh man this is amazing. I totally bought a Falcon chair on Tuesday not knowing what it was exactly. It was being sold as a Siesta chair which is definitely was not. Anyway, I’d had no luck identifying it until now. Thanks so much! Also do you have any sources for replacement cushions for the chair? Mine didn’t come with any, just one for the ottoman.

  26. Travis on 12/02/2011:

    The RUG… wow, I’m jealous.

  27. Elizabeth on 12/04/2011:

    Those chairs make my heart swoon.

  28. Katherine on 12/05/2011:

    Hi! How did you find your “Heavily MCM” auction? I can’t seem to find one that I am sure will be great loot. Is it a “trade-only” show?

  29. Andy on 12/05/2011:

    Man, lovely stuff. Those dining chairs in half the photos, with the cream colored seats and the bowtie ladder-back? I have those, they are Lane and for me, at least, came with a different Lane dining table than the one shown. I like them a lot better with mine. They are great chairs.
    Your rug, wow. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  30. Jay on 12/06/2011:

    I’ve never been to an auction but it seems intimidating with the guy that talks a mile a minute and you having to figure out how much you are willing to pay for the thing. Oh the anxiety!

  31. John on 12/08/2011:

    You have got to be effin’ kidding me about the price of the Falcon Chairs at auction…I pulled a Falcon Chair from someones curbside garbage about a decade ago. I cleaned it up and schlepped it around for a while, and then I gifted it to some friends. It has continued its journey, and now resides in Lawrence, Kansas of all places. A good and comfortable little chair. I miss it. Especially now that I know what people are paying for them these days.

  32. bigBANG studio on 12/09/2011:

    I love the thought of Auction Dragon Morgan: crazy hair, violent outbursts when outbidded, fat wad of cash in sweaty palm….maybe not quite like that, but I’m going with it.


  33. Ana on 12/26/2011:

    I’m with Katherine, would love to hear more about where you found this auction.


  34. Lindsey on 01/07/2012:

    No Bandita, the “half chubs” made me guffaw out loud, too! Girl you are seriously funny!!!!

  35. Howard Barton on 03/10/2015:

    Had a surprise reading your blog. It kept me interested…don’t normally read much. Love the way you explain stuff. Me has..2x Falcon chairs with chrome base. I bought them in 87 .have had them loaned out to a friend that has room for them. Just got them back and I do share the love for these chairs as I can understand a lot of people do. I live in Denmark. What should I do with the chairs. Thanks for entertaining me. Best wishes HB

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