November 30th, 2011

OK. Auction-wise what did I win?

Turns out my big splurge of the evening was a matching pair of Lyby Møbler Danish highboy dressers.

That’s right. Not one dresser, but TWO.


Problem is, I don’t need two of these teak lovelies, but still somehow stupidly fell in love with the set. The auction house wasn’t selling each one separately, so obviously why not go a little nuts and buy the pair.

I’ve had that super cute and thrifty Swedish highboy in the bedroom, which is nice, but I always carry around a ‘someday must have’ list of vintage pieces in my head. You know, those amazingly awesome or super nice and usually expensive perfectly classic designy pieces that are so dreamy it hurts.

This list always included the quintessential mid century danish modern style highboy dresser for the bedroom. Until now, I just never came across one that I loved and could also afford.

So, when I spotted this Danish set at auction it was kind of like falling in love. I had to have one.

Didn’t help things that, during the course of the auction, I kept being beat out by the same dealer dude for $20 or $50 on stuff I also liked. When these came up on the block? The time had come to throw down and win.

And I did. And it cost me some money.

These things happen. I knew what I was doing, I had the cash and I ponied up despite my cheap little heart.

But I love this dresser. LOVE love love it.

Its the perfect scale and one of those forever pieces – classic, functional and gorgeous. Funnily, and hard to admit, but it felt kind of great to splurge and get something perfect instead of a stand-in piece. Somehow weirdly satisfying…

Good thing I bought this vintage wool camp blanket for like $1 at the thrift store, since that’s how I prefer to roll.

With the addition of the new dresser, I’m really loving the teak / olive / white / black palette happening in the master.  Things are finally getting to a good place. Now for a bedframe, a few plants and the right accessories and maybe we might be done?

Otherwise, I moved my Eames rocker in here after getting that black safari chair and then threw a kilim pillow in for extra fun. I’d like to get some larger art and maybe a giant cactus to happen at some point, but our next big DIY is going to be a bedframe.


Since I had my big auction splurge, it looks like I need to sell a few things. Things like : the matching twin to this Danish highboy, my thrifty Swedish dresser, the Arkana safari chair and then many many other awesome vintage goodies. Holidays are always the worst time to turn my inner dealer on to try and sell stuff, so I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out what approach makes the most sense. Wait the holidays out? Big sale? Ebay? Big Cartel? Craigslist?

I don’t know! I’m busy! It gets dark early! Shipping is hard! Also, the dark thing!

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  1. Zimtsugar on 12/01/2011:

    What a beauty, love the colour. Happy that you snatched this piece so that we get to see those gorgeous photos. and might i add, i’m loving the captain on the wall too.

  2. Patrick on 12/01/2011:

    Great buy. I have a question to ask privately, would you let me know how I can do so?

  3. Tonia on 12/01/2011:

    You always find the cool stuff. I’m sure that you’ll figure out the best way to host your sale.

  4. alex sunday on 12/01/2011:

    well the captain certainly approves. and why wouldn’t he?! that is one sexy piece. loving those mitred corners. i’d snatch up the other one. if i lived near hemet. which i don’t.

  5. Florian on 12/01/2011:

    I think I prefer the Swede to the Dane, but in your pictures everything looks fabulous (damn you, woman)! But anyhow, I think you should definitely sell before the holidays. Everyone is always anxious to find presents, so the stuff should sell well. Although the items might be tad large for those stockings you guys use, no?

  6. Erica on 12/01/2011:

    OOOH, sell the Arkana chair soon cause I wanna buy it!! I’ve been on the hunt for a brown leather safari chair forever!!

  7. Ariele @ brooklyn to west on 12/01/2011:

    So BEAUTIFUL. Good buy! One can pretty much never have too many dressers.

  8. kayla on 12/01/2011:

    I’d be very interested in finding out how much you’d be willing to part with the other highboy for. My sis only lives 30 minutes away and I bet I could convince her to go pick it up. If you’re interested, please email me. Thanks!!

  9. Katie on 12/01/2011:

    stunning! what gorgeous additions to you house–definitely worth it!

  10. Stephen on 12/01/2011:

    Just let us know how (and where) you decide to sell everything!

  11. Caroline on 12/01/2011:

    wow! beautiful dresser. i’m sure someone will snatch that up fast via craigslist. i’m definitely interested in that and anything else you’re going to sell. you have amazing taste.

  12. maya on 12/01/2011:

    highboy twins?
    you and i?
    forever and ever?

  13. eliza on 12/01/2011:

    that is one luscious dresser. i might have been drooling by the end of the post.

    it does feel good to get exactly what you want, doesn’t it?

  14. bekah on 12/01/2011:

    Don’t sell the twin! I hate see sets broken up, and someday when you have a giant, fancy house you might regret it!

  15. Jessica on 12/01/2011:

    I need a highboy dresser so bad. How much are selling it/them for? I could come get it.

  16. RJ on 12/01/2011:

    eBay! please! I want the safari chair.

  17. Grumble Girl on 12/01/2011:

    I hate the dark thing. I LOVE your dressers though, ma’am! Good scores… even if more monies than you like. Still totally a deal for the GORGEOUSNESS!! Wowza, lady.

  18. Susan on 12/01/2011:

    it’s gorg. us.

    and those billy-balls look really happy about it too.

  19. onehsancare on 12/01/2011:

    Want. Dresser.

  20. bianca of terri planty on 12/05/2011:

    i want that. next time you find one hit me up asap. you find the sexiest furniture. damn you woman.

  21. Susan Hazel on 12/05/2011:

    The dressers are amazing…I might be looking out for where you decide to try and sell the twin. Also, where are those sheets from? They’re superb.

  22. Mari on 12/06/2011:

    another sale in LA with other awesome womans!!

  23. Lauren on 12/06/2011:

    I know Chicago is far away from you, but if you’re ever in the Windy City, might I suggest that you check out the White Attic in Andersonville. They refinish all sorts of mid-centry mod furniture that would surely make you swoon. (http://www.thewhiteattic.com/) Deliciousness.

  24. Anna - Canoe Design on 12/07/2011:

    I love those…would die for a pair – well done!
    Your room is amazing and the photos are really beautiful. Gonna check out that auction house website as I have to be in line for the next one!

  25. Kristie on 12/07/2011:

    Okay, so I know that you have many offers on the matching highboy..and you may have already sold it…but if not I’m interested just like everybody else…..and maybe I can help with your shipping needs?? That’s what I do! Call me..email…

  26. julia wheeler on 12/08/2011:

    sell one of those high boys to the wheelers! i have been scouring the thrifts for one for years! dusty will pick it up! (do you love that i volunteer him for everything?)

  27. margaret on 12/09/2011:

    i’ll take the highboy! and i’ll pick it up! it’s perfect.

  28. Bethann on 12/09/2011:

    Would love a shot at the highboy as well.

  29. Oh My Mod on 12/11/2011:

    The pair of those are absolutely fantastic. The whole auction seemed to be top notch from the looks of your pictures. Love to see what you pick up next.

  30. Emily on 01/04/2012:

    Hi, Could you tell me where the bedding is from?

  31. Bethany on 01/10/2012:

    Where is your amazing sheet chevron sheet from? Gorgeous room!

  32. Gretchen on 03/16/2012:

    LOVE your bedroom…the bedding in particular.
    What/where are the ikat sheets/duvet from AND the pillow??


  33. carlie on 08/03/2012:

    i am sure you have had lots of offers but if its still available, id love to take that second dresser of your hands!! i live in orange county so id be able to come and pick it up on a weekend. 🙂

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