November 14th, 2011

Long I have pined for the perfect gray duvet and by some strange bi-coastal internet twitter miracle, this enduring quest seems to have come to an end.

It’s really all thanks to Daniel, wonderful (and similarly duvet obsessed) splendid man about town Daniel, who twittered with Anna from Door Sixteen and I about our initial hopes in finding the perfect gray duvet and then our ultimate disappointment when the CB2 Coast Bed Linens ended up being a bust.

But…because they are in New York, where shops besides JC Penny exist, Anna and Daniel just popped into Muji and stumbled on this great warm gray linen duvet…that is unfortunately nowhere to be found on Muji’s website.

I got a flurry of texts and pictures of what looked like a fantastic (and affordable!) duvet and proceeded to beg for them to purchase and ship one of these lovelies to the west coast to live in my house.

By the way, we don’t have Muji in Hemet. Shocker.

Then Daniel, even though he’s in college and working like crazy on projects and busier than a rabid squirrel, was kind enough to grab me one of the last duvets and mail it out to me like a goddamn sweetheart. Like a completely perfect and lovely human being.

That gray duvet longing runs painfully deep. Daniel gets it. Oh yeah, he gets it real good.

Apparently though, I took my sweet time posting about this, since it all went down in what? August? What happened? Is this not summer still?


Besides the greatest duvet ever, there are a few new things around the guest bedroom that I’ve been meaning to post about.

Like these sort of brutalist studio pottery things. Someone got all crazy with that ceramic knife. So angsty.

Feel that powerfully emotional thrift store ceramic turmoil.

You knew that some kilim pillow style action would leak into the rest of the house. Say what? There are some actual colors in here besides black, brown, gray or white. Crazy.

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this fine Craigslist procured vintage safari chair.

Awwww yeah. Awwww boy.

Sling that thing all up in here.

Hold on, I got distracted by that devilish safari minx. I cannot forget to mention that after months of use, I really dig the new duvet. It gets better with every wash and sort of shifts color in different light; sometimes the color feels warm and sort of taupe and then shifts to cool and silvery gray. It’s like a magical creature that transforms day to day.

I love it and can’t thank Daniel enough.

Possibly worth noting, this thing above? This is about as ornate, flowery and “fem” as I can get.

That’s just a detail shot of the vintage brass Moroccan lamp that I can never photograph properly in the guest bedroom, which – surprise surprise – I still really love and don’t want to get rid of. Unlike everything else I own. I’m possibly going through some weird, “WHY NOT START FROM SCRATCH” phase that is really unproductive. Stupid dark wintertime.

And these bright things down below…

…these are luxurious flowery yellow billy balls. The only flowers I’ll own.

Wait, are these flowery? I don’t know and apparently am too lazy to google, but these last forever and thrive on neglect.

Just like my grudges.

Come on, I just can’t resist you. Work it you hot thang. I’m liking what I see and the way you move? Regal. Confident. Sexy. Frugal. I love safari and I don’t care who knows!

Oh, wait. Oh, craphole.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I probably should have bought two Muji duvets. Since…I never want to give you up. I never want to let you go.

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  1. maya on 11/14/2011:

    i am under one of these duvet right now, in bed with my computer…
    Daniel got one for me too!!!
    i love daniel!
    i love the duvet
    and i love your house!

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/14/2011:

    That’s right! Why haven’t you sent me pictures!

  3. Elana on 11/14/2011:

    So what was wrong with the CB2 duvet?

  4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/14/2011:

    I believe it was kind of shiny and purple-y in person…if I recall correctly. In real life, it was not really like the picture on their site.

  5. Anna @ D16 on 11/14/2011:

    The day that Daniel and I found that duvet was one of the times that I wished really hard that we had a film crew following us around for our imaginary reality show, because it would have been a great episode. SO MUCH SUSPENSE while we waited to find out if they had more in back, and then to see if you and Maya wanted both wanted one. And then the emotional decision I had to make about whether I actually wanted one for real, or if I just wanted to get one to be like the cool kids.

  6. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/14/2011:

    You didn’t get one? Oh man, they are so cool. But you have a nice zig zag one, right?

    Also, I would watch that show. So tense.

  7. Elizabeth on 11/14/2011:

    I LOVE. your banter. and your posts. and your taste. Consider this a big comment of googly eyes over you & your blog. And you better believe Ima scour the Seoul Muji shop for that duvet cover.

  8. modernhaus on 11/14/2011:

    Two things: WHERE do you get billy balls in H-town? And is that quarter-sawn oak on that safari? Crazy, weird, amazing, notable. And almost as cool as the miniature safari you built.

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/14/2011:

    Summer, those balls are leftover from months ago when we went to the flower mart in LA for the show. I guess they last forever.

    Did I tell you I bought that chair off a 12 year old boy who left mid-sentence and never came back? It was awkward.

  10. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 11/14/2011:

    OH DO I EVER GET IT. I’m so glad you love yours like I love mine. duvettwinz4lyfe.

    I’m really jeals of your angsty pottery, as usual. And your kilim pillow (max made me get rid of mine, I’m not still bitter or anything). And your new chair (sexyyyy). And your balls. mmmm.

  11. Alice @ LAX TO YVR on 11/14/2011:

    Love the gray duvet cover. Love the sexy black sling chair. Love the angsty pottery. I want all of them.

  12. Jay on 11/14/2011:

    Those yellow flowery balls are cute.

  13. modernhaus on 11/14/2011:

    OMG, if I ever catch my kids pawning my furniture…
    Damn, now that I think about it, totally possible. They know the makers and the respective values. One day I might come home and only have ONE dining set sitting in my living room, and my kids will have nice new skateboards….

  14. Kristen on 11/14/2011:

    Well, I love your duvet but I have to say it looks exactly like mine so that’s a little vain of me. Mine is cotton, not linen, and came from here: http://www.bed-online.com/ The online swatch for Rhino isn’t quite right–it’s the colour of your duvet. So, if you need a back up for laundry day… 🙂

  15. Nini Tjäder on 11/15/2011:

    Ikea suddenly has dark grey duvet covers. Just noticed yesterday. See

  16. Nini Tjäder on 11/15/2011:

    And the link was .

  17. Nini Tjäder on 11/15/2011:
  18. simone on 11/15/2011:

    I too have a longing for the perfect grey duvet (and in linen that would be even more wonderful…) haven’t found it yet, no Muji here either. But while visiting Paris we found this beauty: http://www.habitat.co.uk/bloomsbury-large-double-duvet-cover///fcp-product/952867
    I was afraid it would be a bit too colourful when I saw it but now I wish I had bought two. I pair it with grey-ish pillowcases because with it’s own pillowcases it’s a bit too much. The underside is wonderful soft satin-y cotton, the figures and colours on the top are all woven into the fabric and that gives it a lovely texture.
    I would like to say “when you love something buy two” but I still have a set of bright orange duvetcovers lying around (from 10 years back) and now I think one would have done the trick just fine….

  19. Florian on 11/15/2011:

    Hah! The bedding again. It looks really nice, though. Anyhow, do they still have it or was it like a seasonal thing? Does it come with matching pillow cases? On Friday I could swing by the Muji Store… but maybe they only had that thing in America.

    I totally love the pottery, especially the square one – mmmmhhm – lovely texture. My husband would kill me, if I start collecting even more vases, though. The coloured glass vases are already overflowing their shelves.

    Oooh that safari chair looks yummy! Is it structurally sound? When you use them a lot, they have a tendency to get wobbly and to spread their legs.

  20. Lawny on 11/15/2011:

    The room is looking super sexy, love all the pieces – perfect mix!

  21. Eliza on 11/15/2011:

    i read about the great grey duvet adventure over on daniels blog, and i was very excited for you. and big surprise! i love it in your guest bedroom. it might be my favorite of all of your rooms. so moody, so dramatic! now it has some angst, too? shit. you know i can’t resist that.

  22. Lauren @ chezerbey on 11/15/2011:

    A good duvet cover *is* hard to find (yet oddly enough, seems like it would be an easy thing to make).
    But regardless…NEVER LET GO!

  23. kris on 11/15/2011:

    Rick Rolled!

  24. Emily on 11/15/2011:

    You are a delight. A delight.

  25. Trude on 11/15/2011:

    Sling that thing = best laugh I’ve had all day. 🙂 So much gorgeousness in that room!

  26. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/15/2011:

    Lauren, but sewing is awful. “Sew” awful.

    Thanks you guys. I’m a fan of this new venture into gray.

  27. Christina on 11/15/2011:

    Wonderful! Perfect mix! I have a secret crush on Daniel. Shhhhh don’t tell.

  28. Jackie on 11/15/2011:

    I gave up on their bedding since I thought it wouldn’t fit my queen sized bed.
    And now I don’t live in NYC any more and I’m having shopping withdrawal. I’m dying for one of those mini round alarm clocks for my bathroom cabinet. Online there is only white but in store they have black and red too. I want choice…

  29. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/15/2011:

    I believe we bought the double size and it fits a queen fine. Also surprised by how much isn’t listed on the actual Muji site.

  30. Tonia on 11/16/2011:

    A good duvet is so hard to come by. I love the color choice as well ane the kilim pillow, it’s a statement all it’s own.

  31. Tyson on 11/16/2011:

    I’ve been waiting for this post since Daniel announced he’d sent you one.

  32. Katie on 11/19/2011:

    FYI on ordering from MUJI- the UK store has a lot more online, and they ship to the US. Sure, you have to pay for shipping/ conversion fees, but if you want something that bad, it’s worth it (says the girl who spent who knows how much on flat, translucent plastic photo albums…)

  33. lilai@foammattress on 11/22/2011:

    just simple yet tasteful.

  34. Liza: Chair To Spare on 11/22/2011:

    LOVE that chair…I want it!! Was it a good find AND a good deal?

  35. louise and nivaldo on 11/22/2011:

    Love your cool blog. Great style indeed!

  36. leather repair Austin on 03/19/2012:

    What a nice bedroom! The items jive well with each other but the safari chair definitely stands out to us. Even in its quiet corner, it stays there in an attractive and inviting way.

  37. Ashley from Brooklyn NY on 05/25/2012:

    Ikea has a Linen duvet! I just got mine a little over a month ago. I got the White. I think its wonderful, I have some nicer linen sheets as far as softness and color goes but the Ikea duvet is the perfect linen duvet find that’s affordable (cheap!) esp. if you want white…. I also dont feel so guilty if it gets a little messed up…I have a dog.


    And yes those ties look not so great in the photo I dont even bother using the pillow case and I put the tie ends at the foot of the bed you cant even see it. Its great great!

  38. jess on 08/24/2015:

    So funny, they STILL have that item and it’s 2015!, now on sale. I bought it and it IS the perfect color. Love mine. (also have the ikea, lurrrrrve that one as well)

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