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Thursday, May 21st, 2009

I picked up this jaunty mid century still life at the Goodwill for $7.99. I really like the color scheme and the quick and fresh way the objects are painted against the nuetral brushy background. It’s signed McCaine – but no I don’t think its one of John’s. Oh wait there is an extra E…nevermind it couldn’t possibly be.

Its chilling in the living room for now.

I really got to stop buying art…I have STACKS littered around the house and shoved in closets. Art is one thing I really can’t resist.

Needlepoint madness

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I was going through and organizing some of my thrift store needlepoint collection and thought that the den/office could be a fun place to install it…

Below is some close-up action:

Oh yeah. Good god…that is a lot of bad needlepoint.

So hopefully as I collect I can add to the ever expanding collection (there is still more hidden in my guest room) and wrap them around the room or something along those lines – I just don’t want it to be overwhelming scary needlepoint room. I’m starting to think that the walls should be painted a color above that awful wainscoting….oh please no more paint. ever.

I’m so tired of painting.


Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Decorating in the master bedroom is moving along.

We bought some plants and they really liven up the place. I also hung some different art, added a mirror and a vintage “squirrel sitting on a nut” ceramic container to hide all the little bits of change, bric-a-brac, and trash the Boy seems to accumulate everyday. Get it! Hes squirreling it away…shoot me in the face.

Here’s little Iggy trying to camera hog, what a diva. Also, this is one of my favorite planters that I bought at the Veterans Thrift out in Covina. Its big and white and has a round teak foot on the bottom so it kind of floats. Perfect for whatever that plant is called…it just says tropical foliage on the sticker. My mom calls it “Mother-in-Laws Tongue“, does anyone know the proper name?

I have the bedding BLAHS and need something to make the bed stand out and be more of a focal point. I’m bad at bedding. Like REALLY bad. Plus I’m cheap.

So I saw two sets at Target that I kind of liked:

Sami Hayek

I saw this set yesterday, and though it looks awful paired with the pink sheets in the photo, I really dug the charcoal gray with embroidered tan circles. I think with all white bedding (or maybe a pale yellow) with the coverlet at the end of the bed and matching shams could look nice. At $69.99 for the set, its not to bad price wise and the dark color wouldn’t show as much filth.

Dwell Studio

I LOVE Dwell studio stuff. Its so expensive I can never afford to even look. Luckily they did a line for Target, and this is the duvet set that I really responded to. At $89.99 for the set though it seems pricey for a duvet. I’m also a little worried that I would destroy the white, and since I can’t bleach the crap out of it, it might look shabby in a few months.

Anyone have any great bedding ideas? Something fabulous and cheap that would match whats happening in the rest of the boudoir?

Also – bed frame or headboard ideas? I hate beds.

I’m going to Vegas this weekend for my b-day. Besides all the hookers and coke, maybe I will find some inspiration at Mamma Mia…and you know I’ll be thrifting like crazy.