May 21st, 2009

I picked up this jaunty mid century still life at the Goodwill for $7.99. I really like the color scheme and the quick and fresh way the objects are painted against the nuetral brushy background. It’s signed McCaine – but no I don’t think its one of John’s. Oh wait there is an extra E…nevermind it couldn’t possibly be.

Its chilling in the living room for now.

I really got to stop buying art…I have STACKS littered around the house and shoved in closets. Art is one thing I really can’t resist.

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  1. Elissa on 05/21/2009:

    man, I wish my local thrift store had stuff like that. Thay seem to just have those abstract-80’s-match-your-ugly-sofa type art.

  2. down and out chic on 05/21/2009:

    i need to find something like this…so much wall space and so little money to fill it!

  3. Tikimama on 05/21/2009:

    That is niiice – and it matches your chair! That’s what you were going for, right?

    Seriously, though, this piece is a nice counterbalance for some of your more…uh, eclectic…pieces.

  4. Juli on 05/21/2009:

    You have a fantastic vintage art collection. Don’t stop.

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/21/2009:

    My eclectic pieces are my fav!

    It does match the chair really well…nice unintentional design.

  6. kim on 05/22/2009:

    i love the word ‘jaunty.’ this piece is fantastic and looks GREAT in your home. there is no way you could NOT buy it. btw, your blog is consistently entertaining and your thrifting skills are unmatched.

  7. megan on 09/23/2009:

    i just bought a mccaine painting for $100 – it's much different in style though – it's not as tight and is of birds. anyway, i found a coordinating one on ebay just a few days later and lost it…$250. you got a great deal on it. i haven't been able to find too much info about mccaine but know he lives/lived in california. i'm in minnesota. we don't come across your california goods too often in these parts.

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