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Office Arty Party

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

I wish I had a whole room dedicated to just being a home office – how luxurious that would be. Instead our built in office desk shares space with the den. I guess having a den is pretty fab though.

I hate the metal task lamp hardwired above the desk. It cooks my computer when turned on (like a heat lamp). We never use it so I thought I would just rip it out.

Oops. Its gone.

Now that its gone I don’t quite know what to do to cover up the hole. So I thought…ART.

Well all art options look kind of crappy. Its like the scale and shape is off. I’m not sure what to do to hide the old hole and make the desk area snazzy.

This mystery calls for inspiration…


Shelves could work…maybe. Seems a little treacherous in earthquake country, especially over my most beloved piece of technology.


I want a Bertoia chair cover. Oh, and an awesome window.

(April issue of Ladies Home Journal)

Mirror? I think that one is kind of ugly…but maybe something rectangular?


A bearskin would cover it. I guess guns would make it all in good taste.

Uggghhh. What should I do with that hole?
(thats what she said)


Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


Are you ever curious about what happens after you leave a job, like maybe what happens to your old office…

Well this is my old office.

That guy is standing in the spot I sat at my desk for years. Check out the Bruce LaBruce installation at Peres Projects LA via TryHarder.

They did paint the exterior (my favorite color) black! Which looks awesome!

This makes me all nostalgic and shiz…

Thrifty Art!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I went out thrifting in Temecula this weekend and picked up a few small things – one being this ambiguously sexed reclining nude watercolor addition to my collection of thrift store art.

I love the simple black frame and washy background as well as the delicate rendering. I installed it on the wainscoting that encircles the den in order to balance out the little vignette happening on the tension pole wall unit. Ooooh vignette layering, I’m feeling so fancy!

The Boy freaked out when I started hammering a nail in the paneling…he was like “what are you DOING! You can’t make HOLES in the wainscoting”. Which sounded like the silliest thing to yell..wainscoting. What a weird word.

There are all sorts of giant knots and ragged holes in the crappy pine paneling so this little finish nail isn’t our biggest worry. He’s right though – I tend to take down and move paintings almost every week. I do make and patch a lot of holes.

It takes courage to be fabulous…or to make your house look like swiss cheese.