Needlepoint madness

June 23rd, 2008

I was going through and organizing some of my thrift store needlepoint collection and thought that the den/office could be a fun place to install it…

Below is some close-up action:

Oh yeah. Good god…that is a lot of bad needlepoint.

So hopefully as I collect I can add to the ever expanding collection (there is still more hidden in my guest room) and wrap them around the room or something along those lines – I just don’t want it to be overwhelming scary needlepoint room. I’m starting to think that the walls should be painted a color above that awful wainscoting….oh please no more paint. ever.

I’m so tired of painting.



    1. kristinsita on 06/23/2008:

      I LOVE this. Love love love. You’ve inspired me to take my passion for bad art to new heights. I’m going to have a photograph wall in one room (hopefully not bad, as I took them), and a random weird art wall in the other room.

      kristin :)

      p.s. I’m so thoroughly addicted to your blog it’s ridiculous. And I’m jealous of your superior thrifting abilities.

    2. Becky on 06/24/2008:

      I too love bad (or let’s just say, “deservedly obscure”) needlepoint, and I love what you did with it!

    3. my little apartment on 06/24/2008:

      it’s fabulous! keep the space white, it looks huge. i love this!

    4. Rua on 06/24/2008:

      As a renter, I’m usually not too keen on the abundance of white walls I’ve seen at home, but it works great in this case since it really shows off the great color in the bizarro needlepoint. Nice arrangement, to boot! I really enjoy your blog. :)

    5. kelly on 06/24/2008:


      it looks terrific!

    6. Paper Dolls for Boys on 06/25/2008:

      The good news is that the white works. It makes that crazy art pop.

      I’m glad you don’t live in my home town b/c I’d be even MORE jealous of all your super cool finds.

    7. Kelli on 06/26/2008:

      Oh my gosh! My grandmother gave me a needlepoint peacock portrait that she made. It looks so much like yours. The thing is so tacky, I hate to say, especially the way it’s framed. But if I could reframe it and have a little needlepoint montage like yours, I think it would look really good. Thanks for the inspiration!

    8. Lisa M. on 06/13/2009:

      wow, i found your blog through holly becker's post today and LOVE it. if you ever get tired of the peacock needlepoint i would buy it from you – my mother is such a fan i'd love to give it to her. Thanks for the inspiration.

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