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Weedy, The Aftermath

Friday, April 8th, 2011


Who knew that $10 worth of wacky weed killing could be controversial? LOOK at that, though. Just look. Weeds? Vanquished. Those are some results.


Remember my burgeoning meadow? This wasn’t even the worst of it, I was a little too embarrassed to show the madness happening behind the garage. Let’s just say there was a forest of weeds (about four feet high).

There are still a few areas that have a dusting of weeds, but these little jerks are checking into the hospice. Death throes and such.

Just to keep reminding folks, my gravel driveway is gigantor. For illustrations sake, our entire house is 1,300 sqft compared to the driveway’s 4,000.

I’m not buying that salt wise what we sprayed over 4,000 sqft of gravel is commensurate with agricultural runoff or road salting in cold climates. Also, it’s totally hard to decipher in my writing sometimes, but when I say “green” in quotes? Total sarcasm. We all can agree that “green” can be overused and inappropriately thrown onto questionable stuff to give everyone the warm fuzzies.

We try to be good around here, but come on, I’m not going to boil water and pour it over our entire driveway. For small areas, yes, but that process would be a nightmare on this large of a scale. We have put plastic coverings down and found it to be less than effective and a total pain to control with the high winds. The Round Up/glyphosate chemical route still freaks me out and is extremely expensive, plus I’m pretty sure Monsanto doesn’t always have my best interests at heart.

The vinegar/salt treatment was super effective and I’m looking forward to finding the super strength vinegar stuff that you guys recommended – I didn’t realize that vinegar could get more vinegary. I am surprised how well the normal household stuff worked, it killed everything in its path, but I’d be wary of spraying the crazy industrial stuff anywhere near plants that want stay alive.

I am terrified of using a blow torch. I just know that I’d light a fence on fire or something.

Of course I don’t recommend salting areas that you actually want to plant in. That’s dumb. Or spreading tons of salt all over the place – because yes – it’s terrible. We were looking for a cheap and effective way to sterilize the dirt that had gathered on top of the weed barrier and between the gravel as well as kill the current weed growth in an area we don’t want anything to grow in. Ever.

We used one of those cheap pump sprayers we had laying around. A good mixture to spray:

• 1 gallon of white vinegar
• 1 cup of table salt
• 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap (we totally forgot to add this)

I don’t mind mixing it up and spraying on any new weeds to keep things under control until the inevitable summer die off. This was a little experiment undertaken as we move into thinking more about fixing up the landscape. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and love the low low cost.


Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Super fresh sofa. Still steaming.

I’ve been working with some fabulous clients and helping put together their incredible desert home. Just thought I’d preview a recent sofa project since its roots are quite thrifty, and frankly, I’m obsessed with sofas.


The sofa came from a local thrift store and with its original grungy/filthy crushed velvet upholstery it looked a hot mess…

…but it had curves and comfort and was the perfect scale and shape for the intended living room…



Reborn as a red hybrid baby of a Toga and a Chesterfield, this thang is all modern and all comfortable – a bona fide TV viewing hang out snuggle up and down sofa.

For some reason my pics are making it look like super crazy neon red, but it’s actually a more toned down rusty red-orange in person. That desert sun, it’s bright – I’m telling you.

Total cost wise it was commensurate with a nice Ikea sofa and cheaper than the big decor stores like West Elm or Room&Board. Plus, this thing is built like a freaking tank, is totally unique and the hardwood frame will last forever. I just thought this idea was something to mention when folks pass on vintage sofas because the upholstery is a gross mess. It might be worth investing a few hundred extra dollars to get it recovered so that you can incorporate something totally unique into your pad.

Things are chugging along with the design projects and I can’t wait to show off more completed spaces as they get finalized. Trust me, it will blow up your face – that’s how good this stuff is coming along.


Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

I headed out with Laure, Abby and Beth to Palm Springs last week to shop, eat and do girl crap.

We scuttled around to all our favorite vintage haunts and they found things here and there, but ultimately, I was the greediest girl when it came down to buying some stuff and then mushing it into Laure’s poor car.

First to be shown off (of my recently attained loot) is this brass lotus lamp from the 1960’s. I’m not sure what designer or manufacturer it can be attributed to, but one of my favorite expensive vintage ateliers has a bunch that I can’t afford – you know, if I wanted a pair or something. I found it at the Revival’s Thrift and selfishly yelled “DIBS” when I saw it hanging from the ceiling by all the bric-a-brac.

The Boy and I installed it in the hallway. Once again, we had to resort to weird ceiling covers and lots of finagling to figure out how to properly mount this bad boy. With vintage lighting its always such a hassle to get all the mounting stuff right. The nipples and hex nuts and other titillating pieces are like a puzzle of sexy despair.

I need to patina that bright brass ceiling canopy. Yikes. It didn’t even bother me till I sat and really looked at these pictures…

Getting a really good shot of our main hallway is impossible. There are five entrances in the space of like 100sqft and the combination of all the walls, angles and doors create a labyrinth of impractical camera blocking horror.

The lotus lamp is the perfect scale and more interesting to look at than the boring ol’ Ikea Fado lamp that had been installed in the hallway for the past three years. I think I’m in love and I think I’m keeping it forever and ever and always. I don’t say that all that often, seeing as I love switching stuff up, but this time I think I may actually mean it. Maybe.