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Porch light(s)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

The Boy surprised me by taking down our ratty exterior porch lights and installing the small FADO pendants while I was at work. I’m glad he did it since the front porch fixture had a fun surprise – an old hornet nest! I would have probably freaked out and fell off the ladder…good thing he kept a cool head and realized that there were no hornets in there, well except a few dead ones.

I didn’t get a chance to get before photos of the above craptastic fixtures installed- but I think you can infer how awesome they looked.

*Back porch & front porch

Here are the new FADO globe lamps installed. Impressively round.

*Back porch & front porch – extreme close-up action.

This may be the first exterior change we’ve made since moving in. The exterior is in sad shape, so extremely sad that when the police stopped by to check on a complaint about a transient woman roaming around on our front porch (which turned out to be ME checking out our new porch light with my painting clothes on – jeeezzz how embarrassing) they thought the place was abandoned and were pleasantly surprised to find people actually living there – in style.

Towel OFF

Monday, June 30th, 2008

In the pink bathroom (our main bathroom) there was only one usable towel rod. It totally sucked and it seems that a small hand towel was the only thing that could fit.

Here are the holes…I forgot to document the stupid thing before I tore it off the wall. It was glorious to tear it down.

Since there was only that one usable towel rod in the entire bathroom – the Boy loved to hang his towel on the shower curtain rod. This small thing over months and months drove me totally f*ing nuts…below is the offending towel…

I would like to install vintage acrylic or glass towel rods to go with the glass handles I plan to use on the vanity. I haven’t found any vintage towel rods I’m in love with (or can afford) so I bought these $3 “budget” towel bars at ACE Hardware in a fit of rage.

They are ugly and cheap, but at least the towel isn’t blocking the shower curtain from closing now. I was SO FREAKING tired of wiping up shower time over spray…

Yup. This is about the only project I’ve done recently…its a little uninspiring. There was a lot more beer around than pictured.

BEFORE – with towel blockage – and AFTER with a fully closed shower curtain! Hooray!


Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Well. Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh.

I was super into those dark fireplaces so I got a couple of colors. The top is Glidden “Obsidian Glass” and the bottom is Behr “Dark Cavern”.

I thought the bottom color was too brown and freaked out and the Boy voted for the top “Obsidian Glass”. I must have been tired and agreed with him…

Even though I said its way too blue…

And it was.

I HATED it. So I painted over it with the Behr “Dark Cavern” in a semi-gloss.

I like it a lot more. Its dark and neutral but warm. Next is the mantel though, still hating that stupid f*ing mantel.

BEFORE paint and AFTER paint…like 4 coats…oh well, the brick is dead.