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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Our pink bathroom has been pushed aside and ignored for a loooong time. We won’t be doing any major overhauls on this retro pooper due to the cost prohibitive nature of a gut and rebuild and I might feel bad since most of the tile and fixtures are in pretty decent shape. Don’t get me wrong though, I would LOVE to rip it apart and make the room more functional and way less pink.

Instead of the sledge hammer method, I want to do a super cheap and dirty upgrade to make the place feel a little less forlorn and neglected.

I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of hate every shower curtain rod option in the world. I plan on customizing basic plumbing pipe to make a more stylish curtain rod as well as some towel holders (we’ve had NO towel holders for over two years! Inexcusable) kind of like this:

Months ago I bought a basic white canvas shower curtain from CB2 on super discount sale (which after a quick google seems to be discontinued). Why is it so hard to find a simple white canvas shower curtain with out any frills or patterns or weird things all over it that doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars? WHY stores? WHY!

Otherwise, the poor Ikea bathmat has seen better days, so a dark option that blends into the floor is a must or maybe a crazy rug. Who knows.

The lighting also desperately needs to be addressed. That might mean that the PH knock-off could find a new home or we could just throw up a pair of simple porcelain fixtures with clear bulbs – like we did in the office. I’ve also been contemplating installing a wall mounted vapor tight light fixture on the wall near the mirror or vapor lights everywhere, but we will see.

Maybe I need a Tomado shelf to mount somewhere. We have to figure out how to store our shampoo and ugly things while in the shower…ugh. Stupid pink bathroom. I want to tear you apart.


Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

DSC05769 copy

DSC05759 copy

DSC05763 copy

I picked up this 1960’s pastel portrait drawing for $5 at the local Angel View Thrift and threw it in a cheap Target frame (whose reflective Plexiglas makes it difficult to photograph. Damn you cheap frame). The original frame was pretty busted up and couldn’t be salvaged.

How sassy is she in her black fur coat and blond helmet?

I installed her in the pink bathroom so that she can judgmentally stare at you over the toilet. It’s the worst for boys…


Monday, November 2nd, 2009

I got my first ever orchid from Fresh and Easy. Have you tried that place? They seem like they are popping up everywhere in California. We like the simplicity, the self checkout and low low prices and tend to go there frequently for the basics. It’s the closest thing to a Trader Joe’s that we have in awful Hemet. I really miss Trader Joe’s

The thing is F&E has some rocking coupons. On our last visit we got $20 off of a $100 grocery bill and this $9.99 orchid as a bonus. I hear orchids can be a bit finicky, so I’m not sure how long this little dude will last in the bathroom.