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Exterior Door – Progress

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Making progress on the exterior doors. The entire back porch is a bit of a problem area. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with that awful water heater situation between the 2 doors. Maybe a tank less water heater is the way to go. Also, how do I cover up the stupid useless laundry room door? I’m stumped as to how to remedy all the weird structural issues.

In progress, it looks so ghetto.


Benjamin Moore Toucan Black on the exterior and the Behr Ultra Pure White (semi-gloss) on the interior and molding.
I still need to add the screen and molding on the den door as well as finish scraping off extra paint on the glass panes. Still ghetto, but now the rest of the exterior is screaming for some paint.

Below is the interior of the kitchen door. So much nicer than the tobacco color and mysterious brown stained mess that we lived with for almost a year (we also lived with the foreclosure brass real estate doorknobs and a metal plate covering the deadbolt – how embarrassing).

We got a couple of sets of standard doorknobs from the Home Depot ages ago to replace the foreclosure knobs. They are not my number one choice, but sacrifices must be made for budgets…maybe one day something a little more mid century will replace them. We still have to drill out the holes for the deadbolt since the preexisting ones are about an inch to small.

The den door – before/after:

This door has been so gross and ugly for so long that the fresh paint immediately makes me happy every time I go in the room. We still need to replace the weatherstripping and clean the glass. To do, to do…it never ends.

I started working on the garage doors but it began raining and eventually snowing – in the motherf*ing Southern California desert! It was brief but so weird. Its been FREEZING lately, our heating bill is out of control.

Oh yeah, also the abandoned exterior lighting project. There are some weird things going on with the electrical wiring that may be a little above our skill level to problem solve. The lights all work when installed but won’t turn on and off – except for the one light still installed (but only when its installed alone). The Boy had a very rough time with that project and now refuses to look at it. I don’t blame him, I’m trying to ignore some things as well.

Master Bedroom

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Finally! The master bedroom is starting to look kind of respectable.

I switched out almost all the furniture with things I had lying around the house. The black tallboy dresser is a bit of a departure from the mid century pieces scattered throughout the house. I love the distressed finish with bits of green poking out here and there and the bronze lion head handles. It was a thrift store find with a price tag of $25 that I was unsure at about at first but has really grown on me.

The painting above it was found at the same thrift store – the “Help Center” – and was snagged for $3. SCORE!
This is probably my favorite thrift store painting ever.

The two white faux bamboo Jordon Brown patio chairs are a thrifty find from way back in July that never really had a home. I like them in here, although The Boy tends to use them as a hamper. I’m not sure what it is, he just loves to pile clothes all over the house on all the chairs…maybe its a guy thing. The pillows were a score at the Crate and Barrel outlet at Cabazon. $5 each during the holiday sale – that store was working some awesome deals right before Christmas.


The blanket was a lovely score from 111 Antiques in Palm Springs. It is supposedly a vintage Danish wool throw – but for $32 I don’t care – call it mine.

The bed frame is the Vinstra from Ikea. Shiny, white, clean and very sturdy for…ummm…well at least the beds not just a box spring on the floor anymore. Its a real grown up bed kind of! This is my first bed frame – so I’m pretty stoked. The blue rug (the Hemmet) is also from Ikea. It was in the dining room for awhile but really didn’t work in that space. I think the peacock blue is a nice pop of color in a sea of white black and yellow.

The bed linens are still a bit of an issue. The duvet is the Malou (from Ikea again! I need to change it up a bit, but I’m just so very cheap.) in gray and black. I like them – its just the comforter insert is so bulgy and puffy and won’t lay flat which so bugs my minimalist soul. Plus I kind of hate the gray stripe at the top. The hunt continues for the perfect bed linens.

I’m still working on the headboard / nightstand / lighting situation…slowly but surely it will all be PERFECT!

Kitchen Sink!

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Finally. Its done.


Here it is! Installed and totally functional. Now I can touch it without the fear of catching some sort of venereal disease.

More before and after action for you. Its so shiny – I must not be allowed to leave dirty dishes everywhere.

Remember that hole?

I’m doing all that I can to wipe my memory of it – mainly drowning my brain cells in vodka.

Retro Renovation
had a great post about authentic cast iron choices for post war kitchens. I’m just to cheap for authenticity though…

I’m in love with the sink but not the faucet. I had to make a choice quickly and bought the cheapest – least offensive model I could find at Lowe’s. I feel like one day I’ll run into some beautiful – and heavily discounted faucet – that will replace the Peerless, Double Handle Chrome Faucet.