Hallo, Guten Morgen.

August 24th, 2010

What does Angelina Jolie and The Brick House have in common? Well, almost nothing really except for being mentioned in the September issue of German Glamour.

Hey now!

I have no idea what it says!

Front Door, Finished

August 23rd, 2010

The front door needed a few final tweaks to make it the bomb shit. We patched up the old hinge holes left after the screen door was removed and slapped on a few final coats of paint.

Pur-tty. Like they were never there.

You know what fills an old hinge hole really well? Paint stir sticks from Home Depot. We’ve patched a fair amount of old hinge holes using stir sticks and somehow they are the perfect width and depth. Trim it to height, glue it in the hole, nail it, wood filler, sand it down and BAM! No more old hinge hole.

The door is looking pretty snazzy. We planned on painting the porch on Sunday but it was soooo hot and I was so exhausted. Sunday marked the end of my long summer work schedule, so I’m free, free to work on the house on the weekends again!

Instead of working on anything though we just ended up lounging in the tank pool and watching True Blood.

Even with all the frustration of fixing and patching the front door instead of getting a new one, I’m pretty happy with the result. We have four more doors to install in the back of the house, and we will definitely go the new route. Now finding affordable modern single light glass doors is the new goal.

I can’t wait to landscape, it’s long overdue. The front of the house is looking so sexy that the weeds are kind of like Alexander Skarsgard with a shirt on. Totally ruins the view.


August 19th, 2010

I tried blue. Then gray. Waited a few days and settled on Behrs Ashes. Hmmmmm. Now, why did I want to do an accent wall?

It may have something to do with being consistently dissatisfied with the tiny main bedroom. Something deep inside needs it to be more snazzy or possibly wants to distract from those asymmetrical windows (which are a huge pain in the ass when it comes to placing headboards or furniture or anything really).

I think I like the color. It’s hard to judge since the bed linens are not working at all with it and I’m having a problem figuring out what to do with the bed frame. My suspicions are that beds are the hardest thing to put together well.

Here is a reminder of what the other side of the bedroom looks like and those burl wood tables will be nightstands.

I’ve been going through my tumblr archives trying to figure out what it is that I hope to achieve. Below are some shots that seemed to have a coherent aesthetic scheme running through them.

I’m feeling a little stuck and broke. I’ve been combing through all the affordable bed linens I can find on ye’ old interweb and nothing is approaching being acceptably perfect. Well, except for EVERYTHING made by Area. Area is incredibly lovely, but also very, very expensive. I know that the bedding answer seems sooo obvious, but we can’t do white. I would totally go for full on white bedding in an instant but The Boy has put a kibosh on any and all white bedding.

The bed will need to be lowered in order to have a room for a headboard and allow easier access for Iggy’s little short butt to jump up. Nothing affordable, short and amazing is popping up so it looks like we might have to DIY a platform bed as well as some sort of headboard. The closet door handle situation will also need to be addressed, which requires some more fancy DIY action. Bedside lighting has proven to be difficult issue over the past few years and I’ve been seriously considering an Akari table light to keep things casual.

Maybe many potted cactuses is the answer.  Maybe a visit from the money fairy is the real answer…I’m thinking this whole remodel business would be a lot easier with bags of money.