August 26th, 2010

A few inspired readers mentioned that a bullet planter on the patio might be mighty cool. And…


We are nothing if not responsive here at ye’ old brick. Well, I had a bullet planter laying around in the dining room that was getting no love. It works much better on the patio and most importantly it was a free fix.

It’s really starting to look like something! I just want to remind you of THIS horror show to explain why I’m feeling a bit giddy. Yeah, tin foil in the windows – that’s how the previous owners rolled.

I know the front patio has been covered on the blog a whole bunch recently. Sorry about that, all my psychic energy is focused on the entrance to the homestead. It will probably have to wait till the foreseeable future but painting the porch a darker gray and getting the planter in order is the next step. Maybe one day we will be able to throw some Mexican feathergrass in there. No more feral kitty litter box!

Oh, and I want one of THESE (desperately) as the crowning touch. Lets see the feral cats try and spray that.


Thank you all for your kind words and helpful suggestions yesterday, I’m still a bit wobbly and working on a plan of action. Your support means everything when I feel so uncertain. Hugs and kisses all over you. I mean it. You are all the best.

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  1. Dan on 08/26/2010:

    It looks so very at home out on the porch. Love the pink.

  2. Ashley on 08/26/2010:

    don’t even tell me how little you paid for this planter. it will undoubtedly make me forever envious.

  3. danielle on 08/26/2010:

    hah! were the old owners weed farmers? and the house looks great. the wood screen is genius. i don’t think i’ve commented before but i really enjoy watching the process of it all!

  4. Fat Cat on 08/26/2010:

    I have serious planter jealousy/envy ! These bullet planters are impossible to find around here und massively expensive to ship from the US… And of course, I want one (or many) desperately.

    Many hugs to you also and wow, you don’t waste any time, do you (already working on an action plan) ? That’s the spirit 🙂

  5. Tania on 08/26/2010:

    Too sexy now. Your blog should be R-rated.

  6. Bob Borson on 08/26/2010:

    Yes – a mat with vertical height to it would be nice, the threshold pops with the white and the black. And that before picture is soooo full throttle, kudos on the vision. The gray jumbo brick along with the aluminum foil…. let’s just be nice and say that you have cleaned things up very nicely. The landscape is going to make or break it (can you thrift for yucca?)

  7. tx Sarah on 08/26/2010:

    I believe Matthew Wilder once said, “Nothing is going to interrupt my determined pace, nor will anything cause me to decelerate. Oh no, I must remain in motion.”

  8. Coletta on 08/26/2010:


  9. Tyler (plastolux) on 08/26/2010:

    Nice touch, I wonder if some Penetrol would bring a little more punch out of the planter.

  10. julia wheeler on 08/26/2010:

    i love it! it’s the perfect touch! looking better and better everyday… you give me hope that someday my hovel will be a home! xo — you’re gonna work it out and be happier than ever for sures

  11. lisa mertins on 08/26/2010:

    i can’t wait to see the landscape vision you have morgan. the gardening community is such a supporting, giving place that i bet you could wish it and people would make it so.

    for example, you know what would look cool with that planter (somewhere?) some santa rita cactus — of which i have and can start for the brick house if it is welcome there 🙂

  12. lisa on 08/26/2010:

    oh my goodness, I forgot how bad it used to look! its unrecognizable! you are amazing.

  13. akemi on 08/26/2010:

    You are the shiznit. Good things are coming your way, how could the not?

  14. Kaitlyn on 08/26/2010:

    Girl, you are a miracle worker. Seriously.

  15. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/26/2010:

    Yeah, that baby needs a good Penetrol rub down. I’m out right now of that sticky stuff.

    Landscaping is going to take some creativity for sure! It may have to wait awhile…

  16. Aracely on 08/26/2010:

    Love, love, love, love it! Now I don’t have to send you one! xoxoxo

  17. Lisa on 08/26/2010:

    Have you seen this grid doormat from the Crate & Barrel Outlet – http://www.crateandbarrel.com/outlet/outdoor/grid-mat/s504150. I have one and love it – so easy to clean and looks great and only $14.95.

  18. Tonia on 08/27/2010:

    It looks great there on the front porch. We love you right back, and I mean it, and Lisa has suggested the CB mat already, it’s a nice one until you can get the one that you really want.

  19. martin on 08/27/2010:

    This antique market that comes by my local mall 6 times a year has one seller who deals in MCM.. He had a couple of the bullet planters for $100.. I don’t know if thats a good, fair or inflated price..

  20. jeannette on 08/27/2010:


    these people make a living doing this, and other maxed out blog stuff. giveaways, which people adore.

    you have much better taste than they do.

  21. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/27/2010:

    Martin – it depends. Is it vintage? New? What kind of shape? I see planters go for more than that…but also less. So many factors make my mind explode!

    Thank you J, that is very snarky and sweet. My fav combo.

  22. martin on 08/27/2010:

    Vintage, pretty decent condition.. FG Just needs a cleaning..

  23. martin on 08/27/2010:

    These are pretty rare up here, so Ive not been able to price compare. What Im really looking for are Heath ashtrays.. No one has them up here.. (Except the one my Dad uses daily… haha)

  24. DWC on 08/27/2010:

    Fantastic!!!! You know, I was envisioning another color but that rocks and looks so great. It just pops on your porch. Nothing but love for the planter. Great choice plus free and re-purposed is always best!

  25. Husband on 08/27/2010:

    So rad!

  26. Alex on 08/27/2010:

    Love the Bullet, check out my New Blog on Pony Furniture 😉

  27. Patti on 08/27/2010:

    Who makes the door handle and hardware? I love the look of the front porch.

  28. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/27/2010:

    Emteks Stuttgart Lever & Schlage B560P deadbolt.


  29. bianca on 08/28/2010:

    i want one too. lets go find one pleaaaaaase. that looks super hot.

  30. Hanne on 08/28/2010:

    What a beautiful house and blog you have! It`s really inspiring!

  31. Christian on 08/28/2010:

    After reading your blogs for a while, I feel like you might like this light: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/edison-chandelier/?pkey=cchandeliers

  32. Jenn Ski on 09/03/2010:

    I don’t think I had ever seen the before picture… wow… what a difference!

  33. DirectionsNotIncluded on 01/07/2011:

    Thank you for the inspiration and photos! I love your blog. With these photos I have succesfully conveyed to the husband what my vision is for the front of our home. Many thanks 🙂

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