June 28th, 2012


This is the biggest cork lamp your face has ever seen.

So big. So beefy. So corky.

So yes, a supersized steroid popping cork tower of a lamp exists and now lives with me. Getting this lamp has taken more than a years worth of persistent needling and negotiating with a local antique type consignment shop. I waited and stalked and waited some more for the lamps price to be slashed down 50% and that still wasn’t the price I was willing to pay. So for the next six months I’d check in and whittle the price down further and further until the poor sellers spirit snapped and this baby came home with me.

I will hunt vintage for years. That’s dedication. Or madness. Or sad.

Speaking of size matters, I’ve slowly been updating the fireplace with a fancy new coat of white paint and now a comically undersized mantel.

Six inch short-cut to failure.


This. Is. Dumb.

I screwed up. After writing down tons of numbers for little projects in my handy notebook, I somehow misread the width needed while at Home Depot and ended up bringing home a chunk of wood six inches shy of what was required.


Now I don’t have the energy to go back and find, cut and re-buy wood, so I’ll be taking a few days to recuperate. Screw you mantel.

Having this screw up time to live with the white might actually be for the best since I’m not sure I even like the white?

Then I do. Then I don’t. Then I’m like ugh, more paint? No. Yes. No.

I’m about 50/50.

Whatever. BIG LAMP. I like that crazy thing.


June 22nd, 2012

Either the summer heat or my advanced age is making my brain go all mushy and not have words for writing and making the things coherent and that stuff.

I have things to blog. Serious things.

At least that’s what all these half-finished posts giving me the stink eye seem to indicate.

Go finish yourselves, you stupid judgmental posts! Who needs you, when all sorts of quicker and less wordy things are happening over on that @the_brick_house thing on Instagram.


Hey there, friend.

I’ve been hanging around a couple new places on the internet. Don’t tell anyone.

Here are some links:


Thanks again to all the nice internets and people on it.

I like you.

Enjoy the weekend, but please do it begrudgingly. No one likes a showboat.


June 6th, 2012

Iggy knows that today is indeed a terribly frightful horror show of a day. Why? Well, today’s my big D-Day B-Day.

*D for Decade, not to be confused with that unfortunate Normandy situation

This handsome beast threw around some sparkly stuff hoping to distract from the whole not staying 19 forever thing. No wait, that happened a decade ago. Looks like memory is the first thing to go with advanced age. Or is it eyesight? ‘Cause I don’t need glasses, dammit.

So, I blogged this and why? I don’t know! Shut up.

That dogs face describes it better than I can. Whiskery. No wait. Panicky.

OK. This decade will be the best one yet. Or worst. Or mediocre. It will be some things. Maybe if I close my eyes and wish real hard the landscape will get done before it ends! So what if the landscaping has already veered towards worst with that one small fire and one talentless jerk of a welder. Everything’s going to be fine.