July 6th, 2012

Now with the immediacy and ease of sites like Instagram and Twitter, I’m tending to neglect this actually blog. Seriously, when did blogging start to feel so archaic? Or is this just creeping laziness? Is this July? What’s happening?

Anyway, here’s a compilation of small changes and additions around the house from the past months (or so).

1. Return of the massive white ceramic lamp (I prefer my lamps huge)
2 & 3. Updated OFT Potence Lamp (now with more BRASS tip)
4. Vintage Navajo Two Gray Hills weaving from eBay (now without awful smoke smells)
5. Few more thrifty ceramics (plus a Home Depot CACTUS)
6. Brutalist hallway lamp fixture from eBay (replacing this one)
7. Hey, it’s a consignment store pillow (maximum PINK achieved)
8. Too Blessed 2 be Stressed poster in need of hanging (via reference library)

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  1. Igor on 07/06/2012:

    SImply in love with every little detail!

  2. Libby on 07/06/2012:

    Its not just you. Once I really got into Instagram, I lost all desire to blog. I feel like blogs might be on the way out for some reason?

    Anyway. House looks great! But I already knew that b/c I follow you on Instagram 😉

  3. marta on 07/06/2012:

    I love the throw blanket. Where/how would I look for one similar? I’m not sure what to search for other than “cool blanket!”.

  4. Amanda on 07/06/2012:

    oh please don’t stop the blog… i love these images so much

  5. Amy on 07/06/2012:

    I love your instagram but always enjoy coming back here to see the real thing!

  6. Tara on 07/06/2012:

    It’s not the same Morgan. I miss your blogging. Sorry I know it takes longer but it’s more satisfying.

  7. Fat Cat on 07/07/2012:

    I know I should probably comment on how stylish your potence or brutalist lamps are. And they are – and so is that Navajo rug. But what I like most is the Home Depot cactus and the studio pottery collection. It doesn’t take much !

  8. Carla on 07/07/2012:


  9. cathy on 07/08/2012:

    Love the details, especially that pink pillow. Wow!
    Instagram and Twitter–neither of which I follow–may have more immediacy, but blogs are often fuller and richer in detail. I like watching your house evolve. Sometimes I love the design, sometimes not. But I stay for your bold writing style. Ya don’t get that on instagram.

  10. Amanda on 07/09/2012:

    I agree. It’s may be archaic to you, but you have many blog fans that enjoy your posts. I’ve had to find other, not as good blogs to entertain me while online. Come back to us already! Kick yourself in the ass & get to writing! I mean it! Not even joking…:)

  11. Suzy8track on 07/09/2012:

    Please don’t stop blogging! I really enjoy reading your posts. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind you taking a vacation from it, but please don’t leave it entirely, I need my brick house fix!

  12. brooke on 07/09/2012:

    Please tell me your lovely brass lotus light just got moved to another room!? Love your style. Xo

  13. the brick house on 07/09/2012:

    The summer always has a bit of a lull around here. So many projects in the works, but nothing ready to be blogged about. Soon, soonish?

  14. John on 07/09/2012:

    I’m in love with the new cork lamp. I know all about the the summer lull though. It’s unbearably hot until like 9pm… So it’s hard to get anything done comfortably unless it’s late at night or early in the morning, gotta love the desert heat.

  15. Courtney on 07/09/2012:

    How did you get the smoke smell out? I saw lots of suggestions on your Instagram, but I wonder which one worked!

  16. Elisabeth on 07/10/2012:

    I have just discovered your blog through some late night wanderings on the net. And what a great find it is! It might feel archaic to you but i think it’s still a great way to put content out there. Instagram feels like snacking while a blog is like savoring a great dinner…I’m old skool in that way but I think I’m not the only one. So please don’t stop!

  17. Rebecca on 07/10/2012:

    That hallway light fixture is simply stunning. I so appreciate all the effort you put into your home. Cannot get enough.

  18. Jennette on 07/11/2012:

    I love how the replaced lamp post talks about how you LOVED the lotus fixture and would keep it forever and ever. maybe. too funny. it’s just way to fun to mix things up and redesign your space. i think the pink pillow is the most pleasing addition.

  19. Melissa on 07/11/2012:

    If you ever want to get rid of the hammered fixture you have I would love to take it off your hands! Also I don’t live too far away!

  20. Sophia on 07/12/2012:

    Love the brass tip on the potence lamp! Can you tell me where you found that hardware? Would love to add it to a similar lamp I have at home. Thanks!

  21. jeannette on 07/12/2012:

    how you shop for things, haggle, budget and reject — ie., the blog slice of your vocation — is what gives the photographs meaning. that they’re trophies you pulled out of a junk heap is something we would only know if you tell us. otherwise these pictures look like boring MCM spreads in lucky magazine.

  22. jeannette on 07/12/2012:

    i wanted to add, you are not the only first rate shelter porn blogger who seems to have been coopted by instagram and pinterest.
    i wanted to let you know what the words mean. they have a spiritual component of which i’m sure you are aware. and that is god don’t make junk. the resurrection/reclamation/dumpster diving thing is deep and well understood by african american yard artists.
    the only thing that makes your spreads of desirable objects different from the capitalist tool magazines is the words.
    plus, we want you to get a book contract, and the danish oil resuscitation thing and the plumbers’ fitting credenza is what’s going to get it. words. i hope you’ll make a pact with your colleagues who are also spending all their time on twitter. write on.

  23. Lisa on 07/12/2012:

    I really like that lamp. Just keep on blogging…We still love to read stories, opinions, and yeah feel the realness behind every amazing photo.

  24. Rose on 07/13/2012:

    I have been reading your bog for years, I miss your posts. Please don’t abandon the blog, The personality you add to the blog is refreshing. I miss your posts and check everyday for a new post,.

  25. LOCZIdesign on 07/24/2012:

    There’s so much goodness here! Especially the new shelving unit behind the couch — who what and where??!!

  26. JPelayo on 07/27/2012:

    I just found you. Please don’t abandon and I love your honesty and i agree… not everyone has so much money they can only buy “real”.

  27. angie on 08/24/2012:

    Hi! Love the duvet (grey/linen) under the Navajo rug. Where is it from? Love your blog!

  28. LaraDD on 07/29/2013:

    I love that sofa as well! And agreeing with the comments here, your blog is great & love your comments. 🙂

  29. le lenny face on 05/11/2017:

    The details is so nice. That Brutalist hallway lamp fixture is so unique, love it!

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