July 24th, 2012

Anyone curious about where the largest most awe inspiring fiber art piece was relocated, can now feel less curious. Photo evidence suggests it’s been chilling in the living room, much to the delight of delivery people everywhere.

Whose pizza boy always says theirs is the coolest and most favorite house to deliver to?

This girls!

Keep it up dudes, I enjoy both pizza and compliments.

Oh, and before you say anything, yes, I went ‘there’ with that weird giant thrift store dream catcher thing. Perhaps it’s not in the best taste, but hey, fibers control my sad little heart.

Come on. Don’t look at me like that. Fibers.

Otherwise, I’ve been sorting through piles of furniture and vintage bric-a-brac around the house to prep for a big online sale; an upcoming sale which details and links should be posted around here soon…

Wow. What a jerk move. All the sale info should probably have been prepared before this, but hey, it’s like 100 plus degrees constantly and my brain is all bleeeech I’m sweaty and tired shut up.


Thanks to everyone who chimed in on the Dwell thing. We’re all good now? Still friends and such?

I love you.

It’s hot.

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  1. Joelle skye on 07/24/2012:

    I think we may have a matching set of obsessions over fiber art,, that and dream catchers. May I please move into your living room?

  2. Igor on 07/24/2012:

    An ongoing source of inspiration! Perfect.

  3. Michelle on 07/24/2012:

    Your home is such an inspiration as is your approach; not too serious just fuelled by love of interesting things that come your way. Sale?? when???

  4. Suzy8track on 07/24/2012:

    Looks like the ole gasping lady can’t take her eyes off the large fiber art in its new home!

  5. Kate on 07/24/2012:

    That thrift store dream catcher is in excellent taste, me thinks. Love it. Please adopt me.

  6. Ryann Moore on 07/24/2012:
  7. Heather M on 07/24/2012:

    I love it! I love it all so much!!! I totally want to deliver pizza to your house.

  8. Fat Cat on 07/25/2012:

    Your house is my favourite one to read up on 🙂
    It feels good – doesn’t it – to sort through one’s possessions and do a little clear out once in a while. I’ve been spending most of July that way and making top $$$ on ebay as I empty out various cupboards and cellars. And rearranging and vignetting what’s left – a highly enjoyable bonus !

  9. Aldo on 07/25/2012:

    Agree on the “gasping lady” comment. Hilarious!

  10. J. Coffin on 07/25/2012:

    I love the dream catcher.
    @ Kate “Please adopt me”

  11. Melissa on 07/25/2012:

    Could you tell me about the white credenza with the wood top and sides? Is that a purchased piece or did you doctor it up? I’m asking because I’m doctoring up one of my own. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the online sale, whenever it begins. I hear ya on the weather, I was born and raised in the I.E. Word.

  12. cathy on 07/26/2012:

    I’ve got a question about where you find some of your treasures. You often refer to “thrift store” finds. Are you really referring to thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.) where pretty much all their merchandise is donated or are you actually finding more things at second hand stores (which, to me, is where the stores have purchased merchandise for resale)? If you’re finding all that great stuff in thrift stores, then yours rock and ours pretty much suck. I never see great art or pottery, and certainly not furniture.

  13. the brick house on 07/26/2012:

    Cathy – mostly thrift, occasionally vintage shops, usually Craigslist, some eBay. I get around. 😉

  14. Mary S. on 07/26/2012:

    I love how you vignette. Everything looks so effortlessly put together. Any tips for achieving a cohesive vignette? I try and try and after seeing these beautiful photos I will try again. But somehow my vignettes look..well..not like yours. Do I group all my wood pieces together? Colors together? Textures together? Mix them all up? Perhaps my desperation will inspire a future “how to vignette” blog post? I know there are other bogs out there talking about how to vignette but consider me another pizza boy- your home/blog is the coolest and my most favorite to visit! Thanks!

  15. Aldo on 07/26/2012:

    Mary S.,
    You’re having difficulty with vignetting because your stuff sucks–and Morgan’s rock! hehehe… kidding 😉

  16. Ah, so in love with all of this shtuff! I see some of your plants havent died yet….props! 😀

  17. Tyson on 07/26/2012:

    I love your arrangement on the big fauxdenza thing on the wall behind the couch, but all the small pottery seems like it needs some bigger pottery pieces mixed in. Now, I’m not Fancy like you, but that’s just my two cents. (And I love that bench-like table on the wall under the huge fiber piece).

  18. the brick house on 07/26/2012:

    Tyson – yeah, I’m still sorting through stuff for the sale. It’s evolving…

  19. modernhaus on 07/26/2012:

    gaspy lady=how I watch over you

  20. peggy on 07/27/2012:

    I know I’ve told you this a million times – but I adore your pottery collection. You do such a great job of arranging it.

  21. Jessica on 07/27/2012:

    Hahahaha give the pizza boy a tip!
    That dream catcher is epic. I love it

    The Lovelorn

  22. Sierra on 07/28/2012:

    Seriously, that dream catcher is fuckin’ RAD! The little pops of turquoise seal the deal, damn you’ve got a good eye for random shit.

  23. Karyn on 07/31/2012:

    Trying to find out where to get or how to build great wall shelf unit you posted photo of on HOUZZ. Any help?

  24. Brittany on 07/31/2012:

    I absolutely LOVE your pottery collection. I love how it is always evolving. My current favorite pot of yours is the gorgeous black and white one with the skinny neck in the 4th picture. If only cool pottery existed in Texas… one can dream 🙂

  25. Susan B. on 08/03/2012:

    That is one ugly wall hanging!

  26. Bernadette @ B3HD on 08/09/2012:

    I think I need a tank. And a giant woven dream catcher

  27. Raenelle on 08/23/2012:

    I was wondering where you got your couch and by the way that bed is TOTALLY worth $200. I have been searching and have only found ones half as nice for that price…maybe you have more finds in the states?

  28. amanda on 08/30/2012:


    I was wondering how you clean your fiber art? Did you bring it to the dry cleaners? thank you

  29. Brigitte on 09/02/2012:

    I’ve just stumbled upon you whilst trying to find the ‘Brickhouse’ restaurant in Hong Kong, I’m glad I did. Your photography is brilliant, love your style of writing and your house is incredible. I want/need an oversized-orange-pubic-hair-like-wall-hanging-art-piece. Now back to trying to find me some mexican eats. xox

  30. tram on 10/01/2012:

    hi there – been following your website for a while, and this just caught my eye – i love the white credenza with the dark wood edging – exactly what i’ve been looking for – can you give this wannabe some ideas on where to get/how to get this piece/look?? thanks!!!

  31. Iker on 12/13/2015:

    Maybe it’s just me.. but does anyone else keep sneeig that the first post’s background is initially white, then turns into the dark grey (as dark as the borders on this site)?Makes it hard to read the black and dark red font ! but it’s only doing it for the first post, or when I go to comment the entire post I’m commenting on (like this one for example) has a grey background.

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