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Secrets From a Stylist

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

On the most recent episode of Emily Henderson’s Secrets From a Stylist, the team offered up some Brick House treats for a bachelor in need of style. Of course I was thrilled to see some of our old stuff make it into the magical world of HGTV. It’s like we are famous, except twice removed and not really us at all.

But wait, look at that in the background. What-what! It’s our pipe shelves in Emily’s studio. These bad boys are making a regular appearance in the background and I feel like a proud mom or something.

Sorry about the less than exciting screen grab pictures  — although, you can watch the whole episode right HERE.

Emily has much more pretty stuff than I do. She styled the shelves up proper.

Hey now, that coffee table looks familiar. Long ago I bought this puppy off Craigslist and now it has a brand new home. I have to admit I do miss this Danish baby…oh coffee tables…my weakness…and sofas…

Emily jazz hands the yellow campaign dresser.

I never used this in the house but I bought it from a local thrift store eons ago because it was so unique and YELLOW to the extreme.

Unfortunately, it didn’t make the final room cut. It did get a lot of Orlando and Emily chatting about it screen time…because its awesome. Or maybe because it’s a whole lot of look.

Styled up coffee table fabulousness. I miss you big boy.

Otherwise, how effing bad do I want this Vatne Möbler Falcon chair? Hella bad. I found one recently on Craigslist, but the nutty seller wanted an insane $1,200 and I wanted to cry. That is crazy town pricing.

Apologies for the self indulgent post, but I was pretty excited to see some of our stuff make it into other peoples homes on the TV. Usually when I sell stuff I never see where it ends up and it was a pleasure to see how a talented lady like Emily reuses and styles it up.

Also, totally watch Secrets From A Stylist on the HGTV at 9pm. Emily is hilarious and adorable and charming and the final rooms are so much different than anything else around. There is at least one or more gasp out loud vintage pieces that make me insane with jealousy. Those lucky home owners get some great stuff.

Secrets From a Stylist

Friday, February 25th, 2011

You guys are all remembering to set your DVR’s and pop that popcorn for the premiere of Emily Henderson’s Secrets From a Stylist tomorrow? Right? RIGHT?

Feb 26th, 9pm on the HGTV.

Because Emily is incredible and I sold her some fine furniture that will hopefully pop up on the show here and there and because the afters are stylish and designy and vintagy and unlike anything you’ve seen on the HGTV. My new SFAS drinking game is called “Spot Morgan’s Furniture”. You won’t get very drunk and you’d probably have to watch a bunch of different episodes – so if you love to pound booze and get wasted it may not be a very good game. Now the “Spot Awesome Furniture” drinking game will send you straight to the ER with alcohol poisoning.

Come on though. We’ve all seen what Emily is bringing and we love it.

I’m headed out to LA to spend some quality time with Bianca and Laure and get my party on at Emily’s well deserved premiere. I’ll be tweeting my sausage fingers off and trying to not look like a complete slob. I even got my hair did – but may have had a bit of a dye job disaster. Whoops.

Psst. Laure has been documenting the “afters” from the show and has some behind the scenes images. Check them out!

Enough Already

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

A long while ago I mentioned that I was working with fancy set decorator and all around super star Laure Joliet on a TV makeover show. Well, it’s finally started airing on that new Oprah network and is called Enough Already with Peter Walsh. Laure already wrote a pretty awesome post explaining the whole shindig and the great folks involved like art director Mike, Heather, Barry and the whole crew. Laure also so kindly let me use her images below (did I mention she is also a killer photographer? I know, she is annoyingly good at everything) since with the madness of the schedule I never did get a decent shot.

When I say madness, I mean utter and complete madness.

Did I also mention that the show was about organizing and designing spaces for people with “extreme clutter” issues? Not quite hoarding, but teetering on the edge of the bell curve. Above is the “before” image of the dining room that Laure grabbed with her iPhone while they scouted the home.

How it worked was that in four days we had to remove everything, sort through it all, shop for essentials, install flooring and wall treatments and then makeover two to three rooms. During that time they are also filming things as well, so logistically it was nuts.

They were long – very very very long – and exhausting days but also incredibly exciting and fun. It seriously takes a huge bunch of folks to make these sort of transformations happen that quickly and everyone was surprisingly chipper and helpful and so well organized. It was a great team to be apart of.

Boom. Check out that blue grass cloth.

Look that’s a dining set! It was totally buried in that pile before, but now you can sit down and use it. Whenever possible we tried to reuse the owners original possessions and incorporate them in the new design. I liked that it wasn’t just about gutting everything and starting over, but that we truly did attempt to show how they could use their existing pieces to create a more cohesive and “designed” room.

See where that clock is and that little bit of credenza poking out under that big lamp? That’s this fireplace and this credenza (to the right) after we finished:

We also reused their existing chairs and added a rug and coffee table and lots of fancy pillows.

I’m proud of my fireplace vignetting – totally taking credit for that – but Laure found that really cool driftwood mirror!

With all the art we tried to take family pictures and enlarge them at Kinkos as well as reuse pieces they already had. Did you know that Kinkos can be kind of weird about that? Yeah. Seriously. I may have gotten into a bit of a tussle one late night with a Kinkos manager about enlarging a baby picture. Just be forewarned if you want to try to enlarge some family or personal photos, if the photo looks too “pro” they might freak out.

We got them this great sofa (which was a floor model from Blueprint) and a fancy new bubble lamp. Styling.

The other major room we tackled was their master bedroom. Don’t be fooled, Elmo is terrified.

Here’s the after.

So nice right? We installed hardwood floors and obviously had a major hook-up with a grass cloth company since there’s more nice grass cloth on the walls. I think it came out pretty well. Simple, relaxing and clutter free. Not like a scary pea green dungeon.

Thanks again to Laure for letting me use her images and for letting me join the crew. It was super awesome fun crazy exhausting, but ultimately warmed the cold little modernist cockles of my heart. It was incredible to see how utterly transformed these homes could be in just a few short days.

If you guys want to check it out on the TV – Enough Already airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Mondays at 8pm.