Secrets From a Stylist

April 27th, 2011

On the most recent episode of Emily Henderson’s Secrets From a Stylist, the team offered up some Brick House treats for a bachelor in need of style. Of course I was thrilled to see some of our old stuff make it into the magical world of HGTV. It’s like we are famous, except twice removed and not really us at all.

But wait, look at that in the background. What-what! It’s our pipe shelves in Emily’s studio. These bad boys are making a regular appearance in the background and I feel like a proud mom or something.

Sorry about the less than exciting screen grab pictures  — although, you can watch the whole episode right HERE.

Emily has much more pretty stuff than I do. She styled the shelves up proper.

Hey now, that coffee table looks familiar. Long ago I bought this puppy off Craigslist and now it has a brand new home. I have to admit I do miss this Danish baby…oh coffee tables…my weakness…and sofas…

Emily jazz hands the yellow campaign dresser.

I never used this in the house but I bought it from a local thrift store eons ago because it was so unique and YELLOW to the extreme.

Unfortunately, it didn’t make the final room cut. It did get a lot of Orlando and Emily chatting about it screen time…because its awesome. Or maybe because it’s a whole lot of look.

Styled up coffee table fabulousness. I miss you big boy.

Otherwise, how effing bad do I want this Vatne Möbler Falcon chair? Hella bad. I found one recently on Craigslist, but the nutty seller wanted an insane $1,200 and I wanted to cry. That is crazy town pricing.

Apologies for the self indulgent post, but I was pretty excited to see some of our stuff make it into other peoples homes on the TV. Usually when I sell stuff I never see where it ends up and it was a pleasure to see how a talented lady like Emily reuses and styles it up.

Also, totally watch Secrets From A Stylist on the HGTV at 9pm. Emily is hilarious and adorable and charming and the final rooms are so much different than anything else around. There is at least one or more gasp out loud vintage pieces that make me insane with jealousy. Those lucky home owners get some great stuff.

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  1. Ryan on 04/27/2011:

    Congrats! Love the coffee table. I think I saw in on craigslist SD and almost got it. Maybe.

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/27/2011:

    That’s where I got it! Probably the same one. The guy had a super cool vintage apartment in Hillcrest.

  3. jennifer on 04/27/2011:

    i f’d up. my falcon had a tall brother like that one (in actually better shape) and i didn’t buy it. i was all weirdo on the deep stains in the seat. STUPID. went on sale for $199. i’m going to go beat myself again for that one. thanks HGTV for bringing up bad thrift memories for a cheap ass buyer.

  4. laguna dirt on 04/27/2011:

    emily does such a great job with her show. you should feel proud!

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/27/2011:

    Jennifer. You failed. You are a failure. Oh I want one sooooo bad.

  6. Tonia on 04/27/2011:

    I wished the shelves had made the final cut but the table looks awesome in the space. The art work is another fellow blogger Nicole from Sketch42

  7. Lunaluna on 04/27/2011:

    I’ve got a Falcon, na na nana na. I got it for about 40 $, It was manky but it cleaned up beautifully. I do however live in the home of the Falcon – Oslo Norway so they’re not that hard to come by ;-). I do however live in hope and prayer of finding one with a chrome base – sigh.
    With all respect to Emily, I think the pipe shelving looked better in your home, including the styling.

  8. Lunaluna on 04/27/2011:

    Dang! That’s what I get for crooning – they won’t let me watch the show in this region 🙁 no fair

  9. Lorie on 04/27/2011:

    Seriously love that show, and that chair?! Pure insanity! I was looking at one on 1stdibs, which should be called 1stkid, because everything’s a fortune. They wanted $3200 for it!!

  10. Florian on 04/27/2011:

    Yellow dresser? What yellow dresser? Look, that Orlando guy is really cute.

    Your furniture all over the TV! Amazing! Congrats and all.

    Though I must say, the shelving unit looked a LOT better in your place. And it’s not only because of that blue wall, I think your styling of the unit was way cooler. Like, WAY cooler.

    Hm. Can’t watch the show either. Had peep at the pictures and for my taste it all looks a bit too feminine and a bit too “done”.

    Ugh well. There’s me, all critical again. Look, that Orlando guy is really cute.

  11. Healeygirl on 04/27/2011:

    That Falcon chair is A-MAZ-ING! I was watching the show and she hadn’t placed the chair back in the second look yet. I was yelling at the screen (as I am prone to do) that she BETTER put that chair back in!

  12. Molly on 04/27/2011:

    Holy torpedo, do you know where this show took place? I found (maybe) those exact modular shelves (his entertainment center) on SF Bay craigslist and totally lost out on them!

  13. The brick house on 04/27/2011:

    Takes place in LA, I’m pretty sure she got the modular unit at the rose bowl flea market. In fact I’m positive.

  14. dagmag on 04/27/2011:

    Know anyone in Minneapolis? There’s a falcon (fake? real?) on Minneapolis craigslist. No ottoman tho. Listed at 125! Search “leather chair Mendota Heights”. Cheers!

  15. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 04/27/2011:

    All your babies on TV! Lookatchu! Congrats!

    I’ve never been into campaign furniture, but that yellow one is kind of amazing.

  16. carol on 04/27/2011:

    I covet those shelves, even the boy wants to do something like that someday. unfortunately for us it wouldn’t really work in our current rental. oh well it’s in my to do list when we have our own place one day. congrats. it’s really cool to see things recycled and restyled by someone else as talented as emily!

  17. modernhaus on 04/27/2011:

    I really watch the show for Emily, because she’s so great. Dresses cute, good hair, handles those difficult clients with a sweet little iron fist. It’s usually a bummer when they go “could you take out all this cool stuff and make it pretty boring, and then we’ll like it?”
    p.s. Satterfield, you wanna pick in my territory it’s gonna cost you 😉

  18. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/27/2011:

    Whatever – Miss emails me with every amazing thing in the world. One coffee table every six months ain’t gonna hurt. One day we will combine forces.

  19. Kat on 04/27/2011:

    Thanks for posting the link to the show. I kept looking on HGTV in the wrong place (darn videos) and didn’t think the shows were available after airing. I don’t have a TV so I’m out of luck there. Wrong! I’m now watching and enjoying past episodes online. It’s fun playing spot Morgan’s furniture!

  20. fine little home on 04/27/2011:

    i had to giggle at the idea of you acting like a stage mom whilst your babies tried to make the cut ; ) congrats proud mama! i keep missing her show so thanks for the link.

  21. Melissa on 04/27/2011:

    I LOVE this show. She really does an amazing job on each project and is great on camera. You are BOTH welcome to come to my house any time!

  22. modernhaus on 04/28/2011:

    Hey Morgan, did you find that Amy Butler fabric you were searching all over for?? It’s gonna look dy-no-mite.

  23. The brick house on 04/28/2011:

    Suck it.

  24. modernhaus on 04/29/2011:

    I can’t. Your mama is.

  25. gustafhale on 04/29/2011:

    Don’t apologize for being awesome. Emily probably has a gazillion people working with her. Also, your picks were solid and YOUR EYE is amazing! Keep in doing what you do!

  26. Mea on 04/29/2011:

    I would love to watch the show but my region (Germany) is obviously too far out in the woods. Any advice for other links where to watch?

  27. julia wheeler on 04/30/2011:

    yes! almost famous…

  28. emily henderson on 04/30/2011:

    eff yes. thank you so much, Morgan. Just saw this. Truth be told, the yellow campaign dresser was meant to be mine. I had no intention of leaving it there – well unless it worked perfectly, but i wanted it too bad. It’s happily in my living room. And your shelving is dope, VERY bright blue and styling, might i add. Do i have anything else of yours? oh right, that brass trunk is the side table in the studio (which i’m keeping). Can’t wait for your sale. and thank you so much for the post. xx

  29. kitliz @ DIYdiva on 05/03/2011:

    Speaking of your famous pipe shelves, I have to give you a huge THANK YOU for that awesome idea, since I just finished our master closet pipe shelves using yours as inspiration. It is my favorite room in the house, and not just because it’s the only one that is done.

  30. AM on 05/06/2011:

    Thanks for the great post. And I feel you on the Falcon chairs. I grew up with two of them and still have great memories. As we get closer to finishing building our new house my parents luckily agreed to ship us these caramel-colored leather gems. They’ve been in their basement under a tarp for 25 years!

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