Enough Already

February 24th, 2011

A long while ago I mentioned that I was working with fancy set decorator and all around super star Laure Joliet on a TV makeover show. Well, it’s finally started airing on that new Oprah network and is called Enough Already with Peter Walsh. Laure already wrote a pretty awesome post explaining the whole shindig and the great folks involved like art director Mike, Heather, Barry and the whole crew. Laure also so kindly let me use her images below (did I mention she is also a killer photographer? I know, she is annoyingly good at everything) since with the madness of the schedule I never did get a decent shot.

When I say madness, I mean utter and complete madness.

Did I also mention that the show was about organizing and designing spaces for people with “extreme clutter” issues? Not quite hoarding, but teetering on the edge of the bell curve. Above is the “before” image of the dining room that Laure grabbed with her iPhone while they scouted the home.

How it worked was that in four days we had to remove everything, sort through it all, shop for essentials, install flooring and wall treatments and then makeover two to three rooms. During that time they are also filming things as well, so logistically it was nuts.

They were long – very very very long – and exhausting days but also incredibly exciting and fun. It seriously takes a huge bunch of folks to make these sort of transformations happen that quickly and everyone was surprisingly chipper and helpful and so well organized. It was a great team to be apart of.

Boom. Check out that blue grass cloth.

Look that’s a dining set! It was totally buried in that pile before, but now you can sit down and use it. Whenever possible we tried to reuse the owners original possessions and incorporate them in the new design. I liked that it wasn’t just about gutting everything and starting over, but that we truly did attempt to show how they could use their existing pieces to create a more cohesive and “designed” room.

See where that clock is and that little bit of credenza poking out under that big lamp? That’s this fireplace and this credenza (to the right) after we finished:

We also reused their existing chairs and added a rug and coffee table and lots of fancy pillows.

I’m proud of my fireplace vignetting – totally taking credit for that – but Laure found that really cool driftwood mirror!

With all the art we tried to take family pictures and enlarge them at Kinkos as well as reuse pieces they already had. Did you know that Kinkos can be kind of weird about that? Yeah. Seriously. I may have gotten into a bit of a tussle one late night with a Kinkos manager about enlarging a baby picture. Just be forewarned if you want to try to enlarge some family or personal photos, if the photo looks too “pro” they might freak out.

We got them this great sofa (which was a floor model from Blueprint) and a fancy new bubble lamp. Styling.

The other major room we tackled was their master bedroom. Don’t be fooled, Elmo is terrified.

Here’s the after.

So nice right? We installed hardwood floors and obviously had a major hook-up with a grass cloth company since there’s more nice grass cloth on the walls. I think it came out pretty well. Simple, relaxing and clutter free. Not like a scary pea green dungeon.

Thanks again to Laure for letting me use her images and for letting me join the crew. It was super awesome fun crazy exhausting, but ultimately warmed the cold little modernist cockles of my heart. It was incredible to see how utterly transformed these homes could be in just a few short days.

If you guys want to check it out on the TV – Enough Already airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Mondays at 8pm.

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  1. Ryan on 02/24/2011:

    Blue grass walls are dooooooope! Is the cost high to do that? Also like the mirroe…could be a diy type thing.

  2. Brismod on 02/24/2011:

    Those walls look amazing as does everything else. It’s sad when people become so overwhelmed by their stuff, but a nice clean slate has to be a big help. x

  3. You (and the rest of the crew) did a flat out AMAZING job. Truly. Off to program my DVR…

  4. mm on 02/24/2011:

    This is a show I won’t miss! Fantastic! I love to watch how talented people work.

  5. daniela on 02/24/2011:

    Absolutely beautiful… but I cannot see any extra storage being created and there is very little there, won’t they just put their clutter back on the tables and couches in a week? Where did it go?

  6. ModFruGal on 02/24/2011:

    Wow…very cool…and YOU”RE IN THE TV BIZ NOW!

  7. Loren on 02/24/2011:

    These photos are amazing! You guys did a fantastic job. I’m really impressed with your. vignette, I am so terrible at them it blows my mind when people can make such gorgeous displays with a few everyday type objects.
    P.S. I was in Office Depot getting something enlarged when a lady was trying to get something out of a book enlarged and they refused. But she basically admitted she wanted to sell the copies. She was P.O.ed

  8. Bob Borson on 02/24/2011:

    That looks like a lot of fun – super great job!!

  9. Deborah on 02/24/2011:

    I’ve been watching this show! I’m even more excited now that I know you are involved.

    I am swooning a bit.

  10. alice on 02/24/2011:

    FANTASTIC job! I’ve seen shows similar to this and sometimes the “after” designs are…. too fake? Too something…
    This is perfect. I’d live here.. and those chairs in the living room are AWESOME.

  11. Sarah on 02/24/2011:

    I can’t believe you’re involved in a TV show! Or, more accurately, I can’t believe someone who actually has amazing skills is involved in a home design show. You totally deserve it.

  12. Ashley on 02/24/2011:

    Didn’t think I’d ever say this, but it seems as though I have a reason to watch OWN now. You’re totally a celeb now, Morgan!

  13. Becky on 02/24/2011:

    Wow, this is really great! Love the “after” shots. Aren’t you guys afraid that they’ll just trash the place again? I definitely feel like some people do need an organizing boost because they feel overwhelmed, but if it got that bad once before, I feel like it’d get bad again, no matter how pretty the designs are. Maybe I’m just a huge pessimist though. In any case, awesome job!

  14. erin@designcrisis on 02/24/2011:

    AWESOME job! I know it’s not totally your style, but it looks warm and lived in, not like the usual store bought bullshit most makeovers feature.

    ps: those dudes were definitely hoarders!

  15. julie on 02/24/2011:

    This looks to be an exciting new show out in the market. So happy to see a design show that hangs onto what someone already owns and spruces it up in a way that anyone can do on their own. The final designs are well thought out and not at all “cookie-cutter” in their feel. Nice work!

  16. Jaime from Design Milk on 02/24/2011:

    Wow so awesome, Morgan. What a great opportunity and super duper before/after shots. It’s like Hoarding meets HGTV HAHA yay!

  17. Maryalice Eckart on 02/24/2011:

    shut. up! soooooooo awesome. good good job! I too wonder where everything went and if they’ll re-clutter it up. that’s a hard habit to break. hopefully starting with such a beautiful clean slate will inspire the homeowners. congrats!!!

  18. Eva on 02/24/2011:

    First of all this looks absolutely fantasic! I was wondering where the floating nightstand in their master bedroom is from?? I’m in love with those but for some reason I can never find them.

  19. Natalie on 02/24/2011:

    OMG- they are so lucky to have your team work on their space. What a complete transformation. Can’t believe it’s the same rooms. Really nice work.

  20. Lauren @ chezerbey on 02/24/2011:

    Wow! Great job!

    I didn’t even know Oprah had her own network…I’ll have to check it out. Is Peter Walsh the guy who did Clean Sweep on TLC years ago? (Love those organizing shows.)

  21. Gaidig on 02/24/2011:

    Beautiful job on the design, Morgan.

    I am actually relieved to hear you say that these people are not really hoarders, just extremely cluttered. I think there is a psychological difference that makes hoarders really attached to every thing that comes into there house, whereas some people just feel overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start. Either way, I hope they are getting help with learning how to deal with it all in the future.

  22. Ashley @ Susie B. Mag on 02/24/2011:

    Holy makeover! The house looks incredible. I love the colors in the bedroom.

  23. Gaidig on 02/24/2011:

    Oops! Typo. That should be “their house”. I promise I know the difference.

  24. ella on 02/24/2011:

    I’ve been watching this show. Peter Walsh was on another show that helped folks declutter and organize.
    This is cool! Great job!

  25. Marie on 02/24/2011:

    Eva, the floating nightstand is the slice wall shelf from cb2.com. I’ve been coveting one forever!

  26. Colleen on 02/24/2011:

    CRAZY! After that first photo I thought I was going to have to shower, I feel much cleaner after seeing the after photos. I hop the homeowners don’t take this for granted and go back to their old ways…that would be a shame. Love EVERYTHING about what you all did!

  27. jennifer on 02/24/2011:

    and sooooooooooo needed.

  28. heidi on 02/24/2011:

    wow! I had NO idea that is what you did for a living!! I was wondering. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That house looks fantastic. And I too love that you kept many of their original items. When they re-do houses and just buy all new stuff, it’s like duh, yeah, if I had a bazillion dollars I could just do that too! Great job.

  29. L on 02/24/2011:

    Excellent job (like all your great designing). And i love how you got into a spirit that is so unlike your usual sleek-n-mod mode. Way to go!

  30. Suzy8track on 02/24/2011:

    I’m definitely going to have to check out this show! Love that you re-use what the owner has rather than buying getting all new stuff. The bedroom makeover has to be the most amazing transformation I’ve ever seen! Great job!

  31. Mich on 02/24/2011:

    sounds like a dream gig. Going through other people’s stuff- finding treasure and then redesigning it all! Looks amazing- I love the grasscloth!

  32. Jen@BloggersAbode on 02/24/2011:

    I saw this yesterday on her blog. You guys really did go above and beyond in making that place great. I read that the owners HATED it? I can’t imagine. What idiots.

  33. Simone on 02/24/2011:

    Anna at Doorsixteen has a cluttered basement at the moment… (I have a cluttered house but I think Holland is probably out of your circle of influence).
    Cool job.

  34. Kimberj on 02/24/2011:

    Such fabulosity!!! How do I get them to come make my sewing/quilting/bedroom space organized and functional. Its kind of like their dining room. I’m drowning in “I just don’t know where to put that”!

  35. Coletta on 02/24/2011:

    WHERE do you buy blue grass cloth. I need that for my living room wall like RIGHT NOW!

  36. Erik on 02/25/2011:

    I quite liked their original furniture, especially the easy chairs. Great that you reused them, the place looks very cool.

  37. Sharlene Yaqui on 02/25/2011:

    It looks very nice. I can’t help but notice all of the terrariums, did you make them? I’ve been thinking about making some for my home.

    Can’t wait to see the show!

  38. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/25/2011:

    Thanks guys! Laure & Mike are really the ones who made it all happen. I was just happy to come and help out.

    Yeah, the owners hated it. But come on, look how they lived before…they might not be the best judge.

    Laure made the terrariums, aren’t they cool? I made some other ones for another episode that were less exciting.

    I like this production work a lot. Hope to do more of it.

  39. Simone on 02/25/2011:

    I think that the minds of the owners are still cluttered and they’re not thinking reasonably. They can see but are effectively blind (like sometimes with my child, I have to ask her: “do you actually see that or are you thinking that?”)
    When someone has a deep selfhatred they can’t accept this amount of care you guys put into this house. Because they cannot even give that care to themselves.

  40. Eric on 02/25/2011:

    Dang. I though our table was a little cluttered! Huge improvement…I can definitely spot the Morgan-derived bits!

  41. Jen on 02/25/2011:

    I always feel that people who are okay with living in the “before” don’t deserve the “after.” I mean, it’s highly probable that those beautiful rooms will be disgusting in 2 weeks. Do you ever go back and see if they’ve kept it up? The grasscloth is really pretty. I like both rooms. I’m always so disappointed that sloppy people get beauty handed to them. It does make for an impressive before and after though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. erin@designcrisis on 02/25/2011:

    The owners hated it????????!


    ps: where can I buy one of those glass terrarium things on the cheap?

  43. laurenjanelle on 02/25/2011:

    Oh my lanta. this is spectacular design. beautiful job!

  44. Jen@BloggersAbode on 02/25/2011:

    Goodwills and thrifts are great places to get the glass containers for terrariums. Then follow the tutorial posted on this site- I did and it was all kinds of fun and pretty! Super easy and cheap. Unless you CRAZY on plants like I did…No self control I swear.

  45. Jen@BloggersAbode on 02/25/2011:

    GO crazy is the term I was going for.

  46. Caitlin on 02/25/2011:

    Looks great, Morgan! Can’t wait to check out Secrets from a Stylist tomorrow night and hope to spot some of your old furniture!

  47. Janice B in Canada on 02/26/2011:

    Where oh where did that gorgeous wall-hung side table in the bedroom come from?

    And much congratulations on your evolution from hobbyist to pro. Its been a delight to follow.

  48. MidCenturyHome on 02/26/2011:

    That’s a TERRIFIC job! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Really inspiring as well.

    Congrats to you and all your people with you worked for…


  49. MidCenturyHome on 02/26/2011:

    That’s a TERRIFIC job! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Really inspiring as well.

    Congrats to you and all your people with you worked…


  50. La Rรฉsidence! on 02/26/2011:

    Awesome! Are you allowed to swear on tv?

  51. amyks on 02/27/2011:

    Amazing!!! That’s all I have to say and also where did you get the hanging shelf/drawer that is in the bedroom? I love it!

  52. Cate on 02/27/2011:

    Did you cover the mirrored closets in the bedroom with the grass paper. Mirrored closets are such an eyesore, they look gorgeous and sleek covered! How is it done?

  53. julia wheeler on 02/28/2011:

    YES! so stoked for you and hope you get to do more!

  54. Such a talented duo – you and Laure – I’m not surprised the rooms look fantastic.

    Have to say, I love the blue grass cloth. I’ve been catching up on Mad Men and die everytime I see it in Don & Betty’s home office.

  55. Cheryl Vieira on 03/09/2011:

    Where’d you get the blue grasscloth from?

  56. Melody on 03/28/2011:

    When will Season 2 be starting? They’ve stopped playing Season 1 since it ended, but won’t play reruns. It is driving me crazy, because I really love the show and consider Peter Walsh to have saved me from my innate hoarding tendencies. I am getting rid of clutter daily, and love sorting through things while watching.

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