June 22nd, 2012

Either the summer heat or my advanced age is making my brain go all mushy and not have words for writing and making the things coherent and that stuff.

I have things to blog. Serious things.

At least that’s what all these half-finished posts giving me the stink eye seem to indicate.

Go finish yourselves, you stupid judgmental posts! Who needs you, when all sorts of quicker and less wordy things are happening over on that @the_brick_house thing on Instagram.


Hey there, friend.

I’ve been hanging around a couple new places on the internet. Don’t tell anyone.

Here are some links:


Thanks again to all the nice internets and people on it.

I like you.

Enjoy the weekend, but please do it begrudgingly. No one likes a showboat.

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  1. Natalie (NJ in L.A.) on 06/22/2012:

    Your Instagram is one of my favorites! … & my mom’s too. Her and I both have chihuahuas, so when I showed her one of yours one day, she seriously died! Now she asks about them.

  2. Igor on 06/22/2012:

    Love your IGs and as of now an avid follower:-)

  3. Shannon8FOOTSIX on 06/22/2012:

    Holy Smokes I cant wait to gobble up your pinterest boards!!!!

    is your mantel falling off?? huh?

  4. nickarmadillo on 06/22/2012:

    What’s up with the mantle? Doing a little repainting? Your place is always an inspiration.

  5. jeannette on 06/22/2012:

    evan lobel on knockoffs in the Dwell piece, what a wanker.
    “A knockoff has no intrinsic value, zero. The clearest parallel I can draw is between buying a real Picasso and a photocopy of one. The real keeps on going up in value, while the knockoff was worthless when it was made and will always be worthless.”

    Read more:

    i was reading the other day about how art appraisers are backing off saying forgeries are fake because of fear of LAWSUITS from the owners, or shall we say the sellers, of fake paintings. i was thinking about the pleasure reproductions give.
    i have a bonnard bather in my bathroom and i look at it every time i sit down in there. it is so beautiful to me. i have seen it in person, actually took a road trip to do so, and of course it is an entirely different thing in person.
    but the repro makes me happy 50 times a week.

  6. nickarmadillo on 06/22/2012:

    I put my little comment in defense of knockoffs up there as well. I can appreciate that people are upset when others piggyback off of their hard work, but if they priced their products appropriately (commensurate with the quality, usefulness, and overall value of the product) knockoffs wouldn’t be nearly the problem that they are today.

  7. Fat Cat on 06/23/2012:

    Love the snapshots of your home. I’m not on Instagram, so I really enjoy looking at them over here 🙂
    I’ve been very distracted by Pinterest lately. So many things to look at, so many cool pinners to follow (including you of course 😉 But I still prefer reading a good ‘old’ blog post !

  8. Laura on 06/23/2012:

    Do you ever cook? If so you must move that awesome piece of vintage textile heaven out of the kitchen. At once!

  9. ///fantabulously on 06/24/2012:

    the people of the internets like you back. good job superstar!

  10. Alex on 06/25/2012:

    Wow that Dwell article was a great read, reading the comments that follow the article is a even better read lol. I sell knock off’s and can understand the point of both sides but come on, everyone but Morgan’s opinion was written by people who just don’t have a grasp a regular persons income.

    For me it goes like this, can I afford a real Knoll sectional sofa? No – Can I afford a Knock off of the same piece? Yes

    We are ordering new pieces July 31st, let me know if anyone out there is looking for a specific piece!

  11. modernhaus on 06/25/2012:

    I like how nonchalant you about the fact that you are QUEEN OF THE FREAKING INTERNET.

  12. Amy on 06/26/2012:

    Awesome tidbits!

  13. Chibiwow on 06/28/2012:

    This post really makes me smile, yes intrenet hobos really love your blog. Got my eye on your blog now.

  14. gilliany on 07/08/2012:

    man, the smugness at that magazine is nauseating. must be the only way to sell a publication that features the same seven iconic pieces of furniture in “spare” houses in every damn issue. bless you for your thoughtful, democratic comments! have always loved your blog- thanks for it all!

  15. brandon on 07/16/2012:

    What’s going on with the outside? I miss all the great trial and error sketchups.

  16. bjorn on 02/14/2013:

    Hi, what is/where is that rocker chair from? , it’s lovely!

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