Bedroom Updating

December 13th, 2010

I’ve been futzing with the guest bedroom after the recent acquisition of a few items.

I know nothing is spectacularly new and exciting and slowly things have been shifting around, but I’m still coming up short on headboards and bed linen. I just can’t seem to find anything I can afford that I love. Not to say I haven’t found lots of stuff I LOVE, but usually it’s in the crazy 1st Dibs level of pricing that isn’t feasible for our tens of dollars kind of budget. I’m thinking I may have to make some sort of slab headboard and then magically acquire some Area bedding.

Change wise, burly tables came in from the master bedroom for nightstand action. I hung my estate sale vintage rug, and the new credenza also seems to have wandered in here as well as a new thrifty lamp.

Bowie/Thunder Foot was getting a bit riled up by the impromptu photo shoot, so he spent some time relaxing on the rocker. I wish he would stop growing up so quickly, he’s very much becoming a little man (with a neutering appointment at the end of January).

Yup. So there is that.

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  1. Ryan on 12/13/2010:

    Love the rug and little bowie. I also have that ikea blanket/throw…actuall using it now as I type because its cold.


  2. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 12/13/2010:

    BOWIE IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEE. Can’t. get. enough. Your dogs need their own tumblr.

    Lookin’ good! That credenza is bomb. Also, if the Emile duvet cover in Mineral would just get in my house already, I think I’d be a happier person.

  3. victoria on 12/13/2010:

    inspired. as per usual. 🙂

  4. janine robinson on 12/13/2010:

    i love the little dna ball colored thingy! works great with the earthy 60s pottery. i’ve been toying with the slab headboard for a while. would be nice to add some dimension to the bed and be comfy to lean back on. would love to see what you come up with!

  5. Emily Fitzhugh on 12/13/2010:

    ahh I room after my heart. I love the mix of eclectic mix. Mid-century with a soft, homey feel. Perfect. 🙂

  6. emily henderson on 12/13/2010:

    i mean, how are your pictures always so pretty? what kinda camera you have, lady? too bad your puppy is ugly. i mean, he’s super hard to look at. can you order him some ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ online or something? i’m totally obsessed with him. i want to put his ear in my mouth. not in a weird way, just in a ‘i think it will be soft and taste nice’ way.

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/13/2010:

    Dan, I should get a doggy tumblr, it would just be all videos of Bowie chasing Iggy around biting his butt.

    Janine, Its a vintage molecular model – I got it on Etsy!

    Emily, its a Sony A500 and photoshop, I’m an OK photographer but a decent photoshopper. I do nibble his ears, its totally weird, but awesome at the same time.

  8. Ana@Rearranged Design on 12/13/2010:

    What about a plywood/batting/fabric headboard? You could use a grey wool blanket and it’d look great on that wall or a lean a stained piece of plywood on that wall as a headboard.

    I’ve nibbled on my share of kitten ears if that validates you in any way.

  9. Maggie on 12/13/2010:

    nice. and I think you’ve got the cutest dog alive.

  10. Charlotte on 12/13/2010:

    Looking great. I’m with you on the eternal quest to find attractive bedding that doesn’t cost ridiculous money.

  11. maya on 12/13/2010:

    oh! my room looks so nice!

  12. erin@designcrisis on 12/13/2010:

    When you figure the headboard conundrum out, let me know! I have decided it is impossible. Just be glad you don’t have to outfit a king sized bed.

    Oh, and the burl tables against that black wall are serious. Perfect.

  13. Amanda on 12/13/2010:

    His ear flops over= SO cute!

  14. Tonia on 12/13/2010:

    You just want them to stay little as long as possible. I’ve recently aquired a bunch of thrifty items I’m in the process of cleaning them up, but I have a couple of majoor projects going on at the moment. Wood floors are being restained and glass being replaced in a few windows that I didn’t know were cracked….but I’m sure you’ll be able to find some headboards that you like or you can live with, whichever comes first.

  15. Becky on 12/13/2010:

    Love the textiles on the bed! So cozy and lovely. Also your dog is SO CUTE! Makes me want to smoosh my face into him.

  16. my little apartment on 12/13/2010:

    ugh, I am SO feeling you on the headboard/bedding sinkhole. I’m totally stuck and feel totally blah about the whole thing. I have only dipped my toe into looking at bedding, but I already know that everything I want is gonna be too $$. my apt is lookin’ great, but my whole bedroom is so lame.

  17. robyn on 12/13/2010:

    I would love to be a guest there!

  18. Alex on 12/13/2010:

    Hey you.. Your Womb chair should be here next week or possibly the Monday following the holidays. I will keep you posted.

  19. Ashley Weber on 12/14/2010:

    It’s the hanging center lamp with the hanging bed side lamps that’s throwing me off… and maybe the night stand tables.. just aren’t vibing in there like the rest of the burl in your house- all of which I support otherwise…maybe they are just feeling small to me or too many circles all in one spot .. Love the rest and am waiting to drool over your womb chair. And thunder foot seems like he should also be nicknamed “boss” or “pistol” cause he sounds and looks like he thinks he’s about 100lbs.

  20. Ashley Weber on 12/14/2010:

    p.s. thomas obrien has some good vintage style bedding out there, which starts out expensive, but when is one sale is pretty rockin… target has been carrying it for a little while

  21. Appletree on 12/14/2010:

    Ack! I hear you. I have been wanting a modernish fence but they are not easy. LOVING your blog and adding you to my roll right this minute

  22. Appletree on 12/14/2010:

    oops commented on the wrong post. I have a fever.

  23. kristen on 12/14/2010:

    little old man puppy! look at those neck wrinkles! KA-youuuute!

  24. dewey on 12/14/2010:

    love your blog and most everything you’ve done. Is the painted-black wall supposed to be textured?

    best regards

  25. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/15/2010:

    All our walls are hand troweled plaster, so they all have a bit of plaster texture.

  26. janine robinson on 12/15/2010:

    i have no headboard and am tired of the million pillows on our king-sized bed. i found this helpful post on diy headboard using frame and batting, and she’s a happy married person, too!

  27. hallie on 12/16/2010:

    the room looks amazing… i am in love with the chandelier. like really in love!

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