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Thursday, December 13th, 2012








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First off, thanks to everyone who came out to WORK / SHOP this past weekend. I believe we had a rollicking good time and the night was quite the success for all. Special thanks to Kate Miss and Bianca of Chaparral Studio for organizing the whole thing, Michael – aka – The Flash Dance for making the beats drop (is that how DJ’s talk? I’m sorry) and Laure Joliet for taking all these great photos.

Sooooo WORK / SHOP marked the very (very very very) soft launch of my new retail venture CAMP.

Yup! I’m making stuff! Stuff for your home! I know, right? Here’s a little preview of some of my new wares courtesy of my instagram feed.






Hooray! After months and months of prototyping, experimenting and cursing the skies in frustration? I finally designed and perfected three products: Simple Light Simple Pendant  /  Saltillo Pillow

Its a start. I’m kind of a perfectionist. Give me a break.

Somehow, even without the shop launched, I’m out of stock on most everything. Captain of industry over here with the having no stock, but no worries, I’m in the process of shooting product photos with something other than my iPhone,  finalizing shipping details and hand making more of everything. Obviously I’ll announce when the shop is launching for real and things can actually be purchased.

But for now? Take a gander and say hello to CAMP.



Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Well hey big boy.

Where have you been all my life? On the range or something? Mmmm, that’s hot.

Sharon Montrose (aka the brains and beauty behind The Animal Print Shop) just released this chunky furry hunk of American Buffalo, a HUGE print of which we installed in real life in my bedroom a few months back during a photo shoot for Sharon’s shop. It was, of course, a great shoot with some great folks and I’m pretty pumped to show off more of Sharon’s images (cough cough, of which I styled around the house and that Laure photographed) as soon as they are released.

So pop over and check out this handsome Buffalo as well as the other newly released animal prints, all of which are available in all sorts of sizes – including GIANT, right here.


Thursday, December 6th, 2012

I avoid the holidays in the same way I’ve been avoiding blogging. Like a lot or something.

Worst. Time. Of. Year.

But hey, if you’re in LA this weekend and would like to see me try and avoid all kinds of things in person go ahead and stop by WORK / SHOP this Saturday evening. There will be great folks selling great unique wares that include vintage type small things from me. Yes, I’ve made some things such as lamps or pillows or other such smalls or whatever. So screw the holidays and your loved ones and come by and treat yourself to something nice. Also, that’s the only way I’m going to sell my things. It can only be sold to you for you since I hate the holidays so goddam much.

But I love you guys…and my dogs…and maybe the Boy.

Dec. 8th / 5-9pm
Elephant / 3325 Division St. Los Angeles, CA 90065

Come on by for funs and goods and etcetera.

Hope to see you there. Smile winky face exclamation points.