December 6th, 2012

I avoid the holidays in the same way I’ve been avoiding blogging. Like a lot or something.

Worst. Time. Of. Year.

But hey, if you’re in LA this weekend and would like to see me try and avoid all kinds of things in person go ahead and stop by WORK / SHOP this Saturday evening. There will be great folks selling great unique wares that include vintage type small things from me. Yes, I’ve made some things such as lamps or pillows or other such smalls or whatever. So screw the holidays and your loved ones and come by and treat yourself to something nice. Also, that’s the only way I’m going to sell my things. It can only be sold to you for you since I hate the holidays so goddam much.

But I love you guys…and my dogs…and maybe the Boy.

Dec. 8th / 5-9pm
Elephant / 3325 Division St. Los Angeles, CA 90065

Come on by for funs and goods and etcetera.

Hope to see you there. Smile winky face exclamation points.


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  1. mary @ B&Gjournals on 12/06/2012:

    what a relief to hear someone else say the holidays can seriously be the worst, most stressful and isolating time of year. would love to come if i was anywhere near LA…

  2. Jeanmarie on 12/06/2012:

    Thanks for always making me smile. Your quips and humor kill me.

  3. Daryl on 12/06/2012:

    Why do I not live in LA? This sounds like so much fun. And this holiday nonsense? I could skip the whole month :).
    Have a fabulous day Saturday.

  4. tamoto on 12/06/2012:


  5. the brick house on 12/06/2012:

    Yup. Exactly. ⬆

  6. modernhaus on 12/06/2012:

    hot bourbon apple cider all up in my thermos. we will drink in the alley.

  7. Mike on 12/08/2012:

    Sounds like you need a little Krampus in your life (video link below courtesy of Anthony Bourdain). Maybe Krampus will visit the oxygen thieves that stole your porch furniture 😉 . The thought of it warms my black heart.

  8. Tonja on 12/08/2012:

    You sound exactly like me! I’m glad that you’re willing to write what you really think. Let’s skip the next few weeks and ignore that it’s happening.

  9. Bob Tilton on 12/08/2012:

    Your writing slays me every time. Like.

    Hugs and kisses and all that shit.

  10. Jamie Herzlinger on 12/09/2012:

    Hope the event went smashing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  11. Fat Cat on 12/10/2012:

    Thanks for making me smile ! I needed that, it being the worst time of the year and all…

  12. the brick house on 12/12/2012:

    Mike: the only experience I’ve had with Krampus was via The Venture Bros. Prefer him to all holiday icons.

  13. Mike on 12/18/2012:

    Whoa Morgan, that you tube video was truly dark – Thanks ! But enough about righteous holiday villains – In an effort to combine you tube videos – holiday malaise and shit getting stolen, here is another one for you courtesy of Raquel Rodriguez who had her Macbook, cell and 64 Impala stolen –


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