December 12th, 2012

Well hey big boy.

Where have you been all my life? On the range or something? Mmmm, that’s hot.

Sharon Montrose (aka the brains and beauty behind The Animal Print Shop) just released this chunky furry hunk of American Buffalo, a HUGE print of which we installed in real life in my bedroom a few months back during a photo shoot for Sharon’s shop. It was, of course, a great shoot with some great folks and I’m pretty pumped to show off more of Sharon’s images (cough cough, of which I styled around the house and that Laure photographed) as soon as they are released.

So pop over and check out this handsome Buffalo as well as the other newly released animal prints, all of which are available in all sorts of sizes – including GIANT, right here.

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  1. mary s. on 12/12/2012:

    Looking at the floor..perhaps saying to his distant relative, “dayum girl! You just gonna lay there and let them walk all over you?”

  2. Kim @ Yellow Brick Home on 12/12/2012:

    Sweet Jeebs. I love Sharon so much (we have her piglet in our hallway), but that bison is to die for. To. Die. For.

  3. Christa on 12/12/2012:

    Wow, nice. I don’t suppose you got to keep it? Really looks like it belongs in your room.

  4. Ryann Moore on 12/13/2012:

    There are roaming buffalo in Hemet? Oh sorry, I must have gotten confused considering THAT PRINT IS ALMOST AS BIG AS YOUR WINDOW. And I love it.

  5. Suzy8track on 12/13/2012:

    Wow! That gigantic print looks great in your place. Hopefully you were able to keep it?

  6. Laura on 12/13/2012:

    Wow I love that buffalo so hard.

  7. Sarah C. on 12/13/2012:

    I love her work (and fantasize about her doing a session with my sweet pup), and I adore this print of the buffalo especially. The pricepoints are just really hard/impossible. I can’t spend $350 or even $3500 for something I can’t live under or eat. 🙁 Let me know if you get to do a giveaway with her. I’ll be the first entry.

  8. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/13/2012:

    Sarah, there are also $25 and $75 options which seem pretty affordable. The larger pieces are limited editions and more expensive to produce which all factors into the cost. Can anyone tell I used to be a gallerist?

    Plus, dude, Sharon did a photo shoot with a BUFFALO. Like a real giant buffalo. The behind the scenes shots were insane.

  9. alex sunday on 12/14/2012:

    Behind the scenes shots please!!!!
    And yes, that is one hot buffalo.
    I got one of Sharon’s prints for my sister-in-law, which instantly made me the best sister-in-law in the world. In. The. World.

  10. Adam W. on 12/14/2012:
  11. He looks fuzzy. I like it 😀

  12. Susan B. on 12/15/2012:

    Looks great!

  13. Djanefonda on 12/15/2012:

    WOW!! I loooove it!!! Going to check out her other pics now!

  14. Ellegentsia on 12/18/2012:

    Love the Work/Shop shoot, reminds me a little of the essence of what’s happening at Ruschmeyer.

  15. caroline on 12/30/2012:

    completely fell in love with the buffalo print! and I didn’t even know I liked buffalos!

  16. I have been crushing on that buffalo and wrote a post about it myself. Trouble is, The Mr. thinks I’m crazy and I don’t know that I have a good place for it anyway. But I will continue to covet it!

  17. Lesley on 02/02/2013:

    Please call it a bison and not a buffalo…buffalo are from Africa and Asia. That is a picture of and American bison. It is a common mistake. Everyone will think you are a lot smarter if you call it what it really is.

    That being said I think your website is very cool.

  18. Emily on 04/17/2013:

    What size print is that on your wall? It’s hard to tell the scale.

  19. Dawn on 04/18/2013:

    Hi! I have spent the last half hour around your website trying to find out more about the chair in this shot. Best I can tell, its been added since your “tour” page was shot, but that is all I’ve got. Is there a post on where/how you scored it? I’m trying to figure out what I should be typing into Craigslist to keep my eye out for one 😉

  20. Kevin on 08/05/2013:

    What size is this photograph? 30″x 40″?

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