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Monday, November 2nd, 2009

I got my first ever orchid from Fresh and Easy. Have you tried that place? They seem like they are popping up everywhere in California. We like the simplicity, the self checkout and low low prices and tend to go there frequently for the basics. It’s the closest thing to a Trader Joe’s that we have in awful Hemet. I really miss Trader Joe’s

The thing is F&E has some rocking coupons. On our last visit we got $20 off of a $100 grocery bill and this $9.99 orchid as a bonus. I hear orchids can be a bit finicky, so I’m not sure how long this little dude will last in the bathroom.


Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

09.27.2009 Joshua Tree, California

Check out this great before and after at Alma Allen’s via Commune Design. Love the simplicity of the tile, wood and cement in this nice unfussy shower. Check out their rad Design Log, some great inspiring stuff.

Now you can take home a little bit of Commune (well, for some major $$$) at the new shop.

My favorite thing is these Commune Crates.

(The Ace Hotel)

At $1600 a pop these are way more DIY than purchase friendly, but nevertheless Commune still remains one of my favorite design houses. Delicious.

Exterior Wood Siding

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

There is a section of the ugly exterior
back patio that I want to cover with horizontal slats of wood. Like this guy did via the LA Times.

Good to know:

1. Use quality, stain-grade redwood
2. Use the proper kind of nail (zinc oxide, to prevent corrosion)
3. Drill a starter hole before tapping in each nail (to avoid splitting the wood)

I think we can do this after learning how to float furring strips on our concrete bricks in the guest bedroom.