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Guest Bedroom: The Run Down

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


(BEFORE) (like really before before, shot during our inspection)


After we painted and reconstructed the guest bedroom wall it was time to style it all up. I bought two new things for the guest bedroom decorating extravaganza:

1. Enje white roller shades (3) from Ikea
2. White jersey sheets (on sale for $12.50!) at Target

Otherwise, everything else was lying around the house that we needed to decorate this bitch up. And I think I can prove it…

Hey, it’s the guest bedroom credenza hiding back behind the couch so very long ago. We bought this piece years before we ever moved to The Brick House. If memory serves it was found at a Salvation Army and was $60.

Wow, a really eye jarringly ugly and old version of the master bedroom. The Malou Ikea duvet set is now gracing the guest bed and the Ikea Vinstra bed frame was our first ever bed frame we owned.

The Ikea Jorun blanket is still a favorite.

One of my $50 Craigslist cowhides is cozying up the floors.

My first butterfly chair picked up at Angel View Thrift in Palm Springs.

The $40 Craigslist sputnik chandelier.


The $50 ebay brass Laurel lamp.

My free bubble lamp pendants.

Ahhhh, Connie. I freed you of that horrid frame.
The kilim art is a painting as well…

I was going through all the old posts to find the pieces that ended up in the guest bedroom and realized that I never ever posted about this pair of tables I picked up. I found them months ago at a roadside estate sale and immediately shoved them into the guest bedroom where they languished away under piles of crap. Marked Lyon – Made in Denmark, they are teak and cost $50 for the pair.

Still to do:

-Closet door handles (custom)
-TV, Ugh.
-Alarm clock


Saturday, November 7th, 2009

(via 16 Miles of String)

Art, design and cake? Three of my favorite things combined into one extra super awesome edible rad thing. That Barcelona couch looks delicious.

Go here for more details.

Desert Homes

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

(all via Dwell)

We have all the negatives of living in the desert – heat, lack of water, dust, crazy people, meth, spiders and lizards – but none of the pluses – wide open views, privacy, floor to ceiling windows, big dark night skies, that special desert smell, and modernist architecture.

I’m desperately dreaming of building a modern boxy house somewhere isolated in the Southern California desert. Near enough to Palm Springs that we can still go to dinner and thrifting and be a little on the grid. I guess the possible “murdered where no one can hear you scream” factor would be hard to deal with…but hey, it’s probably more likely I’d get hit by some tricked out music blasting truck in front of my suburban house. And my views suck.