November 13th, 2009

Painter’s Chair.

Urban Outfitters, why do you always screw up anything that has the slightest possibility of being rad? Really? Fake paint splatters? On this Arne Norell chair knock-off! Really? REALLY?

I haven’t felt this much spite and hatred since I spotted the Old Navy Women’s “The Flirt” Paint-Splatter Boot-Cut Jeans. And yeah, I was at Old Navy this weekend, that’s how I f*ing roll.

I’m not an authenticity snob or anything, I love a good knock-off, but for some reason this “paint splatter” thing really grinds my gonads.

Urban Outfitters can take things a step too far into some horrible hipster downward spiral of douche baggery. The thing is, I sometimes kind of like some of their things, but this Painter’s Chair is just killing me. I might have loved the chair if it was paint free…but still, at $235 I seriously would never have bought it. Have you seen UO’s quality? Awful. Come to think of it I’ve never really bought any home goods at the big UO because it’s always sort of overpriced and bad quality. But sunglasses? On sale? Hell yes.

Good god, I still want a Safari chair ssssssooooo bad. I’d even take a knock-off if the price was right (and if it didn’t have douchey paint splatters).

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  1. Cassie on 11/13/2009:

    I am with you 100%. Horrid.

  2. brismod on 11/13/2009:

    That's a knock-off on something illicit. Strange.

  3. FoundVintageStyle on 11/13/2009:

    pseudo hip painter bullshit. yup.

  4. Holyoke Home on 11/13/2009:

    I bought a hat at UO and it fell apart on my head on the way home.

  5. Lisa on 11/13/2009:


  6. modfrugal on 11/13/2009:

    Truly Fugly. I still wince when I think of the estate sale where I saw one for $100, it was really thrashed, but I passed it up because I was pissed off someone had swiped the sideboard I wanted out from under me…I was blinded by envy and regret. Argh! You'll find yours…

  7. Kate on 11/13/2009:

    what the what? I can't wait to send this to my painter boyfriend, who will never let me live down occasionally wearing purposely ripped jeans a few times over the summer.

  8. susie on 11/13/2009:

    That's f*cking horrible! i "love" how the paint splatters are only on the leather, not on the wood frame.

  9. STUDY on 11/13/2009:

    I would seriously never stop laughing if I went over to a friend's house and saw that chair sitting there. No matter how good the friend. Then again, I did once buy a vaguely ripped off Baltensweiler desk lamp from Urban Outfitters once and paid only five bucks for it. I love that thing, but it most definitely does not have paint splatters on it.

  10. ingrida on 11/13/2009:


  11. Porcelain on 11/13/2009:

    Hahaha! I just saw this piece of crap on UO's site and was going to post about it myself. As a painter, I always find the faux-paint splatter shit reDONK!

  12. Anonymous on 11/13/2009:

    i am consistently disappointed with uo. the overall look is cute – they do a nice job on the catalogs and website. but when you see it in person – the quality is poor and the prices are way out of line. resale places have better looking, quality chairs for a fraction of the price of this ugly one. i find outstanding stuff at garage sales and authentically trashed, not this faked mumbo jumbo. i think uo is for people who don't know how to shop.

  13. Julien on 11/13/2009:

    Their Alexander Girard stuff is pretty nice though. And I've gotten a few nice pieces of pottery but they were by artists that they were carrying limited edition.

  14. Anonymous on 11/13/2009:

    I'll have to admit, that chair actually looks really nice… for me to POOP on!

  15. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/13/2009:


  16. maya on 11/13/2009:
  17. Myles Henry Blog on 11/14/2009:

    doo doo garbage

  18. Jessica on 11/15/2009:

    That chair is gross…

  19. thisgirlandthatguy on 11/15/2009:

    love your blog. equally love the people who post on your blog. it makes me laugh, so please continue to use the word "douchey". Cheers!

  20. Juli on 11/15/2009:

    Jeeze louise. The closer we come to opening a store, the more I see things the way they are. As far as I am concerned, UO is for teenagers/early 20-somethings and quantity over quality consumption.

  21. Down and Out Chic on 11/19/2009:

    teeheee. this cracks me up! ewwwwie.

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