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Just saying…

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Franco Albini + Brass.

Yes, this will do. I’ll take a pair.

Ben Seibel. I’m yours.

$10,000 worth of daydreaming.


Friday, September 11th, 2009

Almost half a year ago I picked up this pair of trashed bubble lamps. A dealer I had been bartering with pulled them out of a house in Orange County and proceeded to poke holes in them accidentally on the trip home. They were smoke stained, beat-up and sort of wilting in his garage storage; but I thought they were pretty rad. He didn’t think he could sell them in their terrible condition so he let me take them for free and try my hand at restoring them.

Well, they never got restored. I had BIG plans, and the lamps sat and sat and sat.

I started to enjoy the weird color and tattered vintage quality. It’s what The Boy likes to say when I bring thrashed stuff home or we accidentally break something, “its character”.

For $36 I bought I couple of pendant cord kits and decided to wire them up, flaws and all.

We installed them in the master bedroom hovering over each nightstand. Lighting around the bed has been consistently on my mind and I think this pair is a good fit, especially with the glam ceiling fixture.

Now I just need to style up those nightstands…


Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009



Rejuvenation just launched two new mid century inspired lights. I’m always a sucker for globe lights and the Sfera are nice and customizable (they even come in an 8″ and 16″ size). They are pricier than the Ikea version but way more refined. I hate that steel cable situation with the big Ikea 12″ globe light, that thing always looks like a bad 1990’s futuristic hot mess.

The Astron has totally peaked my interest. I think I need two in enameled black. Holler!

I have got to use that Rejuvenation gift certificate and these Astron numbers may be a winner. Maybe the master bedroom or guest bedroom, oh, or maybe in the living room in front of each window flanking the fireplace? Hmmmmmm….decisions, decisions.

It’s hard for me to choose what to buy when it comes to new stuff. There are just so many goddamn choices. With vintage or thrifting its pretty straightforward – you either find it or you don’t. If you find something you love and its the right price, you will make it work. Catalog stuff sometimes overwhelms me with all the options and I procrastinate. I make quick decisions and get more creative with boundaries and I think thrifting is like the most insane boundary and limitation. So, LONG story short – that is why I haven’t use my Rejuvenation gift certificate.

How do real designers do it? I always see that bird lady Candice Olson going through catalogs and picking shiz. But then those rooms always look so bland…like nice, but so so so boring.

Oh, and have you seen Design Star? What crap that show is and how awful has EVERY SINGLE THING been on that show? Oh god, this post has just turned into crazy rambling.