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Tuesday, December 8th, 2009





I picked up this pair of Original BTC England Hector Pleat table lamps at the Angel View Thrift in Palm Springs.

They totally had me fooled.

The cloth cord, the old style plug, even the tags underneath were skillfully designed to appear vintage. Well, they aren’t vintage, but I still think they’re groovy.


Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Not like I really need any more lamps, but I picked up a few more.

I found this vintage 60’s pair of Asian-y regency underpainted glass cinnamon colored lamps. I don’t know how I feel bout them now that they are in the house. At seven dollars it seemed like a deal since I LOVED the color of the painted glass, but I still hate the weird base. You know, I just liked that they were a pair and that the color was so luxe. They do sort of blend with my teak headboard.

I put some linen drum shades (still wrapped in cellophane so I can return them) on the lamps to see how they look but I think these need taller black shades and the pair should sit on a long console against a white or pale gray wall…ugh. I can TOTALLY imagine them in a room. Just not this room.

I think I may copy the guest bedroom and do a pair of pendants and paint the wall dark. BTW, I’m loving the dark wall in guest bedroom.

Then I bought another lamp that I wish was part of a pair.

It’s 70’s, it’s brass, and it’s got a Plexiglas lamp shade with brass details.

I splurged a bit at $30 but I think it’s super modernist glam and brassy sexy. Love it! I have no idea where it will go.


Monday, November 16th, 2009

Welcome home little knock-off, you are replacing the huge yellow lamp for a more understated lighting statement.

I love me some Poul Henningsen, and this little light is a lovely 1970’s knock-off piece of Danish engineering. This baby is super solid and heavy, and after going to the disappointing DWR warehouse blow out sale in Palm Springs and picking up all the chintzy, poorly made and overpriced lights, this little fresh white cloud of awesome made me remember why I love vintage so much. Quality.

I found it at this place called JP Denmark in Cathedral City. If your a frequenter of the Rose Bowl Flea Market you may recognize the husband and wife team with the plethora of amazing Danish items. Well, they have a warehouse. An AMAZING warehouse that I must have passed a million times (no website, no phone listing, in a weird little industrial strip mall – it’s like a design mirage) filled with vintage Danish pieces they import directly.

Pricing can be pretty good, but obviously your not going to get a total steal. Of course they had some really nice vintage PH lights that were out of my price range and all the dressers and credenzas? OMG. Bananas. Teak heaven.

JP Denmark is located near the Perez Design District in Cathedral City. Ask the guys over at Hedge and they can point you in the right direction.