September 11th, 2009

Almost half a year ago I picked up this pair of trashed bubble lamps. A dealer I had been bartering with pulled them out of a house in Orange County and proceeded to poke holes in them accidentally on the trip home. They were smoke stained, beat-up and sort of wilting in his garage storage; but I thought they were pretty rad. He didn’t think he could sell them in their terrible condition so he let me take them for free and try my hand at restoring them.

Well, they never got restored. I had BIG plans, and the lamps sat and sat and sat.

I started to enjoy the weird color and tattered vintage quality. It’s what The Boy likes to say when I bring thrashed stuff home or we accidentally break something, “its character”.

For $36 I bought I couple of pendant cord kits and decided to wire them up, flaws and all.

We installed them in the master bedroom hovering over each nightstand. Lighting around the bed has been consistently on my mind and I think this pair is a good fit, especially with the glam ceiling fixture.

Now I just need to style up those nightstands…

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  1. **WE BLOG ARTISTS** on 09/12/2009:

    I love those lights…what a fantastic find!

  2. Anonymous on 09/12/2009:

    You mentioned that you didn't like the purple-ish tone to the grey Ikea linens, but they seem to work really well with the new lamps! Regarding sheets and sweat stains, have you ever tried 100% linen sheets? I have trouble with sweating and soaking the sheets, but I got some pure linen sheets and they are light and comfortable and really help the situation a lot. I love them! And Oxi Clean seems to get them clean and white. Pure linen sheets are expensive but I got a sheet on sale from and made another top sheet from two linen tablecloths from Crate & Barrel outlet. If you find some while thrifting or e-bay shopping, they might be worth trying out. Additionally, Apartment Therapy has several posts about sources of 100% linen sheets. By the way, I came across your blog recently from an Apartment Therapy commenter link on painting fireplaces–and now it's a daily must read, as much for your kick ass sense of humor as for the creative purchases and decorating. Thanks for writing it!

  3. Anonymous on 09/12/2009:

    love 'em! wondering where you bought your pendant wiring kits – please share … thanks!

  4. Cole on 09/12/2009:

    I love these! I think the color is great with the bedding, which I also like, even though I know you don't 🙂

  5. Becky on 09/12/2009:

    That looks supa-hott!

  6. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/12/2009:

    I picked up the kits at Lowes. They have like a mix and match pendant light area. Portfolio Mini Pendant is what its called…in black.

  7. Tony Paul on 09/12/2009:

    This looks really great!

  8. Juli on 09/12/2009:

    Wow, looks really great! The colour of them works so well with all the other things in the room. Did you wire them yourself as well (I mean connect it to the junction box etc)???

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/12/2009:

    We have some big electrical projects happening. So they are getting connected, but this is mostly a dry run to figure out placement. We are doing the same thing in the bathroom, electrical is such a pain…

  10. deluxa on 09/13/2009:

    im not going to lie, every time i see you have a new post, i say aloud, "BITCH!", but its in that loving way like you say to yourself when you are hanging out with your cuter, skinnier friend, and you are in high school, and she starts talking to a really cute guy that you like yourself, but could never have, plus your friend is like, soooo cuter and skinnier, but in secret you're really happy for her and kind of love her more for it. my own inappropriate although reverent "bitch" shouting aside, you're my interiors hero.

  11. Maaret on 09/13/2009:

    You make always so good finds. They look great above the nightstands!

  12. Petra - Designfragment on 09/13/2009:

    It looks very stylish, at least from a distance! 🙂 Are they really in that bad condition? It sure doesn't look like it!

  13. Peggy on 09/14/2009:

    I love the new bedding. The lamps look great. Can't wait to see how you style the nightstands. Do you have any Buddha statutes? I wish you'd put a different painting over the bed, though. Sleeping under her would give me the creeps.

  14. Julien on 09/14/2009:

    I love the new lights but does the brass light you have in the center of the bedroom detract from these in any way? I can only a slight view of it from these pictures so I'm curious how it comes into play.

  15. made-good on 09/14/2009:

    Love them, think it is an inspired idea to have them hanging over the bedside cabinets, would love to see a pic of them at night.

  16. Ana on 09/14/2009:


    Isn't the free stuff always the best?

  17. my little apartment on 09/14/2009:

    yeah, I know what you mean about stuff having character. there are many things in my house that I bought/dragged home because they were perfectly thrashed.

    looks good!

  18. makemineeclectic on 09/14/2009:

    love it! they look great with the nightstand/bed!

  19. Sara on 09/15/2009:

    i love these! im looking for lights to go with a similar bed and i cant find anything i like. but i was hoping to read about the trick you used to get them wired up 🙁 Is it a huge project in the end?

  20. UNI on 09/16/2009:

    those are rad. nice work….yet again.

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